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Ep. 134 – Chris is joined by Lincoln Islam to discuss WordPress based solutions for funnel building. Lincoln is the Founder of WPFunnels, which is the only funnel builder in WordPress with which you can both plan and design your funnels within the WordPress dashboard. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand why you should be using WordPress and why you need to consider leveraging a tool such as WPFunnels to build out your sales funnel.

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Narrator 0:00
You’re listening to the all systems go podcast, the show that teaches you everything you need to know to put your business on autopilot. Learn how to deploy automated marketing and sell systems in your business the right way with your host, the professor of automation himself and founder of automation bridge, Chris Davis.

Chris Davis 0:31
Welcome everyone to another episode of The all systems go podcast where we interview startup founders and digital marketers to discuss strategies and software to build automated marketing and sales systems that scale. I’m your host, Chris L. Davis, the founder of automation bridge. And today, I have Lincoln Islam who is the founder of WP funnels, which is the only funnel builder in WordPress in WordPress, with which you can both plan and design your funnels within the WordPress dashboard. And we’re going to be talking about built WordPress based solutions for funnel building. Okay, so a lot of you may be using WordPress, maybe you’re using something else like Squarespace or anything else. But I want to give Lincoln the floor today to talk about his software. Why WordPress and why you should be highly considering using such a tool to leverage WordPress to build out your sales funnel. Lincoln, welcome to the podcast. How are you doing?

Lincoln Islam 1:39
Hey, Chris, I’m great. I’m great. Thanks for having me here. And everyone who is going to listen to the past podcast. I will try to share our experience about web finance and how it can help you guys. Yeah, yes. everyone for listening and Chris and all system go podcast team for inviting me.

Chris Davis 1:59
Yes, Lincoln, I have to say, for transparency, everyone I did not know such software existed. It’s shame on me. I know you are looking at me as Chris, you’ve got to know all of the software. I don’t. So this was a pleasant surprise. For those of you on my on my newsletter list, we send out a monthly email. We call it the marketing automation report where we just review of various software. And for this report, I looked and said, Hey, what what’s going on with funnels in WordPress, what’s out there, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the canvas approach that you took with WP funnels and building out a sales funnels with WordPress. But before I get into those details, just talk tell us a little bit about your founders journey. Is this the first software company that you created? Do you have an extensive background in coding? What brought you to the point of creating WP funnels?

