What’s In Store for 2016

First and foremost…Happy New Year!

I’m excited about the opportunity to help your business reach new heights in 2016 by way of automation.

I’m equally excited about some new things I have in the works for you as well.

Before I get into some of my big announcements I wanted to reiterate the importance of giving your year a theme. Something that will guide your goals and priorities through out the year to keep you focused.

I sat a while and thought what my theme of the year would be and one word came to mind…Dominate.

I have been speaking to a LOT of CEOs of marketing automation platforms and established entrepreneurs who are making millions with automation and they all agree on one thing.

The market is scarce of solid educational teaching around the topic of marketing automation.

Everybody wants to sell automation but nobody has nominated themselves to teach it.

So I’m gonna do it.

2016 will be the year I intentionally set out to dominate the marketing automation space with the best educational content, resources, and strategies ever. I really want people to understand the true power of automation and leverage it in their business for success.

Here’s what’s in store for you…

Announcement #1 – Center from LeadPages

If haven’t heard yet LeadPages has announced their next product offering called Center. This will be a new approach to marketing automation. Instead of replacing your existing tools it will reside at a top level enabling you to execute more automation between them all.

What this means for you is better teaching from me even if you’re not a customer.

I get to play an instrumental part in ongoing development and implementation of this tool at a very high level so you will be able to utilize my findings and strategies along the way.

Announcement #2 – Resources Galore

In January you will be seeing more LeadMagnets, updates of existing LeadMagnets, new courses, more blog posts, and more educational follow up content to help you stay on top of your automation game.

In fact, I just completed my first online course on creating highly converting campaigns that I will let you know more about in the weeks to come. Just know that I’m not holding back anything. I’m giving away strategies, entire automations for you to import, flow charts, and more.

Announcement #3 – A Community is Coming

For those of you that would like more individual help and accountability in building out your systems I will be creating a small and intimate marketing automation community to help you grow your business a lot faster. I’m not talking about the light “what you should do” stuff. This community will be hands-on and aggressive (many people haven’t seen this side of me just yet). It’s a no non-sense approach to making sure you have a bonafide automated system in place with the proper strategy to execute it effectively.

As I mentioned this community will be kept small intentionally for the sake of the personal attention each member will receive and you will find out more about how to join it in January.

Oh…did I mention I won’t be the only marketing automation ninja in the group? I have a roster of automation experts that will be in the community as well providing guidance, expertise, and training on just about any and every platform you can think of.

Announcement #4 – More Strategies

I love the response and engagement I’m getting from sending out these reports weekly. More and more people are starting to speak up about topics they would like to see me cover and address each week.

This is exactly what this weekly publication is for. Not just for me to send out something weekly for the sake of sending but to provide you a means to understand all the processes that go into building out an automated marketing system. So keep ‘em coming. Some of the topics I will be writing about early next year are:

  • Flow charting. How to approach it and what software to use.
  • Migrations. How to migrate from one marketing automation to another without losing any data.
  • More strategies to convert more leads.

And much more!

In closing…

I know there is no shortage of email lists you can subscribe to so I am truly thankful you have chosen me to be one of them. I want to honor your inbox and your business efforts by ensuring I’m sending you what you want.

This is why my main focus for next year is all about you and helping you grow.

My personal belief is marketing automation has been over complicated by tactics, gimmicks, and extravagant sequences that look cool but don’t work. It is my mission in this new year to eliminate the confusion by providing you with tons of clear, proven strategies and ways to measure the effectiveness of them in your business.

Is that cool with you? I hope so because it’s going down regardless ;).

Cheers to 2016!

The comments section below is for you. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of next year just let me know. If you just want to drop in a “Happy New Year’s Chris” I’d appreciate that too. Let’s all be more intentional with engaging more to get the most out of our relationship together.

Chris Davis

About the Author

Chris is the founder of Automation Bridge and Host of the All Systems Go! podcast. He has helped marketing tech startups raise a collective amount of funding over $237 million is passionate about helping you do the same.

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