Episode Description

This episode Chris talks through his approach to building the Automated Customer Journey. Discover how one question can help you build stronger automations that will create a dynamic, personalized customer experience.

You'll Learn

  • Why experience enhancement matters in marketing
  • How to automate your marketing so your business is working for you
  • The three most important considerations to think about when building the automated customer journey

About the Show

On the show, Chris reveals all of his automated marketing strategies he has learned from working in fast growing marketing technology startups so you can put your business on autopilot quickly and without error.

Discover how to deploy automated marketing, sales, and delivery systems to scale your business without working long hours to do so.

Chris L. Davis - Chief Automation Officer

Chris L. Davis

Chris is an Electrical Engineer turned entrepreneur who is the Founder of Automation Bridge, an international speaker and facilitator, and startup consultant