Lincoln Islam 3:00
Well, I really want to share my experience and why we created web funnels. I’ve been in this industry as a startup founder or business owner since 2012. So I started my business officially from 2014 When I registered my business but personally, I started working on this industry from 2012. I’ve been to you know, different role worked on different kinds of projects from small to medium and enterprise projects. Since then, behind the scene, cortex is the parent company that is behind all of our products that we have now. So we’ve been creating projects, creating funnels, you know, creating LMS based website, from G to small website, we have done projects for different kinds of clients. So we have more plugins, we have another brand called RX team where we sell WooCommerce based plugin for generating feeds. We have another one called WP VR, which is for creating 360 degree virtual tour, which was another you know, interesting product. And we have seen people are going crazy over it during COVID session, you know, everyone started, started to use the virtual tour plugin to create their space virtual tour. And we found it was really helpful. Um, before that it was not that much important, except real estate agents or you know, interior designers, people like who wants to rent their properties. But when COVID started to you know, shut down everything and we started seeing a lot of people coming as coming to us and creating their bedroom. One person who created a A virtual Pro for his kids playground. So he wasn’t able to take his kids to the playground. So he created a virtual world. So he can show this toy to it kids. And it was totally different. And then what we can expect from a normal business. So that was one of our products about WP funnels. So as I said, I have been to this industry like, for almost a decade, and we have created a bunch of projects, small to medium and enterprise everything. For us, we have to create, you know, as a business owner, I have to create funnels multiple times, as we are discussing, you’re saying about LeadPages, and click funnels, all the tools that are out there. So back in 2019, end of 2019 I was trying to create, how about creating, I know about sales funnels? I know how to boost conversions, I know how to, you know, increase your conversion rate. So I was thinking, how about if we offer a sales funnel for our plugins. So right now, we’re just selling one off, plug in license, so you come to a website, you buying it, and you know, just going to use it. So I started to implement it. The experience that I have from Clickfunnels, I have used Click Funnels Kajabi, Katra, whatever it is, I mean most of the major popular tools out there. So as our platform is WordPress, I have to search for the existing solutions. So I guess there is another great plugin called cart flows. This is another sales funnel building for WordPress. I started I picked it and started using it. So as you know, when a professional is starting to create sales funnel, we always start with the mapping. So, but I said, Okay, I’ll have to do the mapping. Once I’m done with the mapping, I have to take it to the website, make it functional. So what I found is pretty much no, it was built for someone that is Pro. And even though I was pro, it is not pretty easier for me, because I have to do the mapping outside using funnelytics or you know, guru or some kinds of software and implement it to your website. So I was finding pretty much not as smooth as I wanted. And some of the features like if you have a WooCommerce website, let’s say with 1000s of product, there is no way you can offer a sales funnel based on category or based on conditions like if someone is buying a product, let’s say if you’re selling T shirts, if someone is buying a t shirt from this specific category, let’s say t shirt from this specific author, then show upsell from that category or show upsell from a certain product, it was quite impossible to do that with the existing solution that WordPress had. And the user experience that I had with those tools was not easier. So I know there are a lot of products, there are Clickfunnels, there are funnelytics. Those are SaaS products, there are competitor in WordPress, but I have to use like multiple products. So end of the day, I’m ending up using, you know, tons of products, which is you’re wasting my time, or I should say consuming my time to learn that platform. I mean, if I have to use st platform to create a single funnel that it is taking my time to learn those platforms and becoming an expert. Then I thought of like how about creating something? How about coming up with a solution that will not require you to learn multiple tools. And the interesting part was like I when I started the research and development, I challenged my team. Okay, we want to do something that’s for ourselves. But it has to be done within three clicks. How about this?

Lincoln Islam 9:32
I mean, it was not possible way of doing it. But we have tried. When we the team when presented the solution I figured out within three clicks. Maybe this part is possible, but it was getting too much complicated. I mean, you have to make it functional. You have to make it work. It’s not just like creating a funnel and leaving it there. You have to end up the day you have to Is it you’d have to promote the finance and get your conversion rate as high as as high as possible. Then the initial version, back and forth a lot of back and forth, starting to, you know, going to the team members and the designers. Finally, you know, last year we have, we have a lockdown. design that is not possible within three clicks. But I mean, I wanted to give people an option not to, you know, blind shot, like, what you see what you get. So, we plan it of how about combining all the tools together, like, I don’t want to go to funnel tricks, I don’t want to go to another, you know, conversion tool, I don’t want to use sales funnel plugin for you know, everything in together, then we come out, like, let’s begin the canvas first. So anyone who start to create a funnel, they should be able to see, what are they? What are they setting off, what will be the ultimate result, what will be the next step, instead of a, you know, blind shot, then, I mean, we wanted to offer the highest user experience that we could, and then highest possible solutions, which is like, if you’re a beginner, you don’t have to go through a complex learning curve waste, you know, hours and hours. And if you’re a Pro user, like if you have a shop already, with 1000s of products, you don’t have to, you know, create sales funnel for every single product and assign them manually. So then we come up with a feature called, what we call is global funnel. So it’s like, as I said, if we have 1000s of products, you don’t want to create funnels for each product, but based on category or based on conditions. So that gave us the power to serve two types of community. One is almost everyone who knows about sales funnel, but don’t have complex knowledge. Another one is already who is using WooCommerce, to run run their website. And they want to increase their conversion rate, or they want to increase their sales revenue. So finally, last year, during last quarter of last year, we wanted to, I mean, we’re doing a lot of back and forth, you know, how much workload it takes to finish a product. So we came out with the MVP, and we added to give it to the users. So we launched our beta testing phase. I mean, when we didn’t understand that people are gonna love it that much before launching the beta testing phase. So when you’re testing, but everyone is going crazy over it, like everyone is coming to the website, and you know, they’re asking when we’re launching it, and they will, I mean, they’re like ready to buy. But we have to hold it because the product is not functional yet. I mean, we cannot decide to launch before it’s running. It’s coming out from the beta testing. So then everyone reported their features, reported issues that we have, and we fixed and then lost the market. And since then, we never had to look back. I mean, it’s like, when you create a product based on competition, or you want to compete with someone else.

