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Ep. 151 – It’s official! The All Systems Go! podcast is going premium. In this episode, Chris shares insight and instruction on why he made this decision and what to expect from the podcast going forward. He goes over the type of private content that will be released, how to subscribe, how to listen to the new podcast and so much more! Tune in for a taste of what this more personalized experience has to offer you and your business.

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You’re listening to the all systems go podcast, the show that teaches you everything you need to know to put your business on autopilot. Learn how to deploy automated marketing and sales systems in your business the right way with your host, the professor of automation himself and founder of automation bridge, Chris Davis.

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Welcome to another episode of The all systems go podcast, where we invite startup founders and digital marketers to discuss strategies and software used to build automated marketing and sales systems that scale. I’m your host, Chris L. Davis, the founder of automation bridge. And today on this episode, we, it’s official, if you were if you didn’t catch the last podcast, and those of you who are listening as I release, we are going premium. The all systems go podcast is going premium. And I want to use this episode to give you a little bit of insight and instruction on why and what to expect. All right. I have to say that was quick, because I got quite, I got quite the feedback of oh my gosh, this is so exciting. And also Oh, no, Chris, where are you going? Right. So I want to clarify some things. This is the last, this is the last of the all systems go podcast, in its public capacity as you know it. Okay, that’s the most important thing in its public capacity. As you know, it. I’ve got I’ve got so many people, so many courts this sinless, I didn’t realize you cared that much. I assumed, you know, I always want assuming positive intent, but it was heartwarming. Let me just say the amount of outreach that I got from you all, and just the feedback of how instrumental and how life changing this podcast has been. You know, when I started it, I just wanted to share my knowledge, my insight to help people and to see how it’s grown. Wow, I am greatly humbled and honored by you all. So let me just rest you assured and tell you what this does not mean first, okay. New episodes will not be let me say this new episodes will come out publicly, they just will be at a much slower rate. Okay, so you all are used to weekly, you’re probably going to see monthly, something like that. All right. You don’t have to pay to subscribe and get full access to the premium content. For now, I am very intentional and explicit with stating for now, I don’t want any surprises, the type of content that I plan on releasing, we’ll get to that in a minute, you’ll be trust me, you’ll be glad you’re subscribed in whatever capacity you are. All right. And there’s also was a question around do I have to use a different podcasting app? Do I have to do something different? Actually, you don’t have to, you don’t have to do anything, will will provide you with a link, you click on it and it loads up in the podcast player you’re already using, the only thing that will change is that the graphic will be a little different. So you’ll know that it’s a premium content instead of instead of just a regular podcast. But besides that, your muscle memory your routine, your app on your phone or your computer, whatever stays the exact same. Okay, so it doesn’t mean there’s been no no more episodes publicly, it doesn’t mean you have to pay for now. And it doesn’t mean you have to use a different app. Alright, those are the top three concerns that I got. Let me tell you what it means, though. Enough of that enough of what you don’t get, right. Let’s talk about what it means more personalized, a more personalized experience. You have a voice some of you who have subscribed already, you see. And all of you haven’t taken action, but I would. I would encourage you to take action and provide feedback on the type of content that you want to you want created. Where else are you gonna go where you can literally customize the audio feed to your liking. You’ll have that you’ll have that opportunity when you subscribe and those of you that haven’t, you’ll see exactly what I mean when you go through the process. All right, I’m Private content. You’ll get private private content that

