Can This Tool Increase Your High Ticket Product Sales?

Have you heard about online Callback Software?

I was browsing a website recently when I was pleasantly surprised with a pop up that was a bit different than I was used to.

By now, it’s common to be greeted with the various on site pop ups:

  • Immediate
  • Timed/Triggered
  • Exit intent
  • Slide in (usually from the bottom left or right)

All of them focus on you clicking a link, providing some information, or starting a chat. Callback software, however, is different.

The page I was looking at was a high ticket online course for sale. I already had a personal interaction with the entrepreneur and was browsing to see what they had to offer. Once I was greeted with a pop up my first instinct was to close it, but I ended up intrigued by it. Here’s why…

What is Callback Software

Callback software allows you to provide your visitors with an immediate connection with you, or someone on your team, within seconds. Normally, via a pop up, it asks for your phone number and also displays how long it will take for someone to call you at that number.

An additional feature is allowing them to be able to schedule a call for a later time. Some software even lets you leave a message or start a chat.

How It Can Benefit You

I see this as an emerging technology that you will more than likely see more players get in the game with. The ability to easily start a conversation via phone call should have sales folks salivating at the potential of using this tool to automatically get in front of more leads.

Furthermore, if you’re selling products in the thousands of dollars range you know it is rare to close those types of sales online only and that mixing in the human touch can drastically increase your sales.

Here’s the scenario I was thinking of for the most immediate value…

Let’s say you’re an influencer with a high ticket product (online course, membership site, etc). You sell your product via a webinar. On the webinar you provide a link to your salespage. Once the visitor lands on that salespage they are greeted with the opportunity to call you (or have you call them).

Integrating a personal call after a webinar seems like it would be a great conversion boosting strategy

Integrating a personal call after a webinar seems like it would be a great conversion boosting strategy. Can you imagine how the attendee would feel being able to talk to you, or your team, live immediately after a webinar?

Some other ways to consider:

  • SAAS company with enterprise pricing
  • Professional service provider that sells high priced equipment
  • Legal professionals
  • Insurance and real estate brokers
  • Non-profits looking for volunteers

These are just a few that come to mind, but definitely not an expansive list of possibilities. As much as I can see value in using Callback software for high ticket items, it can be just as useful and effective for lower priced items.

Back to my browsing experience…after engaging more with the website I realized the software they were using was called Callpage. Here’s my quick review of it below.

What is Callpage

CallPage is a sales and marketing tool that engages with your website visitors to facilitate an immediate conversation. It’s core functionality is for you to call the business number or have the business call you back by providing your number.

Callpage pop up widget

Secondarily, you can leave a message. Oddly enough you can only leave a number starting with the “+48” country calling code, which happens to be in Poland (more about this later in this post).

What Does It Integrate With

This is where the Poland country code starts making sense. I would call the integrations of this platform very limited. The only marketing automation tools it integrates with are Hubspot and Infusionsoft. The Hubspot integration makes more sense than the Infusionsoft since a lot of their customers seem to be enterprise businesses.

However, the head scratcher was GetResponse. That’s a tool that can be considered Advanced Email Marketing at best. It really felt out of place. Honestly, I expected to see MailChimp before GetResponse.

But then I realized GetResponse is based in Poland as well. Clearly locale plays a huge role in their integration existing. It does, however, integrate with Zapier so all is not lost for those of you using a more affordable marketing automation platform like ActiveCampaign.


Perhaps for the reasons listed above that keep me from recommending Callpage I found a solution that I would be more prone to recommending. It’s called Livecall. It operates the same as Callpage (without messaging capabilities), has an US number, and seems a bit easier to get started.

Their integrations are still limited but seem to make a lot more sense.

Callback software Livecall integrations settings

You see Zapier (of course), but a nice addition is call centers, landing pages, and Google Analytics. This all depends on your business model but you can definitely make a strong case these integrations are a lot more flexible and functional. Would still love to see some direct integrations with CRMS (Callpage did get that right).

My Verdict

Callback software may be the missing link for your business pertaining to closing more sales from leads generated offline. It is the type of technology that makes converting online traffic to offline engagement really easy. It’s inexpensively priced and would practically pay for itself for an entire year within a month of generating calls and closing a good portion of them.

Looking forward to seeing if this technology becomes more widely adopted across industries.

Regarding Callpage…it is interesting technology but I will pass on this tool specifically. Since I have not personally used it I can’t speak to its performance but it still seems too early. Fortunately for them it seems like no other tools have an instant call back offering like theirs, but I don’t think it will stay that way for long.

Once they add to their integrations and country support beyond Poland I’ll think about taking them serious as a tool to try and/or recommend. If you wanted to call them to find out more about their product get ready for it to be an international call with a good chance they don’t speak English.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to get started and test this type of software out; I recommend starting with Livecall first (again, have not used the software yet).

Chris Davis

About the Author

Chris is the founder of Automation Bridge and Host of the All Systems Go! podcast. He has helped marketing tech startups raise a collective amount of funding over $237 million is passionate about helping you do the same.

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