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Ep. 140 – Chris is joined by a returning guest, Kronda Adair, to deliver a little tough love in hopes to get you on the right path to growth. Kronda is a Certified ASP™ and the founder of Karvel Digital, where their mission is to help service-based businesses use content to sell services and scale without burning out in the process. This episode is full of insight on the ASP™ certification process and wisdom on growth and resourcefulness, both for founders and digital marketers.

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You’re listening to the all systems go podcast, the show that teaches you everything you need to know to put your business on autopilot. Learn how to deploy automated marketing and sell systems in your business the right way with your host, the professor of automation himself and founder of automation bridge, Chris Davis.

Chris Davis 0:31
Hey, everybody, welcome to another episode of The all systems go podcast where we continually invite digital marketers, and startup founders to talk about software and strategies that scale I’m your host, Chris L. Davis, the founder of automation bridge. And we have a second guest appearance. She is no stranger. And she has come back with some what I call hardware, okay is like like a championship belt.

Chris Davis 1:06
With some credentials behind her name. What did they say they say put some respect on my name. She’s got more of that. And it is Kronda, the founder of Karvell digital. And if, if you’re not familiar, let me just read it back because she’s been on the podcast, I have to grab the episode while we’re recording Kronda. But she at Karvelldigital they they are focused on helping mission driven service based businesses use their content to sell their services. So they can scale without burning out in the process. Many of you are burnt out right now smoking, listening to this podcast. So you’ve got some relief here. And another thing is they provide help with organizing your content through marketing tips, a VIP days, this is a more polished, offer that the first time on the podcast. Khurana didn’t have. And they help you craft a strategy to deploy your content to the right people at the right time. So your prospects can show up ready to buy from you. And let’s not forget the there’s going to be a theme here of growth. Anytime. Anytime you hear Kronda, I want you to know that I’m thinking of at least two things. growth, growth, resourcefulness. And we’re going to add one today is how to keep community members.

Chris Davis 2:37
Whether they’re yours or someone else is in check for their own good everybody for their own good. We all know how we can get online sometimes and running a business. You just want to do what you want to do. Go by your rules, look for the fastest solution and the easiest, cheapest software. And we’re here to talk about that. We’re here to put some of you on blast in love. And just get you on the right path to growth because Kronda started out making $500 websites $500 websites. And here we are today. We’ll talk about where you are today. Kronda. Welcome to the podcast. How

Kronda Adair 3:17
thank you so much. I’m so happy to be back. And I think I was your first guest. And so now yes guest to appear twice. And I just I just want to keep these good trends rolling.

Chris Davis 3:30
Absolutely. Absolutely. Gotta keep them rolling. And before karandi. So you’ve always been polished. Let me say that you’ve always been polished. And I feel like you’ve always been decorated, whether you lead with that or not. I feel like there’s always been a seasoning to you, right? Your approach to business. And there’s a no nonsense like, look, are we doing this? What even to yourself? Because I remember when you first reached out to me via email, you listened to a few podcasts and you were just kind of asking, like, Hey, what’s this thing? Do you got anything else? And I was just responding. And at some point it it felt like you were just like, You know what? No, I’m doing it.

Kronda Adair 4:10
Nope. That is yeah, that is exactly how it happens. It’s like I just decide. And then it’s and then and then we’re going.

Chris Davis 4:18
Yes, yeah. So one of the big decisions that you were on the podcast was deciding to get certified. Everybody if you don’t know. Here at automation bridge we run a certification program to ensure that we’re properly vetting and giving the badge to only the cream of the crop that you can entrust with your business’s marketing and sales processes. Kronda has that badge and wears it proudly. And I just wanted to talk for a little bit about your decision into becoming certified. And and what your what you’re looking to do with that. And the reason being around it is I see a lot of market

Chris Davis 5:00
In the marketers is very hard, extremely hard. And I see a lot of marketers that feel like they’ve already got it figured out, or they’re figuring out and don’t mind going the slow to no path. You know? So just talk about why you abort that path consistently. And what was some of the reasoning and being that you had in getting certified?