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I don’t know I just don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly. There’s just something about about speaking into a dark room that you don’t know who’s in, people can come, come and go as they please. That’s podcasting as we know it. So, go on premium is going to allow me to be a little more transparent, give you a little more insight on the day to day and help you help you get a better visualization of the potential transformation that automation can accomplish for you and your business. And and let me give you some examples here. Don’t ask me to repeat what I just said, I’ve already forgot it. I’m gonna have to listen to this podcast again. And hear that part and maybe turn it into a quotable right. But what you will get this private content I’m talking about are tools that I’m using, and or contemplating using, for instance, there are people in the program know every week we talk about these tools, and it listen, you, you talk about being equipped with the latest and greatest technology, we don’t just talk about it. We talk about how to leverage it like right now, in your business. You’ll get some of that, right? Like, right now we’re looking at, let me not get ahead of myself. That’s for premium. You see, see how you all do you listen so well. And I just it’s like you put a quarter in me. I just keep going. I’ve got a pause. Let me just say, tools that I’m using and contemplating. Why why I give it the green light? Why give it the yellow light? Why would give a particular tool the red light? Okay, you got me Your silence got me. I’m going to give you insight on one tool that I’ll be reviewing and sharing my insights on go high level. You’ll you’ll hear my unadulterated, unfiltered thoughts around go high level? Is it ready? Should you be looking at it as a solid alternative to Active Campaign? Keep Ontraport whatever? And if so, why? What are those features? What does it do different that no other tool can do? All of that, from my perspective, not agency and marketer, Digital Marketer trying to make money from the perspective of somebody who’s been in the space educating at a high level and at the highest capacity. I’ve not seen anybody build an education department around marketing automation yet. Okay. I am undisputed in that. So that’s the kind of insight right, automation strategies, I have to say, again, my students are spoiled. But we talk about this stuff all the time I just posted at the time of recording this, I just posted in our community about an automation kill switch. It’s yeah, I call it an automation kill switch. I also have the parallel path automation. There’s all kinds of automations that I got. But we’ll talk about those. We’ll talk about the logic behind them. So why why be left out, you’ll be in the loop with such content. In Depth walkthrough of guest topics, most of the public podcasts that you will receive will be of guests coming on to the show. And you’ll see there’ll be a point in time where we really go deep. I cannot promise you that depth will be public. But I can assure you, it will be premium. It will be premium content, you’ll have access to that. And especially if you have a follow up question to ask you again, this is part of giving you a voice where if you’re if you forgot, if you just started daydreaming because I’ve said some things you’re like, oh my gosh, that’d be so great. Let me bring it back in. We’re talking about the premium content that you’ll get when you subscribe. Okay, exclusive audio content not found anywhere else online. This is more so a look over my shoulder audibly, right things that I’m doing. Sometimes I just fire up my computer screen. And I record and I talk about what I’m doing if I’m exploring a new tool, because I just want to capture that first time experience. You have access to it. This this is the unique podcast. But again, this format really lends to that type of content, as well as snippets from office hours, I want to give you all a sneak peek at times of the value that we all collectively come together with my students and myself and problems that we solve solutions that we bring to the table with for those problems, alternatives, ideation, business model assessments, like all of that courses, and whatever the content behind the paywall is up for up for consideration. Alright, also also audio series around how to do specific things with marketing automation. Okay, whether it’s within a particular tool or a specific series around, okay, how do I get the most out of my CRM system?

Chris Davis 9:47
How do I build landing pages effectively that our landing pages effectively, that are personalized? How do I create an auto login experience that that more easily convert that tracks all of my logged in users behavior and equips my marketing to respond. This is the type of content. Now, let me say this. So you all don’t think that I’m creating on the fly building the ship as a sales. This is all content that already exists in my program, but we expound on it, we’re always getting better, I’m getting sharper, I’m getting smarter, you’ll just be a part of that sharpening process. Alright. And this, this is why it’s being called premium, not for the sake of using the word is. I have to admit, it’s good marketing, right? Oh, premium? No, no, no, no, no, no, it’s good marketing. And it’s true. It’s literally going to be premium content, that again, you will not be disappointed, and you will be glad that you subscribe to it. Alright, so here’s what to expect at in terms of timeline and what you’ll need to do, okay? Again, success honors the Swift. When there, you’ll learn this in business, there are times where you can take your time, think about it, contemplate, get it together, make your decision. You don’t want to do that with this opportunity. Because I cannot promise you that I know how long I will keep this premium content at no charge. I’m just being honest with you. Okay, full disclosure there. Alright. So with that being said, what do you what what should you expect? We’re at the time of recording this, we’re in the month of September, you can expect the premium content to start being released mid October. If you’re listening to this, and it’s beyond October, what are you waiting for you could you finish listening to me, don’t cut me off Chris, right, finished listening, but head right over and subscribe. And all of the content, most of this content that I’m talking about is already in there. Okay. But if you’re listening, as I release it, October, less than a month from now, it gives us time to kind of take a break and get all the tech ready. It also allows me a little bit of break everybody. I’ve been podcasting consistently for about three to four years, to different companies. Some of you say Well, look, I’ve got 500 episodes 600 episodes, Chris, welcome to The Club. I get it good for you. I need a break. Okay, I just need to recharge, recalibrate and come back, you know, back like I never left better than ever. Alright. Next is an exclusive audio series for all subscribers, we’re going to come out the gate with one of these exclusive audio series content, TBD. We’ll figure out what it is based on what everybody is asking for. I’ve gotten a lot of responses. So I’ll sort through it. And I promise you, we’re going to come out with at least a three to five audio series of valuable content that is going to teach you something we’re not talking about theoretical, actual steps on how to do a thing, that thing to be determined. weekly episodes, the frequency will be as it was publicly, weekly. But let me say this, let me say this. If I have something to share, I won’t hold back. So I reserve the right to increase the frequency at any unannounced time. So I can’t say every week you’ll get a podcast, I can say every week, you’ll get at least a podcast. All right. And also you have a way to submit content that you’d like to hear and eventually engage with other listeners and myself, you’ll always have a line a direct line in to what you would like to hear more of or if you want to go deeper on a topic. This is a I set this earlier a personalized experience for you. For my subscribers, this is my way of saying thank you and showing you that I’m committed to you getting it all right. Okay, and then lastly, rewards shout outs and exclusive offers based on trackable engagement. What that means the more you listen, the higher your chances to whatever we will be giving away I’ve got those of you watching on on a YouTube behind me is looks like a bookshelf on point right? But it’s filled there’s a box I’m not I’m not gonna turn my my chair out the way but there’s a box there. And then I’ve got a couch over here under under it. I accumulate like really good tech gifts. Really good.

