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Ep. 132 – In this episode, Chris is joined by one of his first mentorship students, Matthias Hombauer, to discuss finding success and using systems to shift into more success. Matthias is a successful international Dream Developer who helps people live their passion in order to enjoy a fulfilling life. They detail how Matthias learned about online marketing for his first business and then applied those principles to reinvent himself for a second business, all while staying home as a dad.

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Narrator 0:00
You’re listening to the all systems go podcast, the show that teaches you everything you need to know to put your business on autopilot. Learn how to deploy automated marketing and sell systems in your business the right way with your host, the professor of automation himself and founder of automation bridge, Chris Davis.

Chris Davis 0:31
Welcome everyone to another episode of The all systems go podcast. I’m your host, Chris L. Davis. And we interview startup founders and digital marketers to discuss software and strategies that you can use to automate or build automated marketing and sales systems today. I have the pleasure of having Matias whomp buyer humbler sorry with this. And he’s a qualified listen to this, everybody. Listen to this. He’s a qualified molecular biologist that became a photographer of the most famous rock star and founder of one of the largest online concert photographer communities in the world. And he is currently a successful international dream developer, you’ll know you’ll learn what this means in a minute, who helps people live their passion in order to live a fulfilling life. And I have to say this everyone. Mateus is one of the very first people that invested in my program in its inception in its baby stages. So to see this come full circle to see the success that you’ve had Mateus and to be able to sit down and detail it. We’re going to be talking about how to shift successfully in the marketplace. So how do I shift successfully? With systems, Matias, welcome to the podcast. How are you doing?

Matthias Hombauer 2:06
Thank you so much, Chris, for this lovely introduction. I’m I’m really feeling warmth in my heart. There really it’s really such an such an honor and such a pleasure. As we talked before. It has been a couple of years that we last spoke. And so it’s yeah, it’s lovely to be here. And I can’t wait to get started.

Chris Davis 2:27
Yeah, I have to say this it is it’s a heart Tugger for anyone that sets out to really make a difference in other people’s lives. When when you and I crossed paths, I had no idea. No real clear vision of exactly what will become out of what was then the mentorship program me and needed. Right. I just had this skill set, Matias, I knew how to build systems. And I, I’ve had seen so many businesses fail. And I was just like, I want to help. How can I help? How can I serve I cannot duplicate myself or my acumen at the time. So for you to say hey, yes, you know, I want to come on. And I have to say this. You put everything into practice. You are like the model student for a couple of reasons. One, you didn’t just sit and be like, Okay, that’s cool, right? You put it into play and then to you you’re learning didn’t stop with me. You still invested in other programs. I remember you were in I think Derek how Prinze program learning how to do copy like you were a student of, of the craft, man. So if there’s anybody that deserves success, it’s useful. I’m glad you’re here to talk to us about it. So tell us a little bit. I know the journey man. I know that journey. But I want you to piece it together for the people there like did you say molecular biologists that founded a rock star community? Just you know, walk us through that process there? Yes.

Matthias Hombauer 4:09
Yeah, definitely. I will. So yeah, it’s a crazy story. It has been a crazy ride for the last like 15 years. Everything started out as, as a PhD student in molecular biology in Vienna. And during my PhD thesis, I thought, that’s not really where my heart lies. I love the studies, but I really don’t see myself in, in a research environment. There were frustrating projects, you know, it takes you four to six years without any results. And so I thought, I need to do something else. And then somehow, what came up was photography was a passion of mine or I started photography with 28. And then there was music, which I was always like, interested in. And so I thought Yeah, why not becoming a concert photographer, you know, getting my two passions together photography and music. And yeah, and I started out as a concert photographer. It turned out great. After a couple of years, I was like, on an international level, I was shooting all this this bands, told this idol idols of my my youth, so really loved it. And then some something happened on the peak of this whole rock star photography. thing I would say. We got my first daughter, Mia, she’s already five and a half years old now. And at this time, I was reading Tim Ferriss Four Hour Workweek friend of mine gave it to me, and I said, maybe this is something that I should explore more of like, I’m a dad. Now, I don’t want to tour with all this disbands the world. I want to be at home with my my daughter, and want to see her grow up and they want to be a stay at home dad. And so I thought, what’s what can I do? And so there was this spark lighting up in my sight in myself, okay, let’s do an online business. And but I didn’t have any clue adults. So I didn’t know how to how to develop a homepage. You know, I didn’t, I didn’t have no idea at all, from everything. I have to say from marketing perspective, whatever it was. And so what I did is I started a blog, a personal blog called How to become a rock star photographer.com. It’s still online. And I wrote blog articles. And what came out is that a lot of people, most likely from the US, I’m based in Vienna, in Austria, and Europe, but most likely from the US, England and Australia really got into it. And they commented and I was, I was like perplexed, like, oh, what’s what’s going on? I’m sitting here in Vienna, in my little room, I’m writing something. And you know, I can build a community from there. And this was just the start. And then I did, I wrote an ebook, and I did a video course. And at this time, I guess it was like, getting in touch with you, when you were back in adaptive campaign, because I was, you know, I was just wanting to build a community. And I was trying MailChimp and penetrans to to AWeber. And then it came to Active Campaign. And then if on the other end, it was like, Hey, how can I? How can I progress? How can I automate all these things? And yeah, it was just awesome to be one of your first students.