Kronda Adair 5:25
I mean, I feel like once I was in your orbit, like, then going, that next step was a no brainer. And it’s not, you know, I was around in the days of digital marketer, you know, when everybody was like going through digital marketer courses and slapping those badges on their websites, and, and that’s fine, but like, this isn’t, and I tell people all the time, like, I’m not a person who needs certifications to feel validated, like I’m not, you know, I’ll show up. And I’ll be like, here’s what I can do for you. And either you want it or you don’t. But I knew that any certification that you were going to create was not going to just be a badge that you slap on your website, and you can’t, you know, there’s no amount of money that you’re going to take from somebody and be like, Okay, here you go, here’s the badge. Like, you have to show up consistently, for a long time, do the work. And then you have to pass the actual certification, which is no joke. Like, when I graduated from the Art Institute, I had those yellow cords, you know, I was like, I want to wear like, I worked so hard for these. Can I wear these, like forever? Right? reared if I just warm to the coffee shop tomorrow? That’s how I feel about this, like, can I? Can I? Where’s our T shirts, like, so everybody can know that? I went through this gauntlet? You know, because it? Is it serious? And like those of us who are going through it, we were like, you know, we’re texting and we’re like, you know, just giving each other emotional support? Like, no, you can do it, like, keep going. So I want you to know, it’s no joke, like, it’s serious. And you’re not going to come out of this without having real skills. Yeah, real skills. And not just skills, but the but the continual backing of the community. Because like, I had a conversation just this week with somebody who was about to just totally botch, you know, a project for their client, because they really just were in over their head, and I’ve been that person. And if you don’t have a mentor, you don’t have community or somebody to hold you up and take you aside and saying, You know what, let me just steer you around here and like, keep you out of trouble. Like, it’s not good. And so it’s not just the badge. It’s not just the skills. It’s the continual, you know, getting together every week and be like, What’s everybody working on? What are you doing? What do you need? I think I literally last week was like, I need the hive mind on this thing. You know?

Chris Davis 7:52
Yeah, yeah, you did? Yeah. On our office hours call, I have to say, it’s hilarious hearing you say it, because of course, it was all intentional. I’ve become a hybrid of experience, when I got certified in Infusionsoft, that’s now keep, I really enjoyed their process, you had to fly there you are on site. And they truly did test your knowledge, right. And then you had the other extreme when I was at Active Campaign, you could pretty much buy the certification. Right? If if you have $1,500 in the bank, and could show up on a zoom call and smile, and maybe just be nice via email, you could essentially be certified. So I but active campaign was very much well respected. Right? Like people looked at that badge. And they said, Oh, wow, this is why you know, like you This is this means something. Same with infuse, if you just keep now at the time, so I wanted to make sure that it truly tested your mettle. But nowhere near as easy as you know, Active Campaign. And this is important that we’re talking about this openly, publicly, everybody, because these are the people that you’re supposed to hire, you’re supposed to be listening to this episode, thinking about, Oh, my gosh, this is the solution to my problem. And your reach out to Kronda. And you would experience her in an expert capacity that you’re not going to find on Fiverr you’re not going to find reaching out and Facebook groups, things of that nature. So and then lastly, I’ll say you did the work. Rhonda, like you showed up your submissions were great. I mean, well thought out. It I’m not an official professor, you know, but I feel like professors have that level of proud when their students show up and really do the work. So I commend you on that in every you earned every single ounce of it if there’s a weight to the badge if there’s a digital weight.

Kronda Adair 9:56
Oh, and I want to say this too, because there are so Oh, many horror stories of people who wasted their money. Yeah, you know, they thought that they hired somebody who could do what they said, and then found out the hard way like that is just going to as we’re talking, now somebody is experiencing that. And so there are no guarantees in life. But every single person who is certified and in that directory is either going to show up and serve to the best of our ability, or we’re going to say, You know what, that’s not my lane. Let me try to connect you. Yeah, no. Like, I know my lane,

Chris Davis 10:36
right? Yes. And another thing is, you are we all mastermind. So you’re never on an island. So even if you had a question, your client was saying something? Or hey, maybe I’m not seeing this the right way. Can you guys look over this? Right, we all put our minds together. So you have such a such an amazing force behind you when you hire a certified automation service provider. And I love it. But I need to I need to give you some more flowers here Kronda. I think one of the things that I experienced with you in the beginning, and I continue to experience with you is your A resourcefulness and then be commitment to growth. Since you’ve been in my program, I can count at least five of the programs that you ever enrolled in for yourself or your team. Just tell people I need I need marketers to get this because marketers are the one out here messing it up. It’s not the CEOs and founders responsibility to know everything about marketing, they’re always going to have blind spots. It’s these marketers with this extreme impostor syndrome, and just won’t commit, they want to nickel and dime their way to success and won’t commit to the to the to invest in a way that will guarantee the growth that they need to show up how their clients need them to show up. You it’s never been a problem. Where what is that and just talk about some of the fruits of that labor of always being willing to invest in the next thing for your growth.

