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Ep. 92 – This week Chris is joined by his good friend, Janet Kafadar, as they peel back the layers of Janet’s strategy for automating her coaching business from sales to fulfillment. She reveals how she attracts, qualifies and closes leads while painting a realistic picture of what you can automate and what you shouldn’t in order to keep things simple and streamlined. Once you see how effective this strategy is, it will be extremely difficult for you to deny doing the same in your business.

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You’re listening to the All systems go podcast, the show that teaches you everything you need to know to put your business on autopilot. Learn how to deploy automated marketing and sale systems in your business the right way with your host, the professor of automation himself and founder of automation bridge, Chris Davis.

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Welcome to the All systems go podcast. I’m your host Chris L. Davis, founder and chief automation Officer of automation bridge the place online to learn about Small Business Marketing and Sales Automation, where we focus on turning digital marketing professionals into automation service providers. If you’d like to become one or find out more about what an automation service provider is, please visit all systems go podcast comm and click on the link to get more information. If you’re new to the podcast, make sure that you listen to this episode in its entirety, subscribe and share at the time of recording the All systems go podcast is free to subscribe to. So if you have been listening for a while and just haven’t subscribed, now’s the time click the button Subscribe. We’re available in all of your main podcasting apps like Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, you can subscribe on YouTube every Thursday, we release new episodes, so make sure that you’re subscribed. And thank you in advance for your five star rating and review. In this episode, I get to sit down with a good friend of mine, I consider Janet a good friend, Janet Kafadar, and she helps fearless women working nine to five build their online business empires after dark to truly go after what they want. I initially ran into Janet when I was running the podcast at Active Campaign. We stayed in contact and I figured I have to have her on to peel back some layers on how she goes about automating her coaching business from sales to fulfillment. I allow her I give her the floor to touch on how she’s attracting and qualifying leads, and how she’s closing them. There’s a lot of coaches that listen to this podcast. And a lot of you have coaches for clients, I want you to listen to Janet paint a realistic picture of what you can automate what you shouldn’t as well as how to keep things simple and streamlined. Simplicity is the key to this podcast. Alright, you will grow and learn to appreciate her lean approach to scale. And once you see how effective it is, it is going to be extremely hard for you to deny doing the same in your business. So enjoy this conversation between Janet and

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Janet. Welcome to the podcast. Glad to reconnect this. So this is actually round two for us.

Chris Davis 3:00
Round Round one to freedom, but round two officially on on us on a podcast together. So how are you doing?

Janet Kafadar 3:10
I’m doing well. I’m well I am kicking in breathing alive. You know, blessed?

Janet Kafadar 3:18
Everything is good.

Chris Davis 3:20
Yes, yeah, we had a we had a chuckle before this listeners because Janet is on the opposite side of the world as me in Australia. And it’s freezing cold there. And here in Chicago area is just now really getting hot. And we took the hoodies off and the boots and all of that, you know a couple

Chris Davis 3:46
guys have it back on. And and this probably could have been an entirely different podcast episode, we were also talking about the marketing trends that we’re seeing now that COVID is opening up or I should say the the economy is opening up. And some people who didn’t see effects on their business on the front end of COVID are seeing some of those effects on the back end. So it’s it’s funny because it just shows you just the dynamic nature of marketing and how you just always have to be in tune with what’s going on in the marketplace and in the world. You know, my back I impact you. So let me let me Okay, let me get into it. Janet, introduce yourself. Give the listeners a little bit of insight on who you are in your business.

Janet Kafadar 4:34
Sure, absolutely. My name is Janet Kapha. I am a online business coach and visibility mentor for women of color coaches to emerging coaches. And so if you’re not sure what WC means, it’s women of color. And so I just have to say that because not everyone gets it and that’s completely fine. And I am originally from the UK, from London and but I live here in Australia. I’ve been here for about 12 years now. Yes. 12 years. And I’m a mother of three kids under 10. So it’s busy for me. Life is busy. And I have a business and kids and, you know, school practice, you know, you know, all the things. So. So yeah, so that’s, that’s what I do. That’s where I hang out. So if you’re wondering what’s wrong with my accent, that’s what it is. Does fluctuate between the two?

