Marketing Automation with GetResponse: Creating Segments Across Multiple Lists

GetResponse has a lot of powerful features for the advanced email marketer.

When it comes to marketing automation, you will not find many competitor’s (Aweber, Mailchimp, iContact, etc) offering anything as advanced as GetResponse. One feature that I find not often promoted is the ability to create segments across multiple lists.

This means you can track the behavior of your subscribers on multiple lists and create 1 segment that consists of all the actions taken across your lists.

This kind of segmentation is often reserved for all-in-one systems like Infusionsoft or Office Autopilot, but with a little poking around you can pull off some neat tricks in GetResponse without the hefty price tag.

Let me explain a bit more…

Why You Would Use This

Lets say you have 3 lists that you are marketing to:

  1. List 1 – Newsletter Subscribers
  2. List 2 – Customers who have purchased your services
  3. List 3 – Promotional partnerships

You have a new product that you would like to launch in the upcoming months and want to notify each list.

Normally you could create a “Broadcast” or “Campaign” in one list and send it to multiple lists.

But that’s it.

You could track the click rates for each list and create a segment of those who clicked on your link in each list. But to email the folks that took action you would have to send 3 separate emails.

GetResponse takes care of this limitation with ease.

How It Works

Fire up your GetResponse account and login to your Dashboard and select “Search Contacts” under the “Contact” tab


Next you’ll want to create your segments. This is done by adding conditions for each list separately. Lets add a condition for our first list.


  1. Select your campaign
  2. Choose the criteria
  3. The amount of people who fit the criteria will be automatically updated as you create your segment(s)

Here’s where the magic happens. Do you see that green box above that says “Add Conditions Group”?

Click that button and you will be able to add additional criteria from an entirely different list.

If we were to add a second list it should look something like this…


  1. Second campaign selected
  2. Choose criteria
  3. Checkout the updated stats

When you have finished with all the criteria across your lists make sure you name your segment and save it.


Now, when it is time to send out a Newsletter you will be able to select your newly created segment and send one message to subscribers across multiple lists.

If they unsubscribe they will be unsubscribed from the original list that they subscribed to.

Add this trick to your arsenal for marketing automation with GetResponse.

About the Author

Chris is the founder of Automation Bridge and has helped marketing tech startups raise a collective amount of funding over $157 million. He converts digital marketers into professional marketing automators (he calls them Automation Service Providers).

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