Chris Davis 7:29
Yeah, it was really unique. Because it was it was what you were doing just inherently was niched, the, the work itself. So for you to come in and build, build the systems to support the niche market, you didn’t even have to do a lot of the heavy lifting that we see in a more competitive market. So for instance, I’m in marketing. So people my leads, it’s not, I’m not their first landing page, they’ve gone to a landing page, they’ve gone through a drip sequence. And you know, they probably seen a countdown timer that expired. And then they came back the next day. And the offer was still there. You know,

Matthias Hombauer 8:18
I played with this strategies as well. But what I want to say is, the cool thing about this niche is concert photography, is kind of popular, there are a lot of people doing it. But still, and that’s the cool thing. No one is writing about it still 10 years later, right. And when I started out, there were like two guys in the US who were having blogs about concert photography. So what I figured out is if I, if a term had concert photography, and you know, rock star photography, I can really get high ranking on Google. And so I started with the blogs. And and it turned out if you, if you type in concert photography of concert photography settings, I’m always most likely under the top three of Google search. And so it’s all organic. And yeah, like, in the whole 10 years, I’m did this business, I have never paid for ads, because everyone found me through through Google, which is just awesome. And this is I think, the power of having a niche. Because if I would go broad and say, yeah, it’s general photography. I mean, there are hundreds 1000s of pages talking about photography, you won’t have any chance to to be organic on Google up. Yeah.

Chris Davis 9:33
And I’ll say this, too. I remember when you were getting started. We were using there was Instagram before it was it would it is definitely not the Instagram that we know today. Is it night and day, people probably can’t. I mean, it’s five years. There’s these platforms change monthly, so five years. I mean, it didn’t have the adoption rate, the usage. There weren’t a lot of users on there, but But the nature of what you were doing was so visual. It’s concert photography. And you were teaching other photographers how to go to concerts and take that. And your sticker. I remember your sticker becoming like the camera. Everybody wanted to sticker ban. And I know that you mentioned that the market, one COVID hit, kind of flatlined. Yeah. Talk about that. That unanticipated threat that nobody could have seen coming, right. Yeah, all of this momentum, the system to support it. They’re going through your course, automated. You’re getting money this way. And then all of a sudden, COVID hits in there’s no concerts to take photography yet. Yeah,

Matthias Hombauer 10:47
I just this was wild. So I haven’t thought about it in the beginning when this this whole pandemic started, because I thought, I have an online course people will buy my courses. But then I realized who is going to buy a concert photography course when there are no concerts, right? And so it is hit me like a rock on my head. And it’s like shit, if something is not right here, I need to do something else. But I saw it really as an opportunity. Chris, I was in this business for 10 years. And as a photography, as a photographer, I was I was working for Instagram in France, I was flying to Saudi Arabia to shooting the biggest music festivals. I had a portrait shooting with Asher in the desert in Saudi Arabia. I mean, I can’t, can’t ask for anything else. Right? Yeah. And then this, and then march 2020, like the pandemic hit. And here in Europe. It even was worse with with concerts. So there are still no concerts are starting right now. But it’s like three years later, right? And so I have five, two kids, you know, and it’s like, I can’t afford to do nothing. And that’s also not my nature. So I figured out I need to do something else.