Kronda Adair 12:11
You know, I don’t even know where that comes from, other than I don’t have a plan B. Like this is this is it. And even you know, someone once asked me, like, what would you do if your business failed? Well, I would start another one. Because I have all these skills, and you know, networks and all the things you get, you know, I always say that business is a personal growth program. And the more you grow, the more you earn. And so, you know, I remember back to the first time I just joined the mentorship community. I had just started back doing INSOURCE, which is our done for you services. Before that I was just doing content bootcamp, I had burnt out, right. Just like a lot of you out there. I had burnout. And I was like, I’m not even gonna do this anymore. I’m just gonna coach. And slowly My clients were like, oh, we need help with this. We need help with this. And I’m like, okay, what can I create? And so I created this INSOURCE, program, retainer based simple, you know, here’s, like, all the things I saw people struggling with, we put it in there. And it was right after that, that I joined the mentorship program. And immediately, Chris, like, all I did was login and start consuming, like just a few of the lessons. And I was like, wow, I just like Head and Shoulders raised what I’m able to do for my very first INSOURCE client, because of the information that you’re sharing inside this program. And it is mind boggling to me that people want to grow their business, they want to get high ticket clients, they want people to invest in them, and they’re not willing to show up and invest in themselves and invest in their skills and invest in the networks that they need to grow like. I don’t understand it.

Chris Davis 13:55
Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s unfortunate. And I see it and it does. It saddens my heart. And listen, everybody, this is not limited to entrepreneurs. When I was working at a startup, I was investing in my own personal growth and development, paying for masterminds Kronda. I don’t know if I shared this publicly, but I pay $15,000 for a mastermind, when I was still at a startup working as a full time employee, you know, like, it’s those things that no, nobody sees those receipts, but you experienced the result of it. And when you’ve done it when you’ve put your cash there, just just affirm the Digital Marketer listening. It’s not always going to be a comfortable investment. And you may not always have the money for it quote unquote money for it that you think how do you get past that you personally,

Kronda Adair 14:50
I think this is a confidence thing, right? Because when somebody when when you when you come to someone like you where you’re You clearly have the acumen, you have the experience, like you have created undeniable results for companies that, you know, if you’re in marketing, you know, the names of all these companies, right? There’s no way people are coming to you and saying, well, well, I don’t know if Chris is really the deal. Right? That that’s not, that’s not a question. So then it has to be, then what is it internally, inside of you that doubts whether you can actually take advantage of this opportunity, and that is really what it comes down to. And I have never had a problem betting on myself. Like, I’m gonna go in, and I’m going to take this opportunity, and I mean, they’re gonna win, or I’m gonna learn, but something is still going to come out of it. And so I think it’s a muscle that you build. And, you know, I see it all the time. Because, you know, as now I have the certification, right. And my prices have, you know, reflected the, the quality of service that we’re offering. And so I see it all the time and clients that like, they come in they, they just need it, they need what we have, and sometimes like their, their business might depend on it in some, you know, like, they doesn’t depend on us necessarily, but if they don’t solve this problem, like, you know, they’re endangering their business. And they struggle, because it’s like, oh, I wasn’t expecting that investment. I’m like, Well, you’ve been duct taping your business together for however many years, and you just thought you were gonna pay like $10,000. And then we’re gonna solve like, no. So people have to get creative. And, you know, I work with a lot of women, business owners almost almost exclusively a lot of women of color. And I think in general, like women owned businesses are so under resourced, and so it is harder. It is harder to figure that out and get creative, but it also can be done. And I’ve been doing it and so I only have so much sympathy for people who just want to make excuses and say like, oh, well, I don’t have the money. It can’t be done. You know, it’s like, you don’t have the money right now. But are you going to get creative? Are you going to get resourceful? Like, how badly do you want this? Yeah, that’s what I’ve always had to do. And most of my clients have more money, more privilege, more access more, whatever than I do. And so I’m just like, Okay, we’ll figure it out and come back when you’re ready.