Lincoln Islam 13:46
It’s like running a competition game. But when you think about the users, which is our main intention, the ideal is that we believe whatever we’re creating, it should help people how it is helping. I mean, if there is already an existing solution, offering the same feature, then what’s the point of creating the same plugin again? So we believe in giving the power of creating sales funnel, and the team behind WP finance we believe in making it as much as possible, easier for everyone? I mean, I’m not saying anyone without sales funnels will be able to use it. But anyone who knows about sales funnels, I mean, they can create the upsell down sell, you know, landing page without going through a complex learning curve. So that’s our goal. We’re continuously improving. We’re bringing LMS support. We have a bunch of payment gateways support. As I said, it’s not even like six months we have launched a plugin and they’re like, people going crazy. If you go to our community on Facebook, that look fancy, you will see people are really going crazy over the tool. because we try to give a solution to people who can be benefited our fair. And we are continuously, you know, improving it. So that’s that story behind WP finance. And that’s what we’re trying to we’re trying to do for the users.

Chris Davis 15:20
Yeah, this was this was insightful. I’ve got some notes. One of the things that you said that was refreshing is as you’re well, first off, I hope everybody caught that you were actually doing marketing. So this wasn’t something that you were like, hey, in some land far, far away, they market and this is how they do it. You are actually doing it. And you’re looking for solutions. And like many of us, you just went to the marketplace, right? What’s out there? Oh, we’ve got Click Funnels. Oh, we’ve got funnelytics. And Lincoln and I were talking everybody before we started recording, I was telling him, there was a time where I just looked at WordPress for my website needs. That was it. Anytime I needed anything conversion focused for marketing, I would go to lead pages or insert any SaaS product. And

Lincoln Islam 16:13
I can totally relate with that. I have to I can remember back in 2016, or 15. I had to use, you know, LeadPages when we used to create funnels for our agency, so I know what you’re saying, as a user, I can totally understand.

