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It’s your turn to discover transformative power of marketing automation and how it can elevate your business and lifestyle. As an engineer with extensive experience in complex programming logic, I understand the challenges of applying these skills to the business world. But once I discovered the power of automated systems, I knew I had to share this game-changing approach with other entrepreneurs.

Having spent the past five years collaborating with leading marketing technology startups like Leadpages ($37 million raised) and ActiveCampaign ($120 million raised), I’ve honed my expertise in implementing automation across diverse businesses. Now, I’m excited to share my insights with you, helping you build a business that perfectly complements your lifestyle.

On this site, you will find an array of resources and training programs designed to propel your marketing automation skills to new heights. Say goodbye to the common pitfalls and embrace a future where automation becomes your business’s driving force. Don’t settle for getting it wrong – join me on this journey and make marketing automation your greatest asset.

Chris L. Davis

Founder of Automation Bridge

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