Chris Davis 17:23
Yeah, yes. So good. So good. And I feel like that you’re the perfect messenger for your clients. Right? Because this is different. If I’m telling you, hey, look, don’t worry about it. An underfunded in underserved woman, you can do it, right. Like maybe that’s, that’s encouraging. And, you know, they trust me and all of that, but coming from you, it just is just, it’s gonna hit different is your look, I’ve got the scars, I’ve got the receipts for this, I’ve gone through it. So there’s no nonsense that you hear come out of me at times. That’s not me trying to be rough and tough. Like, I’m trying to get you there. And you mean, the path that you’re going on simply is not going to do that? And I just want to course, correct. That’s, you know, that’s it.

Kronda Adair 18:12
Exactly. Yeah, just try it. I’ve learned the hard way, though, not to try to save people. Like here. Here it is. Here’s the path.

Chris Davis 18:23
presented, right. Yeah.

Kronda Adair 18:25
And then you got to let them do what they’re going to do. Yeah, and

Chris Davis 18:28
I want to continue down the I’ve got quite a few more flowers to give. But I’ve had the privilege of knowing some of the clients that you work with, either before working with you, or during, you know, and they’ve reached out to me, and they all have raving reviews. And in fact, even if you just go through your community, you’ll see people always post it oh my gosh, like you’re kind of a big deal, right? I just want to give those because I want that service base, Mission mission driven, female entrepreneur to hear this and be able to connect the dots. When you’re sitting down working with them. You’ve talked so many times in our in our office hours, about the aha moments in the oh my goodness, it’s finally working. Just share you know, one or two of those with the audience. So they can see like, oh, yeah, this is what I was missing. From as simple as I’m trying to let you talk right, but there’s so much from something as simple as the pot of gold. Because it truly, truly is gold to whatever you want to share with you coming in organizing, structuring, just getting things together. Let them hear from the horse’s mouth, what to expect.

Kronda Adair 19:53
So I thank you for bringing that pot of gold because that that’s just like my baby. You know, I feel like it’s the it’s the The tool that really started me on the path or trajectory that I’m on right now, and so it’s an air table base, we love air table around here. And it just helps people organize their content, you know, such that you can find it, you can repurpose it, you know, you can stop, like, having everything scattered everywhere. And it doesn’t sound like a lot. But once people, you know what happens, a lot of people buy it, and then they sit on it. And then something happens, usually they’ll join boot camp or something happens, they give it to a team member, they implement it, and the first time that you’re like, oh, I need to find this thing. And instead of going and spending, you know, 1520 minutes in your Google Drive or searching your own website, you’re like, oh, yeah, I put it in here. And you go, and it takes you like 20 seconds to find it. I feel like when people have that experience, then it just unlocks all the power, and then they’re like, Okay, they’re off to the races. So a lot of people have had that experience. You know, it’s a good time for you to ask me this, because I’ve been doing a lot of client interviews, and we’ve been live streaming. So you can go on our YouTube channel, and you can, you can hear from the horse’s horse’s mouth, right. But one of my clients that I’m so proud of, is Carrie Ryan from Dog Adventures. Because she came to me having built a successful business, you know, no question, but really realized she didn’t really know anything about marketing. And somebody had come to her with an opportunity, like, put an ad in a magazine, it’s just, I don’t, I don’t have no idea how to make this decision. So she, like jumped into boot camp. And just knocked everything out of the park, and then went straight from boot camp and insource. So we, we did that training of, you know, teaching her how to create content. And I mean, you know, she’s in the pet industry, like if you can create engaging content about dogs, you know, but she had to learn how to do that, in a way, you know, she was trying to, like, teach people everything over email. I’m like, no, no, that’s not what we’re, you know, that’s not what we’re trying to do. So she really learned that. And then, you know, we redid her website, we just relaunched her email marketing. So she’s got a whole new level of marketing automation. And she came full circle from, you know, typical sort of 60-70 hour weeks, you know, just trying to like, figure out how to get the business to run to now she’s back to actually doing what she started the business to do, which is take dogs out on Adventure hikes. So she’s now going out twice a week and taking dogs on hikes. But as we record this, she’s in Italy for a month. She like found somebody to, you know, run the day to day of the business. And like, that is literally everything that I ever started this business for. Let’s say it takes somebody through that journey.

Chris Davis 22:51
Yeah. Yeah, the gift that gives, and I’ll say this, we’ve seen it, we’ve seen the back end, all the hard work all of the meticulous thinking, brain hours that you put into it. So we’re definitely well well achieved and well deserved. And just, if there’s an expectation to set, I always, I never promise immediate results. If we get it. It’s like a super bonus. Like when I say super, I mean, super bonus. Because quick results can always give you a false positive. And you’re the right person at the right time doing the right thing that didn’t work 100 times prior. And it worked at one time with this client, and you don’t have a track record. But But talk talk a bit about the the time to results in how you approach and manage that initial client relationship to help them stay engaged and stay focused on the path.