Chris Davis 5:30
A little bit of London little bit of Australia. Yeah.

Janet Kafadar 5:35
Exactly. And so many people, I can hear an Australian accent in there somewhere like, yeah, yeah. I just, I’ve been here a long time. What do you expect?

Chris Davis 5:47
Yeah, yeah. So so you’re a coach. And one of the things that I know that our listeners will find out, is that you you do process. And you do project really well. Yeah. And you’re a nerd. So tell me this? Where was what was your introduction into technology? And what was that point where you realize, hey, I want to like, do this at a high capacity for my business? Like, I think technology is it? What was that moment for you?

Janet Kafadar 6:22
Yeah. So before, before I even got into coaching, which I did about three years ago. So this, I suppose this coating businesses is new ish, even though I’ve been on the streets for like, eight plus years. But so the business that I had before I had a course creation agency, so I used to help. So what I did is I help people create online training programs, courses, but the curriculum side of things, it wasn’t about, actually, the technology, it wasn’t actually about the technology, what tools to use all of that stuff, but actually listening to some of your previous episodes. And, and learning how understanding what so many of the tools do and how I can provide them to my classes, like, Oh, I was actually doing that before, I didn’t even know that was a thing. What’s the best course platform, etc, etc. So with my business at the time, it was just me, right, I had two kids, and five at the time, and I was also pregnant. So it was, for me, it was like, I need to find a way to have more processes in the business, right? So that I’m not doing everything, I need to be able for things to go off to my team without me having to write a message or like that kind of stuff. And it just became a way of just working right, let’s just systemize the process down. I was always really organized and past roles, past jobs and stuff. And so that was never an issue, like my brain could actually do that. But I could also take a look at the you know, the bigger vision of actually what I want that to look like. So that’s how I started to implement that more of my business abroad, team members, were working on big projects for clients. So it meant that the work needed to I needed to do some front end work with the client facing and, you know, making sure that they’re, they’ve got their strategy, and they’ve got all of that stuff. And then it was like, how do we link the, the, the project management system, which is Asana at the time to Active Campaign, how do we make them talk to each other, so things can just go off at different times. So that’s how we kind of started to build it then put on new team members. And it was just, yeah, it was now thinking about my Oh, my goodness, that was like, um, based on how I did it single, single handedly, but, but over time, you know, you started to do that. And then from there, I closed up that business down, I just didn’t enjoy it as much anymore. Even though I’d technically removed myself. from it. It was only just the initial kind of calls that I was doing with with the client potential client sales calls. And then I was doing the, the like, not onboarding, but the strategy side of things. So just just love that was this the best bit for me after that, I was like, I don’t care. I can just do it. I just didn’t enjoy it. The team took care of that. But that was the bit that I enjoyed. And so um, yeah, so I took basically after I folded that business down that I took everything from there and just implemented that same kind of thing into my coaching business and same kind of way of operating. And I think that’s always been the way I’ve got three kids and I work from nine to three, I’m very clear about that. After three o’clock, they come in the door bus open is on fire. I’ve really got to make sure that I’m working effectively and efficiently on the right things and so That’s how I I just love like tools and technology and how they work and understanding Oh, that doesn’t have as much flexibility or it could do if you want to do X. Like, I just love that stuff. So yeah.