Chris Davis 16:31
Yeah. And it’s, it’s what we do, right? It’s the benefit of technology and the SaaS community. And there was a time I can’t even remember what the catalyst was Lincoln. But for some reason I had this crazy idea. I was like, I wonder if I could build a landing page in WordPress, I had never seen any drag and drop. This is years ago, everybody almost 10 years ago. So WordPress was not drag and drop at all. And I went in I looked and I believe it was beaver builder was the first plugin. And it gave you this drag and drop experience. And I remember I was at LeadPages. And we were also trying to go from a static thing to a drag and drop. So drag and drop was the theme. You know yet Click Funnels saying hey, we people need to be able to drag and drop. They don’t want static landing pages in Unbounce had drag and drop. And it was like, I wonder if I could do drag and drop in WordPress for my website. Lincoln only my website. I wasn’t thinking of anything else. But what that did was a kind of, you know, got me to start to think okay, well, if I can drag and drop on my website, I wonder if I could drag and drop a landing page. If I can use WordPress for a drag and drop landing page? What are the implications? What am I losing? What am I gaining. And for the most part, a pure WordPress, drag and drop solution you’re going to miss out on analytics, right? Like it’s not going to show you your visits and all that you got to do an additional plugin and everything else. But it solved the problem of ooh I can build landing pages in WordPress and they were a lot more functional, a lot more functional, I could personalize the the webpage a lot easier, you know, things of that nature. But that was my entryway into really exploring WordPress as a marketer. So when I heard you saying you’re going and looking for all of these solutions, and at the end of the day, you’re like, Man, I need five solutions to build this funnel, this funnel out. And I love the fact that you mentioned all professionals map out their funnel. Lincoln said this every one I did not plant that seed, I did not feed him that statement. This is from his experience. And you talk about mapping and it’s one of the things that I am a strong advocate of is because people just build too quick, you need to step back and map it. So So hearing you say that was was great. And then another thing you mentioned was how do you create a funnel a customized experience for one product if you have hundreds? This has been a technological limitation beyond WooCommerce. By the way, Shopify, big commerce other most ecommerce platforms do not provide you natively the opportunity or the ability to build a dedicated flow for a single product. So when you mentioned that I say yep, that’s another problem. You know, most people were using Shopify have apps that they add on and even that is not as flexible. And then lastly, as you were just kind of saying everything. I’m like, You know what, this really came from you scratching your own itch, solving a problem for you first in a way that helped you not in a way like we can make money. No, this helped you all and then you turn to the market. Now the market is like whoa, I’ll tell you the first time I went to the website, what calm My I was the Canvas page flow approach. I was like, wait a minute, my brain just couldn’t really resolve the two because I’ve usually seen that like in a fun analytics or some software dedicated to that outside of WordPress. And then it got me thinking of a possibility of logging into my website, and being able to map out my funnel. But not just that. Now, Lincoln, this is before I sign up for WP funnels and do anything right. Before that I started thinking, what if those those images that show my page, what if I click it, and it just took me right to that landing page. And I could modify it. And then what if when I draw drew the arrow that was actually connecting the pages to the next, this now presents a bit of page building experience that is unseen, Click Funnels doesn’t do it, you got to have your funnel, and then it has all your pages, kind of like in a list view. And you just kind of know, it’s not visual, though. Lead Pages doesn’t show you this canvas view of how one page is connected to the next. So you are, I believe are one of the first companies for WordPress that lead with that functionality. So tell us a little bit about this canvas approach and experience. You’re you’re you’re firing up WP funnels. And the first thing you do is what you just start dropping pages and drawing arrows and then go and build what’s the ideal flow that you had in your mind when you when you created this product, how someone should should go through it to the funnel building process?