Kronda Adair 23:54
Yeah, you know, I think I feel like I’ve gotten lucky. And I’ve also gotten better at discerning right, who are the clients who have that fortitude, because it does take time, good work is not quick, right. And when we’re talking about growing these systems, and so I’ve had clients like Adriana was my first INSOURCE client, we work together probably, you know, through boot camp through insource for probably about 18 months to really set up a foundation for her. And it wasn’t that she was making money hand over fist, you know, to make these investments. But she just understood the importance of it. And I tagged her in an Instagram the other day, and she was like, Oh, let me tell you this story of how you know, she was about to go to Squarespace and I was like, no, no, no, no, no, not on my watch. We’re not doing that. And so we started down this path and now she has this product massage in a box. It’s like the the Chinese cups that you can get and she has a cannabis version and You can’t sell cannabis products on Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, any of those things. So if she did not own her own website and have control of those assets, she wouldn’t be able to do that. But because she made that investment and had that vision, she can do whatever she wants. And I continually hear from clients, even clients, you know, four or 567 years back, that they’re like, oh, this foundation that we invested in, continues to pay dividends, last Coast adventures, you know, like, even if it’s like really small business owners that are just like, oh, I can change my branding, if I want to, I can go and create my own pages. I’m not locked into this thing that’s custom developed, that I’m afraid of breaking. So I’m really, really proud of the fact that like, long term my clients when I, you know, when I talk to them, they’re like, yep, still paying dividends, still reaping the benefits from this.

Chris Davis 25:53
Yeah. And this is a natural segue into to the next topic that I wanted to talk about. And it’s it’s in love, everyone in love, but it’s keeping, keeping people in check. Right? You just as I’m listening to you, I’m hearing, I’m hearing how you’re navigating this technological terrain. You see somebody’s about to step, a step on a landmine? Well, here we go go into wicks, and you’re like, wait a minute, do not, they literally have no clue, right? It’s just like, Go, could you imagine going through the desert, you know, soldiers are, are are ready for war. And they know that there’s light landmines. And here they are with a beach towel, and Umbrella just looking for anybody that you’re like, No, this is serious business picking out technology, you don’t just go and say, Oh, pretty website. So along with technology becomes it’s also strategy and process that a lot of business owners are just oblivious to. So So you You’re, you’re actually one of my favorite commenters in your own community, as well as others, because you have a, you have a hey focus on this. This only Nope, don’t talk about anything else. A reminds me like my kids, like, Look, I know you see the cookie, you’re not getting the will fit or you want to go try to get your auntie, go try to get somebody else to get you this cookie. You’re not getting the cookie until you do this step. Talk about the importance because people need to hear this talk about the importance of following direction, from proven minds that know what they’re doing. Right?

Kronda Adair 27:44
Yeah. And the thing is, you know, whenever you hire someone who has expertise, it’s not that it should be this relationship where it’s like, you know, you have to do what I say, because I said, so there are reasons why we are telling you do this, don’t do that. Right. It’s because the years of experience, we’ve seen the people who go down this path, these are the problems they experience, these are the results they don’t experience, you know, like, there’s a reason and so, you know, if people have questions about that, I’m always happy to say, look, this is why, right. And that’s why I have so much content, it’s like, you know, you’re not the first to go down this path. And here’s what you can expect, you know, and if you happen to get lucky, and skirt it, it’s just because you got lucky, but most people are going to run to this problem. And so when I talk to people, and you know, I’m not talking about people with just like Hobby businesses or whatever, like, you know, people who want to have real businesses grow teams, you know, they’re, they’re relying on this to feed their family, and they want to talk about using these these toy products, you know, to grow their business, I just, I have to intervene. And, you know, again, it’s like, you’re in control of your final decision. All I can do is put this information in front of you and say, you know, here, here’s what I have for you to help you navigate this and get to where you’re going quicker.

Chris Davis 29:14
Yeah, yeah, and I will say this Kronda is a voice that I would highly recommend you listen to um, she’s even resourceful to me. So I’m not saying this as Hey, you guys go Listen, I got it. No, I listened to Kronda everybody.