Chris Davis 10:13
And you know, what I love about your story is you used your situation or circumstance, whatever you want to call it to be those guardrails to prevent you from going off into lala land, and hey, we could do this and what about that, it served as the a good boundary to say, hey, look, you’ve got six hours in there come in, hours count. Because once they’re in his room, it’s over, there’s, you may get a bonus nap or two, but then you got a few others that aren’t napping, you know, the chances that everything is calm and quiet after that window. And I think what I found for most entrepreneurs is if they don’t have, you know, like the family setup or something like that, that that does that money does, right. So they end up running out of cash, or just having a lack of access to it, it forces them to really operate, lean and organized to get the most out of their time in their efforts. So when you tie that we haven’t even mentioned automation, you tie in technology to that, and you can really get some things move in what you have. So I want to talk about because I know that there’s a lot of people who listen to the podcast, that are current coaches, or aspiring coaches. And I’m in a few few communities of coaches. And one thing that people are just cannot get enough of is how are other coaches doing it? Right? How are they doing it in a way that’s efficient? I shouldn’t say just doing it, but doing it in a way that’s efficient. So I wanted to take the time and just go over broadly. If anybody wants to know in detail, you guys all there. There’s there’s ways to do that. But we’ll provide links later. But I want to give people an oversight of just what a streamline coaching business looks like, in a sense, right? So starting from who you serve, now you serve women of color, who want to be coaches. That means there’s some qualifying criteria that you’re using on the front end, starting with your messaging to make sure that the right people are coming in. Yeah, you don’t want your calendar filled with people who just want to meet you high five, you and tell you how great you are. You actually need that time to be very qualified. Yes, right. One. So talk about your your marketing qualification process and how you go about that.

Janet Kafadar 12:46
Yes, yeah. So I’ll back up a little bit before I get into that. So I’ve run a really streamlined business, I have one offer. I have one offer that I sell. That’s it. I don’t have one on ones with me, like, but no one can get on my calendar like, oh, let’s have one. No, no, no, no, no. If you’re part of the program, yes, I have one group coaching program. So that means that every single action that I do leads to the program, so there’s no way it stops me from like, well, I could create this something over here. And I could create a sales page with this. And I already have sales pages, at least for the program. And that’s it. So and so that really helps me and that has been like my Savior. If I didn’t have that, I honestly would, I wouldn’t be able to do it, I would have to have more people on board to do that. And that’s actually not what I want. So what does running a streamlined coating business looks like it actually means having just one thing that I sell, and even for other people focus on one thing, and that’s and that is hard. You know, like, I always have ideas like, Oh, I could do this, or I could do this. And then when I actually think about it, and I think about the process and the automation behind me, I love it so much anymore. A lot of work. So it comes with that, you know, being clear on Okay, having one offer that you have or one coaching program or just one thing to sell that’s enough work in and of itself, right? Absolutely. So if you start with that, and you’re clear on who it is that you want inside of the program, or who is that you want to serve, and I mean like really clear, and that will come over time. But don’t you get that so for me, it’s very much you are a woman of color you are either an emerging coach or emerging coach in the sense You have gone through some sort of certification process, the life coaching, certification, personal development, whatever it is, you have finished, right, you finish that. So what I found a lot of the time was that, and this is a great problem that I had probably like eight months ago, my calendar was full of calls. So I had a webinar that I would run, run ads to people watch the webinar, they’ll book directly into my calendar, and I was booked solid, like, apart from my own coaching call with my clients, all the rest of time I spent on the phone. And I was like, This is not working like this is working. But this is not what I want. And I found that a lot of the time, people were still inside of their coaching certifications, or they were almost finishing up or they had finished. And so I wanted, if they were already doing that, I just couldn’t work with them. So you need to finish that first, let’s move on. Then Then after that, then I realized that actually, is the people who have already finished who have already got a website who’ve already tried to do a couple of things on their own, but they’re just not sure what to do or how to go about it. And then that’s when I realized, like, those are my people. So I actually put in like an application process, you have to have these pre qualifiers. First you got a website, you got some sort of presence, you’ve done this or whatever it is. And then I go through, take a look, maybe have a little bit of a chat over email, and then you can book a call on my calendar. And that really helped with the size that I was like, on the phone. I was like this is not normally it’s not working, it’s working. But it’s it I’m getting on the phone with not necessarily people that I know that I can serve, but just not ready yet. And so that really helped on that to kind of streamline that process. And ever since then it’s the obviously the conversion rate has been higher. Because this really the people that are getting on the phone that know me and like Okay, cool. Yeah, this is I’m ready to take it further. Yes,