Lincoln Islam 21:43
Well, it’s easy and straight for everyone like you have a plan in your head. So what you have to do is just install web funnels, and go to the funnel dashboard, click on add new funnel, then you get an option to select from existing funnel templates, because we have a library of templates that already been designed for you. If you want to start really fast, like just import one of the templates, we have templates, including upsell and downsell, we have templates without them. So as we have two version out there, like one is free, which is available to download from WP repository. Another one is the pro one. So pro Pro and removes all the limitations or, you know, templates library that you can import. So let’s say you have any of them. So add new, click on Import Template if you want to use existing design, because we believe not everyone has to be a designer to create a funnel, you know, you don’t have to even though you know the blessing of Elementor and other drag and drop page builders will give you pure design. I mean, it will give you the option to design your landing page very fast. And compared to you know what we were discussing earlier. But we need to make it more faster. So like other tools, we have templates that are well researched, and well designed by a professional designer that you can import. Once you’re done importing, you see the visual campus. You see the landing page, you see the checkout, you see the thank you or you see the you know, if you want to offer upsell upsell, if you want to offer down sell down sell, then what you have to do is just click on on each step, you see everything. Like I found to use five steps funnels, you see everything in front of you. So it’s not like going anything away and you know, you’re coming back from another page and you’re at like, you know, pulling your hair to keep track of everything. So you’re seeing everything. So at this stage, what do you have to do is change if you’re importing our existing templates, you just have to change the text and images clicking on the edit using your favorite page builders like if you’re a fan of Elementor we have an option for Elementor if you’re using Divi or our you know Gutenberg, so you can choose any of them. And you can you know from the landing page, you can change the design and your creatives. And the second step which is which can be as you as you prefer the checkout option. So what you have to do is assign your product like when people are coming from the landing page to check out their want to buy something which product are you selling on this funnel? So you sign that I mean from the same canvas with Just clicking on Edit Settings and assign a product. And then you’re done, we have more features that you can, you know, see. And if you want to use, you can use or if you don’t want to use, you can, I mean, let them read. So we have done this landing page checkout. And then if you want to, after checkout, if you want to boost your sales offer, you know upsell, any upgrade product or something else, you can, I mean, the checkout and Absol assigning product for a checkout stage and upsell is almost there. So it shouldn’t take you more than I mean, it should take you some time to plan which product you’re offering, which is totally depends up to you. But it shouldn’t take you more than one minute of assign the product. So then if you want to, it depends up to you, if you want to offer another down sale, you can offer a down sell. And then the thank you page, which is the finishing up the sales funnel builder. Alternatively, if you want to, I mean, if you prefer to use your own design, I mean, you like to play with the page builders and design your own stuff. Like if you don’t like our designers work, they’re ready to go with stretch, you can select from scratch, click on like which stage of flow you want to create. So you can create checkout, first landing page checkout. And then you know, other steps if you want to offer like ups and downs or any other steps. That’s how that’s straightforward it is. So once you’re done, you just save it and you know, preview and you see your complete funnels. And when it comes about using CRM, we do not have CRM on WordPress built in serum on WordPress, but it is easy. There are a lot of CRM tools, fluid and serum, one of the coolest CRM tool out there, you can use fluid serum pocket with WP finance, we already have native integration with flow and CRM. So for CRM, you can utilize it for both sales funnels and lead generation funnels. So if you’re using web funnels for lead generation pages, we have support for lead generation funnels. So you’re creating the landing page with the squeeze page or landing lead form and then doing the integration with fluence here. And thank you page. So once someone opts in, the lead is directly going to flow into it. And then you can take it from there like we used to do with Active Campaign or you know, what is that? I think I forgot Active Campaign keep.

Chris Davis 27:51
It’s it’s a library of them out there. I’ll say this though, Lincoln, let me jump in I, as your I’m familiar with it, with the platform. And I have to say, there, I want to highlight a few things that really stood out to me when I was going through this process that you’re that you’re mentioning, right. The first is how easy it is to just drag a page. I feel like anybody, you don’t even have to be a great marketer to say, I have a page in after this page, I want to link it, I want it to go to another page. And I’m going to tell on myself here. I overcomplicated what you guys made so simple, because you have, especially if you’re using your built in template, when you connect it, it’s going to automatically go to that page right? In my brain for I’m so Lincoln, I’m so used to having to go to the form, find the thank you page URL, then go then go build the thank you page URL, because I needed to put it into the form his back and forth.

Lincoln Islam 29:02
I think they were manually.

Chris Davis 29:03
All right. And you guys just did it it. I can’t tell you how much time I spent trying to do it the old way. And it finally clicked. I said, oh my goodness, the button automatically linked to the next page. But I’ve never had this experience. So that’s one thing I wanted to highlight. Then too, I was a WooCommerce user early early in my career online. And one of the things that I spent the most of my time doing was customizing WooCommerce So getting those checkout pages to look just right. I mean it took a lot of PHP because you had to modify the files and do it in your child theme so you don’t mess up core WooCommerce and oh, it was a thing man and of course if you needed to change it oh my goodness. Right. So to see you be able to do one of the most simple things it appears everybody that it’s simple but I wanted to highlight it. The fact that you You can control the checkout fields, you can select which fields to display, which ones you want to capture. And if you want to split the checkout form into into two steps, you provide that level of functionality in there, as well. And then lastly, I want to say, when you talk about using WP funnels for Lead gen, I think this is really important, because I’m seeing it and I know you guys are still evolving, but I’m seeing kind of this approach to the space where you’re enabling marketers to essentially build any funnel in WordPress. Few other solutions. I won’t name them now, but you search on the website long enough, you’ll find them. They’re WooCommerce based. So if you’re not using WooCommerce, there’s nothing there. You have no need for that product. But for you guys to be able to say, hey, look, you may just want to use us for lead generation. Here you go. Here’s a landing page it integrate with CRMs any CRM system that of your choosing, and then you have a thank you page. It does two things for me, Lincoln