Kronda Adair 29:30
I have I’ve stolen so many of your evenings. Yeah, this was doing this. Did you check out the software and then you’re like, I was gonna go watch Netflix. But now I gotta go check out this tool

Chris Davis 29:44
to get on a new signup. So

Kronda Adair 29:47
the other thing is like you have to you have to just continually bring people back to the basics, right? That’s something that you do for us as a community and it’s something that I try to do for my clients. There’s always a section of boot camp that I call the herding cats. You know session where people, you know, they’ve started off strong, and then the distractions start to come in. And I think it’s very common for entrepreneurs to, like, see the shiny object and want to go off? And I’m like, Well, have you tried just, you know, asking for referrals? Have you tried taking those testimonials and putting it where someone could see it, like, he would just like the Back to Basics. And I think we all have to be reminded to do that. So I, that’s what I try to do.

Chris Davis 30:28
I love it. Um, you hear, I don’t know, if you if you all are listening in between the words, there’s all kinds of wisdom just seeking out of Kronda. But you definitely want to whenever you’re looking for someone, and if you haven’t listened to the previous episode on how to find the right people, make sure you listen to that one as well. But you have to understand that the basics are there to help you. And if you just get really good at the basics, I get it, oh, we could send an email once a tag is applied. Once they click a link, but then land on a page and do a certain action, we could then go through airtable, then API, Zapier, I get it, you all of this stuff is you’re right, it can be done. And if there’s anybody doing it, trust me, you’re looking at two people that have probably set up every version of zaps that you can that you can envision, but you can’t be the basics. You just can’t You can’t beat the basics of marketing.

Kronda Adair 31:24
I just talked one of my clients out of a funnel project. You know, she she came through bootcamp, and we did a marketing intensive and we set up some, you know, we upgraded her email marketing, automation. And she wanted to go straight into, you know, I want to build an evergreen funnel. And she was really stressing about the investment though, because I’m like, Well, you know, that’s, that’s a serious thing with a lot of moving parts. And she was stressing, I said, You know what, this might not be the right thing for you to do right now. Why don’t you go back to the basics and just focus on selling what you have, right? You have plenty of structure in place, to be able to just go sell your thing for this relatively new offer, you know, and it’s like, why don’t you go find your people, find your audience, find your groove, like sell this thing, get some revenue, you know, a funnel will always be there later. But most people don’t need that they don’t need all that complexity, they need to actually get the courage to show up and sell. They need to master those big three, the offer the audience and the messaging. And like that will take, you can get to 20 30k a month consistently doing those things before you ever think about a funnel. So you know, as much as I love, you know, putting those things together and talking about technology. Like, I started bootcamp because I was like, I want people to make money. I don’t want to them to spend their last dollar on a website thinking, Oh, that’s gonna save everything. Nope, mastering these processes is what’s gonna save you.

Chris Davis 33:01
Yeah, and I appreciate it. And I’m about to talk about your offerings in a minute, because you all have heard the word boot camp in source, and maybe you don’t realize what it is. So we’ll break it down. But one thing I want to say is, I can’t, I’ve lost count, I’ve lost count Kronda, of how many people have spent 30 to $50,000, to an agency or a freelancer or our marketer, in ain’t got nothing. And it was all from promising all of this advanced stuff, all of it. And when you have it, it hurts my heart every single time because you always get to where were you last month? Where were you six months?

Kronda Adair 33:47
All right, here we are y’all. Here we are.

Chris Davis 33:51
You can stop asking the question. But to bring people back to the basics, only only those that have been brought to them can really speak to the effectiveness of it. And those who can bring people to the basics and say, hey, look, I know this is shiny. And guess what, you may even be able to brag about this, but we don’t need it right now. And just trust me, I’ll get you to where you really want to go is just not down that shiny road because it’s actually it’s actually slippery down this shiny road too. So if you drive your car down there, and you try to stop, it’s just gonna keep going. Just trust me. We’re gonna go on his gravel, dirt. The car will get dirty. We’ll have to wash it afterwards. But trust me, you’ll get there your brakes will work. You’ll be able to excel all of these things. So yeah, just wanted to highlight that. So to your to your product offerings because these are important. One of the things that you’re doing is you have not priced yourself out of the market. You haven’t set which by the way I don’t have a problem with but you’re unique in that way where you’re like look, I have understand the plight. So do this first. Right. So you’ve got products at various price points, talked talk about bootcamp, insourcing and VIP days.