Chris Davis 12:01
Yep. Yep. And so this is where we talk about the power of systems everyone. And I can get on my soapbox. You all know how I feel about systems. And I can demonstrate run, masterclasses, webinars, all of that. But sometimes it just sounds better, straight from the horse’s mouth. Right. Great from the individual that actually went through it. So this is this is important, Matias? Because it’s not that the system was broke. You had you had an automated system. And it’s just a shift took place, that it’s temporarily ineffective with respect to how it’s been operating.

Matthias Hombauer 12:46
Right. Exactly. And, and you know, what it’s working again, I just told you before, like, the sale again, like, because of my course. Because content photography is taking on again, especially in the US, right? Everything’s back to normal kind of, and so people are getting interested in it, the systems are still there, you know, my Active Campaign list is there. The, the automations are there, everything is there. And so it’s, that’s,

Chris Davis 13:11
I love it. And this is important, everybody, because one, the system, you’re building that system out, it allowed you to have the lifestyle that you truly desire, you want it to be home, you want to be home with your kids, you want it to be the one that they saw every day throughout the day. So it allowed you to do that. But then when the market took their hit, you were in a place where you could then start to see, Okay, what’s next? Right? And I want to highlight that because had you not experienced success in the beginning, because I see this often my tears, if you hadn’t expressed if you haven’t experienced success in with your initial system, you’re not as confident in making a shift. You’re probably thinking, let me go back and be a biology I hated it. But this thing didn’t work. But you didn’t have that you had a successful system. So there’s some confidence now, you’re just like, Okay, I’ve done this, I just need to figure out the next market to do it in again. So tell us about the shift that you took. And how did dream development come up? Come about birthed out of this, this this code?

Matthias Hombauer 14:26
Yeah. So as I said, march 2020, everything went down, so to speak in the music industry. And I was thinking to myself, what’s what’s the next step? Where do I see myself like in 10 years, do I want to be 50 and should still concerts from from a small pin, not for me anymore. And so I figured out what I really put I’m really passionate about and where I get a lot of energy from is when I help people, right? And I help them to become better concert photographer, but how can I help them on a bigger scale and so I thought back to all these projects I did like PhD in molecular biology, starting a photography, business online business. So they are all like, passion projects. So they were literally like my dreams. You know, in this moment of time I had the dream, I want to build an online business, and I did it. And so I thought, hey, what about helping people to live their dreams? And especially in these challenging times, right now, there are so many people who who are starting to think this is really the life that I want to have. And against COVID was kind of, yeah, skyrocketed the whole process. Because once you were in lockdown, a lot of people had the time to think about your life, and, and figure out shit, and not 20 years later, in a place where I didn’t want to go, but what drove me there? And is this really where I want to be? And so I figured out maybe this is a good way. And so I’m yeah, I’m calling it dream development. And yeah, basically helping people helping CEOs, founders, and everyone who wants to, yeah, to live their full potential, who find a way how how life can be different from where they are right now, if they’re unsatisfied. And a new project.

Chris Davis 16:20
This is great, because I want to talk about your approach to I just love this. Don’t worry, everybody, you won’t miss anything. I’ll make sure every sale that I understand you capture. Talk to us a bit about how you’re launching this now. And I say this because of this Matias. You’ve got this skill. Now, you know how to build these automated systems, you know how to build an online business? It I’ve seen a lot of people just go and say, Hey, here’s a launch, I’m starting a new group coaching program, everybody come in $1,000 each, and I’m trying to get 50 people that you know, whatever, right?

Matthias Hombauer 16:57
Sounds easy, but isn’t, as we know,

Chris Davis 17:01
there it is. That’s the key, right? Your experience in building a successful online business now helps you discern more accurately? I get it sounds good. And I understand if it worked just like that, it would be great. It just doesn’t happen like that. So you’ve got an informed approach. What’s the approach that you’re taking now to develop dream development?