Lincoln Islam 29:09
I guess I should mention it that currently it works with I mean, we have we have hooks support. If you’re a Pro user, I should not expect anyone to be a pro user. But if you’re a Pro user, you can use it with any no CRM tool. But for WordPress based CRM, we currently have integration with one CRM. So I want to correct you on that, though. Sure. Not any CRM integration with any CRM.

Chris Davis 31:47
Yes, absolutely. But there’s implications right? If I’m using a CRM system, I can now use WP funnels, capture leads, put them in my CRM system, and have a visual display. And for me, for me, Lincoln, what I found is that the best way to know what’s going on is visually, I get labels, I understand folders, I understand grouping your pages. But until I can see it, you know, I’ve I’ve had many versions of groupings and labels. Okay, here are all my thank you pages here on my webinar registration pages, right. But it’s just text, it just tells you what the page is. Right? Yeah,

Lincoln Islam 32:30
like going back and forth. Finally, the exam your functional pages. So it’s like going back and forth, back and forth and losing track

Lincoln Islam 32:36
nurse? Yeah.

Lincoln Islam 32:39
Caught me why I have to do I mean, we are to a team of engineers, and then a creative people. So if we can make it in one place, why do we have to you know, maintain the mapping only one place, I know, you can have a lot of options, but you don’t need those options. To create map and unknown finish or finance, you just need to get the lease feature to make it functional. So when I’m mapping it, it should be functional from the right on the canvas. Yeah. So that’s our main goal. And, and on top of that, we have been releasing features and integration with LMS software and other software. Currently, we are about release. Integration with I mean, it I should say, native integration with LearnDash, which is a huge community, and people are really loving it, we already send better listing users, and it’s gonna be without WooCommerce. So the current solution that you see out there, all of them are with WooCommerce. So you have to have the WooCommerce to sell software with LearnDash LMS. And then that’s how it works. So we were releasing it without WooCommerce. So it’s like creating a sales funnel for your E Learning website. So this is something we’re we’re really excited about that it’s coming, I guess, by middle of May, or you know, as soon as possible that’s going on, once we’re done testing everything. So we’re pretty excited about it. For the lead generation, we might not be the best one. And if you compare with SAS or other platform, it works. But we are committed to improving it, you know, day by day, we have to improve. We are listening to our users what they’re suggesting us the feedback about the problems, what should be the improvements, and also it’s like a never ending process. So I hope we will be there soon to the main goal is not to compete with him. WordPress, our goal is to provide a solution, provide a tool that will be able to, you know, help. Almost everyone who knows about funnels, whether it’s lead generation or you know, sales funnel, and it should not regular bank, you know, it should not shouldn’t be that expensive, like SAS tools as your host, on a website, it’s going to be very affordable. Yeah,