Kronda Adair 35:09
Yeah. So the bootcamp really came out of my personal burnout with being a web developer and doing projects for folks that I realized didn’t understand marketing, like I had, I had been spending years at that point, learning all these things about digital marketing, because you know, the $500 websites, were not doing anything for anybody. And I was like, Okay, wait, how do we fix this? So I just got so frustrated with trying to educate the business owners that I was working with, so that they could reap the benefits right of the project we were working on. And so I just decided it was it was not like a gentle like fade like a nice DJ, it was like a record scratch. I was like, okay, December, I’m done. I’m sunsetting. The website business, January, content, bootcamp is born. And it’s a 12 week program. And it’s simply exists to help business owners dial in their offer and their audience and their messaging and learn how to talk about it online, in a way that draws people in. And the reason it’s called the boot camp is because yes, there’s some recorded lessons, but it’s really there for you to be doing the process. And I’ve heard you say this, Chris, you can’t teach people marketing, you have to do marketing. And what I found when I started bootcamp is that business owners would come in with a different expectation, because they’re like, Oh, she’s not going to do it for me, I have to come in here and do this myself. They would go and do what I told them to do. It would be uncomfortable, they would come back and go, Oh, you are right, that worked. And then after enough of those times, they’d be like, Oh, this is working. And now our technology sucks. Like, can you help us with that? I’m like, Oh, now you care about your technology. Okay. So out of that, you know, instead of just sort of starting to create, you know, website proposals willy nilly and do these custom things, I really looked at all of the things that all my clients had struggle with. And it was typical things, you know, they weren’t techy, their websites were on these platforms that weren’t gonna grow with them, that they didn’t have good control over. They were doing just broadcast emails, they didn’t have any sort of automation in place, like all these things. And so I put all of those solutions into insourced, where it’s just a retainer based thing. And if it’s in if it’s within this realm of things that you know, that we teach, then we can also do it for you. And so that’s how that came along. And then the marketing intensive is just like the doorway that you have to go through because I’m sure if any web developer listening to this has done the thing where somebody comes to them, and they’re like, Oh, we just need these updates, or we just need whatever, and then you get in there. And it’s just like, the patient is bleeding out, you thought it was a flesh wound and leave like, so. The marketing intensive is, let’s take all your digital clothes out of your closet. And let’s see what we have. And all we do Chris, we we continually just go through those six significant systems, which people can go back into whichever episode it is that you you talk about those. That’s literally all we do is we have a full, you know, four to five hours where we’re going okay, how are you? How are you getting traffic? How are you capturing that traffic? How are you presenting your offer? And just the process of taking that space to really go through and think about those things and have to answer those questions to another person. Like, just the process alone is so valuable for the people who do it because they’re like, oh, wait, we don’t have any follow up for this or, oh, people are inquiring about our highest level service and there’s no automation like they’re not getting answers and you know, we just lost this 50k of business from these people who inquired four months ago you know, like, and so it just helps to uncover those holes. When we take all that info and we make it visual and you know how we love our maps around here. We map it out in you know, something like whimsical, or Miro where you can actually see like oh somebody opts in here but oh, we don’t have a thank you page. Wait, we can be present our yard from the thank you page. Let’s put one in you know, so you see literally see all those holes, and then we can say okay, now we’ve seen what’s going on, we know where you want to go. Here is what you need to make that happen and you can hire us to do that for you.

Chris Davis 39:40
Love it. I love it so so everybody if you need to rewind that and listen to it again please do so but these are earned results and the beauty of earned results is that you just appreciate it that much more. Kronda is not sitting up here telling you Look we do it all for you just sit back we got it. If that switch you wouldn’t even be in business if that’s what you want to you want some level of achievement, you want someone to come in help you see what you can’t see help you fill up holes that you didn’t know existed but for some reason your feet keep getting wet every time you go out in the ocean on that boat. Where’s the water coming from? Why? feet always wet, right? You just need help everybody and we understand it, I promise you, I do from a experience of seeing it as an employee of a startup and seeing the frustration of the support tickets and, and being sold by freelancer or consultant of the company that the software was going to do something magical. It’s there’s no magic software out there, everybody, it it just doesn’t exist. Okay, they’re there, you’re going to have some software that you feel really good about buying. And it may work a little bit, but you’re going to need more. And that’s the importance of having these conversations. This is just excuse me, this is just a little sample Kronda as well as other certified automation service providers, other people going through other digital marketers going through the automation service provider program. We all have this type of conversation daily, whether it’s someone posting in the community, or jumping on the weekly office hours that we have. So our short stay sharp are so stay sharp everyone, so you want to make sure and I you’ll see me continually introducing more and more of our certified partners here at automation bridge. But you have to understand the principles that they are exemplifying. Kronda is it all of her product offerings come from experience? Nothing is just like, a pot of gold sounds good. And I like Lucky Charms that’s what I’ll name it right? Like these are it and guess what everybody, we use each other’s resources. I can I can read right now about five testimonials of people in the community that have purchased the pot of gold and are like it’s the greatest thing ever, is I wish I would have had it years ago. So hugely valuable resource in Kronda I want you all to just listen and be uncomfortable. okay with the idea of what is going to take to grow your business to the next level Kronda if somebody wants to reach out to you, they heard you they’re excited they’re just ready to go. Where should we send them to get in contact with you

