Turn Your Email Signature Into a Marketing Channel with these 3 Simple Solutions

As Automation Service Providers™, we are intentional about using every touchpoint as a marketing opportunity. Your email signature is just that. It’s another way to market because you never know who will see your email or who your email will be forwarded to. 

Having a professionally designed email signature is extremely important for not just your brand, but for marketing purposes. 

So if you would like a consistently branded email signature not just for yourself, but for your team then read on for this month’s marketing automation report to learn what to look for and the options available.   

WiseStamp has been around for a long time. When I was first looking for a branded email signature, WiseStamp was my first choice. They offer the most in terms of features and style. This can be good, but also overwhelming with the choices you have to choose from. 

  • Team Capabilities (Rank: 5) – WiseStamp has two different logins. One for individual use and one for team use. It can get a little confusing especially if you started with an individual account. You can, however, on an individual account have several different signatures that you assign to different email addresses. I have several signatures that I have assigned based on the email address I am using. It’s easy to switch from within Gmail to choose which one you want to use.
  • Pricing (Rank: 5) – Pricing is simple for the individual and team plan. For individuals, it is one price billed annually. For teams, you will pay a couple of bucks per month per user. The team option gives you a 14-day free trial. If you are on the free plan, you will be limited to how many templates are available and of course the WiseStamp branding. 
  • Templates (Rank:5) – WiseStamp has the most robust selection of templates and styles to choose from. Everything is easily customized. However it can get confusing where you need to save or if it is automatically saving because there are two spots. One says ‘save’ and one says ‘publish your changes’. So it is possible to save what you are doing but it won’t show up live in your email account until you publish the changes. They also provide the ability to duplicate a signature so you don’t have to start from scratch if you already have a design you like and just need to switch out the user information.
  • Ease of Use (Rank: 4) – Once you are inside of WiseStamp, it is easy to get started. Everything is labeled pretty well, and it is easy to publish your changes to your email provider once done. 


WiseStamp has the largest selection of templates and styles. I have stuck with them for so many years because of how creative I can be with my signature and calls to action. My own signature features an animated photo of me and my certification badge. Before that my actual name would animate as it was spelled out. WiseStamp is the way to go if you are looking for variety and high customization for yourself or your team.

Animated Signature in WiseStamp


Scribe is another option to have a professional-looking email signature. I actually found out about Scribe from an AppSumo deal they were running. The lifetime pricing was great, so I snagged it. I liked how easy it was to get around when I logged in. They don’t have a lot of busyness going on which I appreciate. It’s pretty straightforward to get your signature up and running. 

  • Team Capabilities (Rank: 5) – Scribe makes it easy to assign signatures to different departments and to have it all on-brand. If you need to make global changes it can be done easily within the dashboard. They also make it easy to create marketing campaigns and schedule them to automatically change the call to action and banners in your department signatures.
  • Pricing (Rank: 4) – You can get started with up to 5 members at the time of this writing for free. However, you can’t remove the Scribe branding. The next tier up is their business tier and priced competitively per user and is volume based. They also provide Enterprise pricing.
  • Templates (Rank: 3) – They say less is more, but I would like to have more of a variety when it comes to templates. They have 8 choices of templates, but they all basically have the same layout with slight variations. However, you can customize color and elements based on the department you assign to the signature or your brand overall. 
  • Ease of Use (Rank: 4) – Getting started with Scribe is pretty easy. You log in and configure your signature and assign a department. Then you would just publish to your email provider of choice. 


Scribe doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that WiseStamp has, but it does have a robust and uncomplicated setup for deploying professional-looking email signatures across your entire team. They also offer the ability to use a custom DNS. This helps with your email deliverability by not getting dinged by other ESPs. If you are a fan of clean designs with the ability to use your branding and deploy it across your team, then Scribe is for you. 

Templates available in Scribe


EmailBadge is an email signature solution brought to you by Appsumo. They are the “new kid on the block”.  It allows you to create an on-brand professional email signature quickly and without the bloat that would have you landing in the spam box. They are intentional about turning your email signature into a marketing machine. They do this by making it easy to set up and deploy your email signature without limitations (this means you can finally copy and paste your signature even on your phone without hassle).

  • Team Capabilities (Rank: 4) – Making email signatures is quick and easy. They, like WiseStamp, provide the ability to duplicate a signature so you don’t have to start over when you add new team members.
  • Pricing (Rank: 5) – Since this is an Appsumo deal, the pricing is great on the lifetime deal. Pricing goes by how many signatures you need. You can stack codes up to their 100 signature plan.
  • Templates (Rank: 3) – They boast of having 10+ templates to choose from, but you will need to sign up in order to see the selection. You can, however, customize any template with your brand colors pretty easily.
  • Ease of Use (Rank: 5) – EmailBadge has one-click install with any email system you may be using like Gmail, Office 365, iOS mail, AOL, and more. Just log in to EmailBadge, create your signature and install it in your system of choice.


Where EmailBadge really stands out from Scribe is they allow you to easily connect to more than one Google account. I have several Google accounts, and it would be nice to be able to deploy my signature automatically based on which account is connected. Scribe only allows one Google account per workspace. You would need to create a new workspace in order to connect to another Google account. If you are looking for sleek, minimalist, and professional email signatures that you can set up and deploy quickly for yourself or your team with the ability to easily connect multiple Google accounts, then EmailBadge may be just the solution for you. 

Honorable Mention(s)

Templafy and Terminus are both email management systems. They are enterprise solutions with less customization on looks and are more purposed for integrating with platforms like Office 365. As with many enterprise solutions, they include more tracking abilities than some of the solutions mentioned above including:

  • Creating customized campaigns that are based on what is important to your target audience. 
  • Using custom UTM parameters to track your campaigns.
  • IP address matching to make sure your emails are opened by the recipient.  
  • Deep analytics to know how your campaigns are performing.

Managers can easily make company-wide changes without having to interact with the user. No matter what device or platform the user is using they can be confident the right information will display in their email signature. 


If you want a nice professional email signature that can be deployed easily across your company WiseStamp makes a strong case to be considered. They have the biggest selection of templates to choose from and team options. If you are looking for a more minimalist but still professional-looking email signature then Scribe may be the best choice for you. They offer the easiest to get implemented solution that can be deployed company-wide while still having your company brand. No matter who you choose, don’t waste the opportunity to use your email signature as another marketing touchpoint. 

Do you use an email signature? If so, let me know your favorite in the comments below.

Samantha Pointer Foxx, CASP™

About the Author

Samantha Pointer Foxx is a Certified Automation Service Provider™ & owner of Samantha Pointer Enterprises. She helps small business owners who don’t have the time, patience, or tech “know-how” to automate their marketing & sales online.

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