I hope the new year is off to a great start for you personally and professionally. Looking forward to creating even more engagement with these monthly reports as we dive deeper into the marketing automation space, and tools, as they evolve for our good as entrepreneurs.

By now many of you have done goal planning and mapped out strategy for what you would like to accomplish in your business this year. We also see this taking place with companies like Infusionsoft launching their rebrand. Other players are introducing new products that last year exposed as very needed.

Overall, this is the game that you play as entrepreneurs in this digital age. Stabilizing your business enough to where you can explore other options, opportunities, and new channels of revenue generation.

Enjoy this month’s issue and leave your comments below!

Centralizing Your Online Payments with ThriveCart

Centralizing your online payments is becoming more important as the online payment tool landscape gets more fragmented. In the past, it was ...
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Automating Wordpress Plugin

Automating WordPress? Meet the Zapier Equivalent for Your Website

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Acuity vs. Calendly…Which is Best For Your Business?

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Is Infusionsoft planning a major rebrand

Is Infusionsoft Planning on Rebranding?

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Call back software for online marketing and sales

Can This Tool Increase Your High Ticket Product Sales?

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