Kronda Adair 42:42
um, so you can connect with us at Karvell digital on, you know, all the usual places, our website or socials, all those good things. If you hear this and you’re like, This is what I’ve been waiting for. You can apply for content bootcamp, just go to karveldigital.com/apply. And, you know, tell us what, what’s going on with you. And we can schedule a call, we can talk about that. If you are at a higher level, and you’re like, oh, I need these systems to be created and refined. And you can go to krondafixmymarketing.com. And that will take you over to the special application where you can talk to us about actually getting done for you services, and we can take you through some of these processes. And maybe you can be the next Client Testimonial. Live Chat, you know, happening in our group.

Chris Davis 43:38
Yes, I love it. So for my avid listeners, you all saw me butcher my URL. I think it was the week before last the deliverability while I was like delivery deliver. So listen, did you hear that? Krondafixmymarketing.com Oh, you could go on TV with that one. Right? Radio, you go anywhere. There’s nothing like a great URL. Oh, my goodness. Well, thank you so much for coming back on the podcast Kronda I know I don’t have to doubt or wonder I know our listeners enjoyed this. My hope is that you all will take immediate action. There’s no need to wait another day. If Kronda says something that resonates with you. If it’s a pain point, and you need to go share this with your, your co founder, your business partner, your spouse, whomever do it take this episode to them right now. In fact, just pause, go to them into the hit rewind and start and let them listen because this let us be the mouthpiece that they need and allow yourself to get out of the way and get out of your own way to get the success that you deserve. So we’ll have all of those links that you mentioned Kronda in the show notes again can’t thank you so much. I’ve got more flowers Kronda but I’ll see Even for our office hours, I think everybody I’m sure our listeners, they can probably smell them now they’re probably just heightened as well smelling burgers now. I’m smelling roses for some reason. These flowers, though. Thank you Khurana. Thank you for coming on to the podcast greatly appreciate

Kronda Adair 45:17
so much for having me back. It’s always so fun.

Chris Davis 45:20
Yes, absolutely announced. I’ll see you in the community. All right. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The all systems go podcast. If you enjoyed it, make sure that you’re subscribed at the time of recording the all systems go podcast is free to subscribe to, and it can be found in Apple podcast, Google podcasts, YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts new episodes are released every Thursday, so make sure you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss out and while you’re at it, please leave us a five star rating and review to show some love but also to help future listeners more easily find the podcast so they can experience the value of goodness as well. We’ve compiled all resources mentioned on the podcast, as well as other resources that are extremely valuable and effective at helping you grow your marketing automation skills quickly. And you can access them all at allsystemsgopodcast.com Thanks again for listening. And until next time, I see you online. Automate responsibly my friends

You'll Learn

  • [4:18] How Kronda decided to get certified as an ASP™ and what she plans to do with that certification
  • [7:52] How the ASP™ certification process is different than most
  • [11:19] Kronda explains how and why she has always been willing to take the next leap and invest in her growth
  • [14:39] Why confidence is so crucial to your continued growth as a digital marketer
  • [19:18] Kronda shares about a content organization system she created, the Pot ‘o’ Gold
  • [22:38] Chris and Kronda discuss time to results when it comes to marketing
  • [25:53] The importance of following direction, from proven minds, in regards to business tool choices
  • [31:21] “You can’t beat the basics of marketing.”
  • [31:53] Why Kronda created her Content Marketing Bootcamp
  • [36:46] What Insourcing and VIP Days look like with Kronda

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