Chris Davis 16:56
yeah. And it’s important because, you know, there’s, there’s a lot of blind leading the blind, right online, somebody does something and you’re like, Oh, I like that. I’m gonna do it. And you don’t necessarily know why. And I feel like lately with a lot of coaches, it’s like application city, everybody’s got an application. everybody’s like, Hey, this is the first step. And I get it, because I know why you do it. But when I look at them, you could tell just from some of the questions, yes, just like you, you can see

Janet Kafadar 17:28
template, right? Yeah, that’s a template, you just took that one, he just plucked that plug that straight in, I guess I see it too.

Chris Davis 17:37
Like, there’s no way you can qualify me and then you know, the person I am I enter in and put in my email address just to see what kind of follow up and it is what it is, but to hear, you know, I Janet everything that you do is so exemplary of how to approach just business and automation from an analog standpoint first, right? Because it’s, you know, extremely hard to have one offer, because you always have people asking for something else. And you’re like, oh, what if I just create this little thing over here? And, you know, you can be creating these little things for a long time. And every little thing requires a whole lot of process. Yep. So it’s like, Alright, let me let me be careful. And then you, you so you go through, you have something that’s working a magnetic, and now you’ve got all of these calls. So for you, it’s like birth out of necessity, instead of, you know, like, thinking ahead, like, I should do that, because they’re doing it like, No, you guys don’t understand, my calendar was crazy. That said, back here was the criteria that I needed to know in order for me to have make the best of both of our times. So now you do that we’ve got a qualifying mechanism upfront, and they show up there on the call. Are you on those calls? Is your team on the call? What does the sales process look like?

Janet Kafadar 18:55
Yeah, so after they book in a call with me, it doesn’t stop there. So I’m really clear, like, I had to really put some other criteria in place, right? Like for people to show up to the call, because you’re not gonna waste my time, like that are not playing that game, you know, booking a call or applying or doing and then you suddenly don’t show up like, please don’t be disrespectful, like, I just don’t like that. So I’m really clear, like when they booked that in, so that’s with, I use acuity scheduling, they get an email, there’s three things that they need to do. One gives them the link to the call Two I tell them that they’ll have there’ll be a series of emails that will follow, please make sure you read those emails and check them out. They’ll really support you in understanding how the program works, how I work, all of that stuff. And you know, and the third one is, please confirm to reply to this email and let me know to confirm this email. What is the question again? I can’t remember anyway, they’ve got to reply. Back to the email. To say that they’re confirmed, they will, they will 100% be there on that call. And so that gives me two things, right. So I know that they’ve read the email as the very last point. So I know that they’ve read that email, they’ve read everything there and they completed the action. If I don’t receive a response from that person with probably 24 hours before the call, I cancel it, simply because there’s, you haven’t read the email, and you haven’t read the in, it’s in there at the very bottom, if I don’t receive your response within 24 hours, I can lovingly cancel it. And that’s it. And it just really sets the bar for how I work and what they can expect from me. And also, it just take your business seriously, if you’re serious about this, then you’ll show up for the call. Simple as that, right. And so that’s what happens then. And then after that, then they Active Campaign takes care of the rest of it, and they receive, like some questions maybe around maybe how they’re feeling about their coaching business at the moment, then I’ll link to either past podcast episodes, or even videos that I’ve done, just to support them, get that get them get their mind thinking right and turning over before we jump on. And then when they do get on the call together. I’m always on time. Unless Unless kids situation changes. I’m pretty much always on time. It’s always the calls are always booked half an hour after the kids have left just in case, something happens. And, and so normally takes place my morning time, evening time for most of my clients. And that’s it. And then it’s me, like is me getting on the calls. But by that time, that person has already know if they’ve already watched one of my webinars, then that’s that’s how they come through. I don’t have any other lead magnets. I have my webinar. I have one lead magnet, one program. That’s it. So I know where everyone’s coming from, I don’t need to like, Oh, where did they? I wonder where that lead came? No, I know. I know. I know, what they watched. I know where they came from. So and then they have all of the emails and so they know me, or they’re probably part of my facebook group already. So it’s more like a hacker. Like, it’s more of like a just a chat and a conversation. So