Matthias Hombauer 17:29
Yeah. So right now I’m taking really a personal approach. So I’m reaching out to people from my kind of network and people I had, I had already a touch point or two, you know, that didn’t know me, because the stream development or deep coaching is like a really personal thing. And the most important thing, I guess, also, if you doesn’t matter what business you have, you need, you need clients that trust you. And the key point for me is to build this trust with my clients. And I can do this, the best way I figured out when I really go deep with them, you know, when I, when I do these one on one coaching, and so this is what I’m wearing right now, but I’m also planning my first group coaching in, so next week. And so this will be the first step two, get a system in place. And if I if I know how it’s working this group coaching thing, then there will be definitely a sales page, there will be countdown timers, there will be you know, whatever it is, or whatever it takes. But yeah, that’s that’s my approach. But as you said, Chris, the knowledge is there. And it’s like, I can just implement it. And that’s the beauty of

Chris Davis 18:41
it. Yeah. And that’s, it’s hard to communicate that right. And I’m glad you’re here talking about it. Because it’s something that you’ll always take with you. You’ll never forget it. If you can’t unlearn it once you’ve seen it. And once you know, and for some people, I’ll be honest with you Mateus for some people. I’ve had quite a few students since you and some of them need that slap in the face kind of wake up call, like, listen, I get it. You want a sales funnel, you want to be marketing online, look at what it takes. Look at how you segment a list. Look at how you determine what email goes out when how you link to a page, what it takes to build out a sales page, payment processor, all the process or all of the technology, all synched working together. Anybody that knows what it takes to do that. They’re not You’re not just going to see them building all of these businesses. It’s just like, Oh, here’s online business over here. I’m on over here. It doesn’t work like that. But the flip side is when you have that skill set Mateus you’re not afraid you’re not afraid to take that personalized, slow approach in the beginning because now you know exactly when is going to be the time you’ll know the indicator As of like you mentioned when you need a sales page, when you need to start to expand and scale this thing.

Matthias Hombauer 20:07
And I truly believe that you need to do the hard work behind it. As I said, it’s like, I had so many failures, you know, you just said, it’s like, yeah, let’s do group coaching or sell a course. And it’s like, you know, 400 bucks, and they will have hundreds in there, and let’s send out the email. And no one is buying. It’s like, what’s going on there? And you’re like, every minutes on your email, okay, why is not no one, no one is coming to say, is this like the system broken? Is PayPal not working? No, there is nothing, right. And it’s, it’s really like a trial and error. And I think you really have to figure out and probably, it’s really on an individual basis, based on the industry, you are right. Photography, might photography industry might be different than others you are. And so you need to experiment and have this long breath and this persistency to go there. And I think there, at least for me, it was not an overnight success. Yeah, I don’t believe in overnight successes anyhow. But you need to put in the work and just be there long enough to figure out how it’s working.

Chris Davis 21:13
Yeah. And when I look at your, your story here, what role did the system play? Right? This is the system in place, supported your shift, right? Without the system, you can’t make the shift in now, that same system is now supplemental to the shift, right? Like you say, hey, just today, I got a sale from a course that I created this thing back before COVID. Back when people were still

Matthias Hombauer 21:44
17, maybe, you know, and it’s valid, it’s still valid,

Chris Davis 21:49
because contents still good. And guess what? It’s not like the technology is tired. It’s like, Well, look, you’ve been using me for five years, I think I’m going to clock out. For us, good for us, right? It just speaks to some of the intangibles. I know a lot of people when they approached things, and rightly so I was like this, you want to make the money, man, you want to learn how to automate, to make the money, and you want to get off your job, or you want to a better living, whatever the case may be. And it could be short sighted, because the money should always be a byproduct of the process that you went through and the things that you learned that allowed you to create value in the marketplace. And that’s been I have to say, that’s probably one of my biggest shifts is that I no longer lead with promising you’ll make 6x 10x You could, you could, however, what’s you’re going to learn, you can implement time and time and time again. And it will work every single time if you follow the steps. Now, when you know how to do that, and then you have a market, that value is just waiting to be added to hell, we need value. Now you have a means of doing it. And because you did it the right way, money becomes the byproduct of the system that you put in place from your commitment to growth through investing and learning how to do it the right way.

Matthias Hombauer 23:26
Exactly. And it was such a blessing that I met you. Because for me it was also like, Okay, this guy’s in Chicago. I don’t know about him, but he is preaching. Yes, the automation system, right. I need you but I can remember we had this phone call and then it’s like, hey, yeah, should they do it? But for me, it was like, you know, in the end, it was the best decision I’ve ever taken. Because, yeah, maybe I could have figured it out by myself. But it would have taken a long time. And I can remember it’s so many questions. And you know, how is it and how can I sell on WordPress? And I don’t know and I’m not a developer and you helped so much and yeah, a much for Yeah, for making the shift in my life or like appearing in my life like an automation angel. I would say