Chris Davis 35:30
I’ll say this. In closing, I think that you, you have identified a space in the market that you can truly classify as blue ocean, right? Because like you mentioned, you have your funnelytics, you have your mapping software’s out there, but you still have to connect it somehow to the web page. Now, in funnelytics, it allows you to put the URL of that web page in so when you click on it, it takes you to that page, that may be fine for the finished product. Right. But how do I get there, how in my building stages, and if you all didn’t catch it, Lincoln did talk about it, integrating with Elementor and other page builders. This means that you can use the template libraries from Elementor if you if there’s a landing page that you really like. And it integrates with WP funnels, so you’re not limited in any capacity. But where I see the opportunity in the blue ocean is that you are marrying the two. So you don’t necessarily need to be, hey, we’re the best conversion tool, right? Hey, we’re the best lead generation tool, you may just be the best visualization tool, right? So that you can quickly build and see what you’re doing. I use Elementor for landing pages all the time, it’s not uncommon for me to just put a different form software on that page if I wanted to send to a CRM or send somewhere else like air table or something like that. But the idea and it reminded me of the very first thing that I thought when I came to WP funnels on the on the website was oh my goodness, finally, I can start to lay out the design of my page flow funnel, and then edit it right there. You know, so I think it’s it’s safe to say you guys are definitely leading the space with that. And it’s the opportunity is yours, what direction you know, you want to take in and what piece of the market but I’m glad to see your your development, the progress that you’ve made. I think it’s something to highlight that you’ve you have experience building other applications. That’s important. So when people are saying, Oh, do I trust WPfunnels? It’s like, Listen, this is not our first rodeo. There’s a team of engineers, we’ve got over a decade of experience. These are very important when founders are listening for new tools to use and digital marketers are listening for for new tools to use for their clients and themselves. So I appreciate that so much. Lincoln If people want to find out more about WP funnels get started see this in action? Where should they go?

Lincoln Islam 38:24
They can visit us on getWPfunnels.com Or they can find us on for download. They can visit repository and just giving us a search will be available. And if anyone has any questions about you know anything they can reach out to us support at getWPfunnels.com.

Chris Davis 38:48
All right, great. So those links or that link will be in the show notes everyone. That’s getWPfunnels.com. Lincoln, thank you so much for coming on to the podcast man sharing the the founders journey, as well as helping us understand more about the software that people behind it. And some great use cases is greatly appreciated, man.

Lincoln Islam 39:08
Well, thanks, man, thanks for the opportunity. And finally, what I want to say is, this is just all teamwork. I really have to give the credit to my team. It’s not me who is doing everything you know. So just the founder with the vision. And everything is getting done by the team team members. So even when reaching out to my team, reaching out to a website, he will find someone from the team who is very passionate about the product, and you know, have the same vision as I have. And they’re tirelessly putting out the features and releases. Were listening to our users, our future users wherever with the feedback. So if you guys have any feedback or any questions, any suggestion, just come over getwpfunnels.com Thanks for your time and Chris and again, your team for the opportunity.

Chris Davis 40:01
Absolutely, absolutely appreciate it Lincoln man, I’ll see you online. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The all systems go podcast. If you enjoyed it, make sure that you’re subscribed at the time of recording the all systems go podcast is free to subscribe to, and it can be found in Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts new episodes are released every Thursday, so make sure you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss out and while you’re at it, please leave us a five star rating and review to show some love but also to help future listeners more easily find the podcast so they can experience the value of goodness as well. We’ve compiled all resources mentioned on the podcast, as well as other resources that are extremely valuable and effective at helping you grow your marketing automation skills quickly. And you can access them all at allsystemsgopodcast.com Thanks again for listening. And until next time, I see you online. Automate responsibly my friends

You'll Learn

  • [2:41] Lincoln’s journey to becoming a founder
  • [6:55] What led Lincoln to create WPFunnels and why it is so beneficial to building sales funnels
  • [15:20] Chris and Lincoln discuss how WordPress has evolved over the years
  • [18:29] The importance of mapping out your funnels before building – and why all professionals do this
  • [21:18] What the canvas approach and experience looks like when using WPFunnels
  • [27:51] Chris’ favorite feature inside WPFunnels that simplifies the funnel building process and saves time
  • [29:22] A huge feature for WooCommerce users that WPFunnels allows you to easily customize
  • [35:30] Some key differences between WPFunnels and other funnel mapping softwares

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Lincoln Islam is the Founder of WPFunnels, which is the only funnel builder in WordPress with which you can both plan and design your funnels within the WordPress dashboard.

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