Janet Kafadar 22:25
we’re just how it is anyway. So yeah, that’s pretty much how it goes.

Chris Davis 22:29
I just love the power of the simplicity that you’re using, you know, and I say it both from a personal perspective, as well as observing, you know, and it’s so with, with stuff being so when I say stuff, technology being so easily accessible. And if you couple that easy access with some know how, on how to build stuff, you become a builder. I mean, that becomes your primary thing, who let’s build a landing page. Let’s do this. Let’s do that. And to hear how simple you have made things, I hadn’t even thought about just how easy it makes tracking as well. Because that’s one of the top things people are like, where are they coming from? What’s going on? Because you commit, you go into the marketplace, and you see everybody doing this stuff? Oh, they’re doing this, I need five lead magnets. Oh, I need to be blogging every day. Oh, my God. Is it just I just thought of it. Yes, absolutely. So to to hear the benefits of simplicity. Right? Like, okay, look, you’re coming in this way. And then you’re going in here. And then now you’re on the call. I must say. I think that one of the things that stands out about you is your willingness to say no layup, Janet, just in this conversation, you said no, in an automated way, right? A few times right through it. And I love it’s kind of like how they some people will do it on Upwork. They’ll do a job posting. And then at the very bottom, they’ll say replied to this with this word so that you know that they read it. And you do something similar in your email. Because if somebody is not going to take the time to read that email, you already know how they’re going to show up. You already know they’re coming in, they’re going to rush, they’re going to want to just demand and dictate how things go and just tell you what they need you to do. They’re not going to take the time and really think through read the other emails, you know, so it saves you that time and just that effort, right? I’ve been I’ve even taken it to the point where I found that certain personalities, Janet, don’t do well in my program. So I’ve got questions to identify personality and say okay, if you could do this, which one would You’d rather do, right? And they’re like, I would rather This is not my Oh, my God. Right? Because then it’s not like, they don’t know I’m qualifying them. They’re just like, what would I rather right? And then you know how long they’ve been in business and some other things I can tell, oh, you’re that type of personality? And then definitely, if they email me like, Hey, where’s the link? When the link is in the calendar? Invite?

Chris Davis 25:35
Right, you know, who’s gonna be in the room before you go. So now we could just Hey, I can save you some time. Hey, go check out this resource. Talk to you later, you know, this for now? You know? Yeah. So this is great. We’ve got one of the things I wanted to ask you, is on the front end. And everybody I try not to get too technical, because I want you guys to understand the overview and just the power of process. But when they don’t, when they don’t meet your criteria on the front end? Are you doing some form of automated follow up based on tagging? Or those responses? Or are you just looking at everything or your team looking at everything manual that comes in?

Janet Kafadar 26:16
Yeah, so when it comes in, I do I do look at it. So it’s me that looks at it. And because I have that kind of automation, and the setup already, and that a lot of my business just kind of runs itself, I have that time to do that. And so for me, it the where I want the sandpit that I want to play in is the sandpit where my clients are, that that’s what I want to do, right? So I so everything else has to kind of work in a way where that’s not messing that up. So when the applications come in, I read through them, I look through them, do my research, my article website, or, you know, and seeing what they’re doing, see what kind of person they are, before they even get on the call, like I know them before they even got I know what their last post was on Facebook. And it was a little bit like, ratchet.