Chris Davis 24:19
automation eight. I’ll take that. Take it. I have to say, man, you’re you’re you’re bringing back the memories. I now I was proud of you before but but man I’ve got an refound pride in you because I do remember, I do remember WordPress being overwhelming. But I also remember when you had Thrive Themes hooked up to thrive cart, adding members via tags, like Yeah, made it you know, and and you pieced it together. Again, you’re a consistent Student You know, you just kept learning, Matias. You just kept chomping at it. And again, it wasn’t overnight. But I remember when you email me, I think it was at the 12 month mark, and you were like, it’s working. You had a lot, you have made so much. Yeah,

Matthias Hombauer 25:18
it’s first launch. And I mean, this was just mind blowing. I think I made like, $14,000 with the horse and was like, shit, it’s working. What’s what’s going on here? Right? I mean, yeah, making money is hard work, maybe, but maybe there are different ways to do it. And as you said, it’s like, it really freed me up, like, I could do different things. I also started a podcast, where we interviewed 100 Best Music photographers, and I didn’t have to think about the system at all, you know, I had the landing pages at the sales pages, everything, the email sequences, everything was running automatically. And then the people just, as I said, came organically through Google, because they’re researching concert photography. So it was like a breeze.

Chris Davis 26:04
Yeah, it. It’s something else. And I will say this, Matias, that the beautiful thing about automation is it keeps paying you back, I think that there will be and who knows, if it’s a year from now, or two years from now, there’s gonna be a resurgence, you know, people are going to be going to these concerts. And all of a sudden, people from five years ago that didn’t know you existed? Well, I should say, people from now that didn’t know you existed from five years ago, concert photography, and somehow, right, you’ll be up in people’s feeds in front of them in breathe new life.

Matthias Hombauer 26:40
Yeah. And the cool thing is what I also started, just as a side note, because you mentioned Instagram, so I thought maybe it’s a cool idea to have like my own hashtag, right. And that project is called How to become a rock star photographer.com, which is a huge URL. So thoughts on that’s too long, but what about like, H TBRAP? Like HD BB, and not okay, this will never work. And now I just checked, it has like, over 500,000 photos tagged with this weird hashtag, where every marketer will slap in the face and say, Let’s this shit, you know, nobody can remember what it is. But but that’s the beauty of communities. Like, you know, everyone is like involved in it. And it’s not only because it photography’s you have these communities out there in different industries. And I think the key vital working worldwide works is really like because it’s this niche market. And these people are more passionate, if you’re like in the niche market, like your followers will be more passionate because, you know, they feel more aligned with each other or like connection than having someone photography. Yeah, okay.

Chris Davis 27:53
Yeah, absolutely. I remember that HTB htm BB I think it was out. And she

Matthias Hombauer 28:00
appalling. Become a rock star HT bar.

Chris Davis 28:04
And it was it was hard to remember it. But again, technology, once they get that sticker, man, once you get the sticker and you took a picture with the sticker, it’s like, oh, this hashtag this hashtag. Man, it was great. So So tell us before before you go, tell us about dream development a little more. Tell us about the passion behind that. And who’s a good fit for something like that?

Matthias Hombauer 28:33
Yeah, everyone, you know, from the niche to everyone? No, just kidding. So what I’ve seen right now is, you know, I have clients from from all different age spectrums and industries. So this, this can be CEOs, this can be founders, this can be creatives. I worked with someone who is writing on his book, and I work with someone who is 20 years in his job, and he just wants to change, but he doesn’t know what exactly it is. So I would say in general, everyone who, who is curious about him or herself to learn more about like, Is this really me? Is this really? Is this really my fulfilled life that I can have? Or do I have other dreams that I’m Yeah, something’s holding me back to live it? I would say. So. It’s more like if you’re, if you’re curious by exploring who you really are. That’s that’s a great way. And I’m also coaching a lot of leaders from, from startups with, you know, who has visions about a topic that might not be even in the mainstream. But these people are really like the driving force about our future. And I love to help them just to see their vision more clearly and believe in them. And what I found out But in general, the reason why we are stuck or not going where we want to be, it’s all about because we block ourselves, you know, because of for different reasons. But as a coach, I’m most likely here as a mirror. And just, you know, seeing things from the outside. And most likely, once we are inside and creating our problems, it’s really hard to get out of our heads and finding solutions. So it’s more like, yeah, if you want, if you have a dream, and you are not living it, but you want to, maybe there’s something I can do. Yeah, Coach in general can do. So. So for me, coaching was always like, I don’t know, I mean, they’re a sports coach, but I don’t understand what it is. And since I have my own coach, and it started the whole process, and the certification, I’m not professional coach, and my whole life shifted, because, you know, I got cut back to my emotional side, which was just a cut off, because it was always rational. And it’s like, yeah, I’m seeing the world completely different. And the important thing for me is to be authentic and, and then giving, giving to people that I experienced by myself. And this is the same with the automation thing, I won’t be here and say, Yeah, Chris’s call, but, you know, it didn’t work. For me. It’s like, it worked for me. And so therefore, it’s authentic, and therefore I’m real. And that’s the most important thing for me, in my life to be real, and, and share the things that I experienced for myself.