Chris Davis 14:44
Don’t ask me how do not ask me how I just do whether it’s a phone, a tablet, a USB, a portable charging bank. I’ve got branded swag. This is all up for grabs and will be made available. No timetable, but just know it will be part of monthly premium content giveaways. Okay, again, work with us, we’ll get there, I just want to let you all know what to expect. So when you get there, my job is to exceed. So there’s some stuff that I’m trying to not give you right now, because I want to spill all the tea and just leave it there. Like look at it. Look at how beautiful it so just a little bit. So I plan on I plan on it being a lot of fun, and even more value, for instance. One of the early episodes, okay, see, see this is, this is what I call a leaky teacup. Okay, you heard it here first, Chris has a leaky teacup, I’m trying to hold in all of the tea. And it’s just dropping out. For those of you that don’t know spill the tea is another way of saying give us the good tell us the secrets give us the real deal what’s really going on, right? So my cup just keeps leaking, leaking. It won’t overflow it because it keeps leaking. So I want to just give you just a little just a few drops. For instance, one of the episodes that you’ll have in there, and I’ve been asked about this quite quite a bit is a new automation tool. A new automation tool, let me not say I’ve been asked about this quite a bit. I’ve been trying to figure this out for quite a bit of time, that’s more accurate, I’m sorry. But it’s a neutral new tool that can literally create an entire year of social media graphic collateral on brand on brand, and your content not like aI generated stuff that you got to kind of adjust and modify and make it into your voice your content on brand, a year’s worth of social media, collateral, video, images, all of that on brand, an entire year, in under an hour. all automated, fully automated, everybody fully automated. It stuff like that is stuff like that they were going in. And let me just say this that wow, wow, my cup is leaking. I’m also going to give you my insights. I can’t even remember if I said it. If I said it on this on this on earlier, yet. I didn’t leak so much. But anyways,

Chris Davis 17:27
I’m going to share my thoughts on go high level. Okay. It has been one of the top requested, Chris, what do you think, Chris? Should we be looking out for Chris? What about this? Chris? Have you looked at it yet? I will give you my full feedback on what I think. Is it a go or no? You’re good. Listen, I’m not gonna hold back. Is this smart podcast? It’s my premium content. Right. So all right, let me let me let me put the cup down. And hopefully the the tea will stop leaking. What you need to do right now is if you can see it, if you’re in agreement with me, if you know these 150 prior episodes have been worth every ounce of minutes that you’ve put into it. Listening, implementing, talking about ideating if you’re with me, stay with me. Just go and subscribe as of right now. No costs, easy access to all the premium content. Visit all systems go podcast.com all one word. All systems go podcast.com and follow the buttons. Follow the button instructions. All right. Again, today. You your your if you’re listening to this show. Okay, as of today, as of you listening those live listening. There will no longer be weekly public released episodes. That means iTunes, Google podcasts, all of those Spotify, you will not see just publicly new episodes releasing weekly. Premium Li is that a word? That’s word weekly. No. Premium Lee? Yes. Yes, you will see at least weekly content. So you need to subscribe. You can anticipate a public frequency again maybe probably around a month or so. So make sure you subscribe and don’t miss out on a single on a single episode. I want to know who my loyal faithful cast ASG casters are. We’ll come up with a name we need a name for us. Right? But for now, I want to I want to meet you. This will allow me to do so. Let’s let’s go deeper. Everyone let’s go premium. Let’s go exclusive. And let’s really get you the help that you need the knowledge the expertise the insight, the support that you need to continue to grow your business automatically, automatically the goal for automation bridge going forward here and I’m embedding it in my students in my team is making automation accessible. Want to make sure that you have quality access to it, and know how to leverage it to your benefit. So make sure you’re subscribed free it free for now, for those of you listening right now, make sure you go subscribe. All systems go podcast.com Allsystemsgopodcast.com It’s like the infomercial where they keep saying, You dial and then they say the number five times watch this allsystemsgopodcast.com Allsystemsgopodcast.com Go there. Subscribe now for free. And let’s continue this journey together. And until I see you, premiumly automate responsibly my friends.

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  • [1:31] Chris clarifies a few commonly asked questions about the recent podcast updates and changes
  • [4:11] How the new premium podcast will be a more personalized experience for you as a listener
  • [5:08] Examples of premium podcast content and how it will provide deeper insight into automation than ever before
  • [7:56] The differences between public and premium podcast episodes
  • [10:56] What to expect in terms of timeline and what you need to do to listen in
  • [12:32] Chris shares a teaser on an exclusive audio series that will be made available to all subscribers
  • [14:08] How to participate in monthly premium content giveaways
  • [18:01] How to subscribe to the new All Systems Go! Premium podcast for free (for a limited time!)

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