Janet Kafadar 27:07

Janet Kafadar 27:10
That’s not how we kind of roll in this group. But you know, that kind of thing. So I know all of that stuff before we get on the call. And so when we do, I can I already kind of know what type of person they are, I know how they want to show up a prime example there where I ran like a challenge inside of my code, which I run every quarter. So that’s, besides my automated webinar, every quarter that’s in my calendar that I do that. And it’s just a fun thing to do. It’s five days is about visibility, and really helping my lady step up. And so I remember seeing one of my clients websites, and you know, when you see some website, and you know, there used to be web developer, but you know, when you see some websites, and it honestly takes your breath away, I was like, whose website is this was it was just like, Great imagery, really great colors, the message was muted, a little bit of refining, but it honestly took my breath away. And I was like, I’ve got to reach out to her. So she was inside of the group inside of the challenge, like connected with her. And I was like, your website, took my breath away, like, it’s just it was, I invited, I was like, just let’s jump on a call, let’s see whereabouts you’re at. And she became quiet, she’s still there’s a climb. But it’s that kind of thing that I want to do when I want to do that stuff. And I want to, you know, reach out to people and do that more hands on stuff, because a lot is automated. But I want to be part of the front end of my business, because that’s what I do. If people don’t see me, and everything is too automated, then it just, I think it loses it a little bit. And so that’s I want to make sure that the sandbox that I’m playing in is helping my clients and being there to support them, everything else has to just disappear, some sort of way, so that I can do that stuff. And so that’s important for me.

Chris Davis 29:04
Yeah, you know, Janet, as I begin to evolve and continue to grow and mature in an automated marketing, I start to rely on it beyond what other people primarily go into it for, right? Hey, I want to automate sending emails and make money and take money online and grow and not have to do anything. But I’ve started to appreciate the automated delivery of information. Right? The fact that like you said, somebody can send, send a fill in an application, and then they that information comes to you. I do stuff where at particular points in an automation, it is send me their information. Hey, so and so just did this. I don’t have to login to active campaign or anything. It’s right there, you know. So I’m starting to really appreciate that because it really is our advantage right? So that when that time does Come whether it be a call or email, we know them. We’re already in rhythm with them. Yeah. So it doesn’t feel abrasive and you’re not trying to say, hey, send them to a bot, you know, maybe prior to get some preliminary information. Now it’s a real conversation. Yeah. So that is, I don’t think people can value information enough. And more than the information it is the strategic and personalized use of it.

Janet Kafadar 30:30
Yes, right. Absolutely. Your marketing. That’s important. And it’s really interesting that you brought up a bot, I was having a conversation with a lady inside of my inside of my group. And she said to me, is this a bot? I said, No. It’s me. Like, it’s really me. Like, really take it back? Oh, my goodness, if they’ve been, so it has. So inside of my head was like, wait, has the whole beat the whole process of like, having conversations been so botosized? Is that the people ever even like resistant to talk to you? Because they think it’s above like, no, 100%? It’s me. I can tell you what the time is right now. It’s like, and I tell people? No, but yeah, like, but I get it. I get it.

Chris Davis 31:23
Yes, yes. All right. So capping it off. You’ve got the call Active Campaign takes over now you’re in fulfillment. We know it’s group based, what have you what works really well, for you to keep things streamlined? In terms of coaching and adding value to a group people are coming in at different times, you can not be at at everybody’s disposal in terms of their time. How do you officiate? That, that combining of new people with existing people to continue to grow the coaching?