Chris Davis 31:34
Yeah, I think what what’s really what’s beautiful about everything that you just described as you can, you can hear the passion, right? And you can tell it’s coming from a genuine place. And I think what people should take from this is the first business, the first system, your first go round, may not be the one. It may not be where you where you stop, and that’s okay. I think a lot of times we, we too quickly label something as good or bad, done, or undone or you get what I’m saying we put that period at the end of the sentence too fast. It’s like up, comma, not period, comma, there’s still more to come. So I see you, as someone who’s achieved success, but has not stopped. The journey has not stopped seeking, not just making a difference in in you in others in your life. But you’re now looking at okay, I’ve done a great thing for me. I’ve experienced a different quality of life now. How can I help others do the same thing? And these are again Mateus. These are some of the intangibles. What sales page are you going to see that says hey, I’m learn automation in impact other people’s dreams. Right is often not correlated, you can’t see that it’s not directly correlated like that. So it’s it’s usually a byproduct and byproducts aren’t necessarily sexy products. But when you see it take place the way that it has in your life. And I’ve seen it so many other times. I’m a byproduct of my own, you know, product I get to impact people’s lives in ways that I would never imagine are could ever measure. It’s just really refreshing man. It is it’s really refreshing to see it and I want nothing but success in during development, because of success in how to be a rock. Photographer, rock rock star photographer is coming back. Right? That’s just on a timer, at some point like in the automations and Active Campaign right? Wait until it just wait.

Matthias Hombauer 33:55
Wait until the contents of back link.

Chris Davis 33:58
Right. And then that it turned back on. So it’s just it’s a wonderful thing. And we haven’t mentioned it but Mateus you’re setting quite the model for your kids.

Matthias Hombauer 34:10
Yeah, that’s my intention. That’s my intention.

Chris Davis 34:13
You’ll never know the impact. You don’t know what they’re picking up. You don’t know if your daughter is looking at you on the computer she’s that’s what I want to do. My daughter used to have a play computer and type right along with me. We just never know man but the powerful thing is you’re there. You’re there every day. She cannot just witness the work vai I should say not just see. They can witness the work that you’re doing but also experience you present in their life. Listen man we can start getting emotional and tugging on hearts a tear my drop.

Matthias Hombauer 34:50
Yeah, but but it’s so true what you’re saying. It’s like, you know I have so many friends who are not able to be at home with the kids or you know, be If it’s not a good or bad thing, but you know, if you’re in a management position, and you’re just working 7080 hours a week, you won’t spend a lot of time with the kids and being it bad or good. It’s everyone needs to find their own way. But but as I said, I also, I think I created my life in this way, that for me, it’s important to be at home to be with the kids. I also found a lifestyle that I’m working only in the mornings till lunchtime, and then I’m there for the kids. And this works great. So four hours workweek. Not really, but kind of,

Chris Davis 35:38
is your version, right? It is version. And it’s going to have we’ll never, we’ll never know, the positive implications and impacts that it has on our kids, thankfully. Right. Like, I’m thankful that I won’t know where they would have been had I not been home. Not modeled this. I am. I am so grateful for that. And you should be as well as I don’t know, man. Am I getting?

Matthias Hombauer 36:11
This is getting emotional. Most emotional. Podcast Episode You did so far. Right?

Chris Davis 36:19
Where you got me with tears just right right there in the heart. You just I couldn’t I couldn’t I couldn’t go back. But no, I’m I am. I am so proud of your success, man. And, again, nothing but the best with the with the next. The next venture. Speaking of which, if people want to find out more, I want to I want you to do too. If people want to find out if they want to experience for themselves, your first business, where should they go? And then second, for people who have heard about this dream development venture that your you’ve got going? Where can they go to find out about that?