Janet Kafadar 31:59
Yeah, you know what, that’s actually one of my favorite things about the program is that people are at different points. And it’s so good. So the great thing is, is that I have everything set up already. So for me, once someone says yes, to sign up, that literally they process their payment, and then I just walk away, the automation takes care of itself. From there, they’ll get the email to onboard to log in, they’ll get login details, they’ll get their intake form, they’ll get their link to book in a call on my calendar, I don’t need to do anything, everything just shows up for me that the certain time, they’ll go join the group, they already know that they need to introduce them. So there’s nothing there’s nothing for me to do after that point. So that means that when I am inside of a program, I’m very hands on. And I want to be and I love that. So that means that obviously I charge a higher, you know, investment for clients to come and work by very hands on, they can ask me questions they can I can review anything, or review, I’ll get inside the document, I’ll edit myself if I need to provide screen recordings, give direct feedback I can do Facebook Lives is what it is. I can do that. Because I have one offer that I sell. And it I have that flexibility. And so sometimes the questions come fall outside of regular nine, nine to three o’clock. But that doesn’t matter for me like it’s, it’s actually Okay, like the actual working time when I’m at my desk is those hours. And so if I need to respond to something I normally respond on what I’m seeing so far for I go and watch something or I can respond on the weekends, it doesn’t matter. Because I actually have that time and space and bandwidth. It’s not an issue for me. And if it means like actually sitting on my desk and editing and stuff, I leave that until Monday and my clients know that but everything’s really laid out. So when clients come in at different points, and they already know beforehand, I tell them on the call, you know you’ll be the new one of the newest members inside of the group. There are some ladies that have been inside the program for a year. There’s some that have been in there for six months. But don’t worry about that stay in your lane. This mean you mean you know your other sisters there to support you. And that’s all well and good. But don’t get like oh my god, I’m not where I should be or look how far ahead they are. Don’t worry about that. Don’t worry about that. It’s all good. I’ve got you, you know, and I can be there to support them. That’s my whole thing. Like, I want to see them succeed. I want to be there to help them get the results that I know I can help them with. So what can I do in my business to help me free up time to be with my clients right to play in that sandbox? And that’s always where I’m coming at it from like, what can I do to make sure I have Got more time to do that? So, hope that was?

Chris Davis 35:04
Yeah. Oh, no, that does. And it you know, the power is you have the freedom to be has hands on or hands off as you decide, right like it’s your business, you know the transformation that they need, right you know where they’re at. And at as people continue to come in, and these women continue to see transformation, now they become a and an agents of change for the new people. And then it becomes something bigger than you could ever. Oh, yeah, to create, right and exactly warding and fulfilling. But it’s all because Janet you’ve taken the time prior to, and really map this thing out. Right? really made sure Hey, look, when you show up, just know everything will be in place, because I’ve already prepared for you. Yeah, I’m not trying to catch up, I’m old, they signed up, hurry up, let’s do some stuff. And I think that comes off right in the customer journey from from the point of contact initially, upfront, to how you how you ensure that they’re ready for the call to how you show up personalized on the call, to the efficiency afterwards to get them into the program. And then the group environment. I mean, you look at that entire thing, you’re not going to just be able to take Janet’s business off the shelf and apply it to yours. Yeah. It really is an example of a customer journey that has been architected and aided by technology to automate where we can to make sure things are efficient, and flowing smoothly. All right, this has been great Janet. So people are listening. It may be some potential clients listening, like wait a minute, how do I find her? more of her? So now’s the time, if you want to mention your website or anything, but where can people find out more about you your programs? Where can they go?

Janet Kafadar 37:06
Yeah, sure. So you can find me over at Janetkafadar.com. That’s my website.

Janet Kafadar 37:23
you can find my, my podcast as well, which is called the truth about show, which actually just talks about the real truth about having an online business, not the the lies that you hear on the streets, right, the real truth of time. So there’s some stuff that just is complete rubbish. And I try and bust those myths and just speak right from the heart. So you can find that you can find me everywhere on any pod catcher, but Janetkafadar.com, forward slash podcast, you can find it there. And if you’re interested in working with me, or anything like that, you can go to Janet capital.com, forward slash application application and just go to the link and yeah, answer some cues. And they’ll come through to me, and we’ll say, hey, yeah, tell me where you come from anyway. The least.

Chris Davis 38:09
Yeah. Right. And they can all experience the journey themselves. Exactly. All right. We’ll have all of those links in the show notes, everybody, so don’t worry if you didn’t catch them, we got you covered. Uh, Janet, great to reconnect. Yes. As always, on the podcast, we’re connected offline and in various ways. And thank you for taking the time to jump on. Love. everything that you’re doing all this success that you have you are owed, you have earned it. So it’s always good to see people who do it the right way, get what they deserve. So greatly appreciate it again. Thanks for coming on to the podcast.

Janet Kafadar 38:50
Well, thank you. Thank you so much for having me, Chris. Like I am a longtime listener of the show. And as I said to you before everyone listening, like Chris joins us joins me whilst I’m cooking my dinner. So he sits on the shelf. Whilst I’m like standing at the stove. He’s talking automation to me. It’s been great to be on. Thank you.

Chris Davis 39:09
Yes, well, thank you for allowing me into your home. To aid you in various ways. Greatly appreciate and I’ll see you online. Janet. See ya. Thank you for listening to this episode. You know what? Sometimes thinking things can be so simple. They’re difficult. Can you imagine having one lead magnet? Can you have it? Can you imagine having one product in one one pipeline, or one one funnel? And it may be hard initially, but when you put it in the context that Janet putting in, everything you create, you’re creating process for, there’s nothing that you just create, and say, Hey, Oh, got a new product idea. Let me just create this product and sell it. No, what you just created was a whole lot of process. And it’s those hidden things, be the naivete behind And the the action, the idea that gets us in trouble. It’s never just a Facebook group. It’s never just another product. It’s never just another presentation. There’s all type of process behind it. And once you understand that, you’ll start making your life easier, and your path to scale will become a lot more simple. Alright, so who needed to hear this who’s overcomplicated it who’s got too many lead magnets, who’s always got bright ideas that they’re sending to their team to work on? Who is just struggling stay in focus keeping their eye on the prize, make sure you stay in, make sure you share this episode with them. And if you found value in today, make sure you subscribe. This is the time everybody whether you’re subscribed or not are new or not, I should say, subscribe, now’s the time to subscribe to it all systems go podcast and leave your five star rating and review. All right here at automation breeze. We’re dedicated to training digital marketing professionals to become automation service providers. This is the next version that the New Age Digital Marketer knows how to navigate marketing and sales software that terrain and marry it with your business model and strategy to create systems that can be automated and deployed in your small business for rapid growth. That’s what an automation service provider does. Okay. So if you want to become one again, we’ve made it easy for you to get access to that as well as everything else that you need. By visiting Allsystemsgopodcast.com you’ll be able to access the latest episodes are amplify my automation package. This is the package that’s dedicated to helping you learn how to put automated marketing and sale systems in your business or your clients over the next six months. We have a free Facebook group you can request to join. And you can also submit yourself to be a guest on the podcast as Janet did. Or you can refer someone. All right, bring them on. Let me let me talk to him. And let’s make this amazing. You have a voice in all systems go community. All right, and any resource or training that’s mentioned on the podcast, one URL gets you access to it all bets Allsystemsgopodcast.com Thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode. And until next time, I see you online automate responsibly

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  • [5:47] How Janet was introduced to technology and what made her decide to pursue it at a high capacity for her business
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  • [15:08] What she found was NOT working in her marketing strategy and how she adjusted that
  • [18:25] What the sales process looks like for a coach wanting to scale simply and streamlined
  • [19:20] The 3 things Janet requires from her leads to ensure they will show up to the sales call
  • [25:35] Her front end process for handling leads that do not meet the criteria
  • [31:23] How she officiates time between new clients and existing clients while growing her business
  • [40:50] How to become an Automation Service Provider™

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