Matthias Hombauer 36:53
Yeah, so I think the best way if you want to see how this this system is working is go to how to become a rockstar photographer.com Because everything is still there, the homepage, you can sign up, you will see all this, these emails and sending out so if you want to limit the system, we’ll see how it’s working. And for the Dream development, the best way is to go to materials humba.com That’s my new homepage and you will find everything there. And where you can always reach out to me you will find Mills on LinkedIn. You will find maintenance

Chris Davis 37:29
Mathias, thank you so much, man. Great to reconnect man it we were talking before here. And it’s it was like Mateus. It’s it’s been years, but it feels like weeks. And it’s just how fast things have been moving and everything is gone. So great to reconnect with you. Thank you for coming on to the podcast. I know our listeners enjoyed it and learn so much from someone like yourself. And I am I am eternally grateful man to be in a position to be able to mentor you. And then as someone who can interview and just be a cheerleader, you know, to the success that you’ve achieved, man. So good job.

Matthias Hombauer 38:11
Thank you so much. I’m really grateful. I’m sorry. No, I’m getting. So thanks so much, Chris for Yeah, for for being part of this specific time in my life where I was almost lost and didn’t know what to do. You were and you were just mentoring me and talking about my daughter. I just told her before a podcast that I will have this chat with Chris, my former mentor and he’s in Chicago. Nice guy. Yeah. So she will she will remember you now but but really, thank you so much. Um, I’m eternally grateful. And you’re doing a great job. And also with the podcast and everything you’re doing. I know, it’s it’s hard work. It’s not always easy. But you’re rocking it, Chris. Thank you and the love and that’s still the thing. I mean, I look at you and you’re always smiling. You have this positive energy out of you. I don’t think that you’re in you’re even in a bad mood. I don’t know. If you know, things doesn’t work out while you’re still smiling. I guess. That’s how it is. Yeah,

Chris Davis 39:15
you have to roll with what what hand you’re given. And just smile through it because frowning, complaining, though I have my moments, but overall, it just doesn’t serve us. Well. It does. It light and shine back on me, man.

Matthias Hombauer 39:35
Keep the positivity man. Yes, yes, absolutely.

Chris Davis 39:38
All right. Mateus that, again, thank you so much. Hey, listeners, remember, all of the links that Matias mentioned, they are in the show notes. So right in your app, if you’re on your phone, you could just click on the show notes link. It’ll take you there. If you’re on the website. If you’re listening to this in front of your computer. Just go right there. They’re both linked. You could check out Matias immediately. And again, Matias So, great job. Thank you so much. And I will see you online, my friend.

Matthias Hombauer 40:04
Yeah. Thank you. And yeah, and for the listeners, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Anyway. All right, great. Thanks. Thanks, Chris.

Chris Davis 40:13
Hi. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The all systems go podcast. If you enjoyed it, make sure that you’re subscribed at the time of recording the all systems go podcast is free to subscribe to, and it can be found in Apple podcast, Google podcast, YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts new episodes are released every Thursday, so make sure you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss out and while you’re at it, please leave us a five star rating and review to show some love but also to help future listeners more easily find the podcast so they can experience the value of goodness as well. We’ve compiled all resources mentioned on the podcast, as well as other resources that are extremely valuable and effective at helping you grow your marketing automation skills quickly. And you can access them all at allsystemsgopodcast.com Thanks again for listening and until next time, I see you online. Automate responsibly, my friends

You'll Learn

  • [3:55] Matthias shares his journey from molecular biologist to now being a Dream Developer
  • [10:19] How the pandemic affected Matthias’ photography course business
  • [13:44] How he was able to confidently shift business models during the pandemic
  • [17:25] Matthias details the approach he is taking now to grow his newest business
  • [21:13] The #1 thing that supported Matthias while making a huge business shift
  • [23:16] “Money becomes the byproduct of the system that you put in place”
  • [28:04] What drove Matthias to become a Dream Developer and who it’s for
  • [33:58] Chris and Matthias discuss the benefits of online entrepreneurship as parents

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The qualified molecular biologist became the photographer of the most famous rock stars and founded one of the largest online concert photographer communities in the world. Matthias is now a successful international Dream Developer who helps people to live their passion in order to enjoy a fulfilling life.

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