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Ep. 128 – How can you begin bringing in qualified leads consistently? Well this week, Chris invites on Tai Goodwin to talk about just that. Tai is the CEO of That Marketing Team and “The Quiz Queen”. If you’re ready to grow and scale, you don’t want to miss this episode because Tai covers 5 strategies that will generate qualified leads for your business, every single month.

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You’re listening to the all systems go podcast, the show that teaches you everything you need to know to put your business on autopilot. Learn how to deploy automated marketing and sale systems in your business the right way with your host, the professor of automation himself and founder of automation bridge, Chris Davis.

Chris Davis 0:32
Welcome to another episode of The all systems go podcast where we invite and interview startup founders and digital marketers to discuss strategies and software to build automated marketing and sales systems that scale. I’m your host, Chris Davis, founder of automation bridge. And on this episode, I have Ty Goodwin, she’s the CEO of that marketing team and the creator of the liberated CEO accelerator. And she’s an award winning instructional designer with over 20 years experience creating learning content for Fortune 500 companies like Barnes and Noble, and tech startups like LeadPages. I’ve had the privilege privilege to work personally with Ty at LeadPages. So I can vouch for everything that you’re about to hear on this podcast. She’s here to talk to us about five strategies everyone five strategies to generate qualified leads every single month. All right, Ty, how are you doing? Welcome to the podcast.

Tai Goodwin 1:42
I am so excited, Chris, it’s always so much fun when we get to connect and talk and you know, now like your audience is in for like, they’re gonna get a peek behind the scenes and how some real strategy to strategic minds work. So I’m super excited.

Chris Davis 1:55
Yes, this is gonna be so everybody buckle up, buckle up. I love conversations with marketers. It’s even better when I know the marketer personally. And then even better than better when I’ve had experience with them in person day to day. So Tai, give us a little bit about your journey into where you are right now. You’re the CEO of that marketing team, the quiz queen? What was that journey? Did you start off saying I wanted to be in marketing and generate leads? Or where was your heart? Just let us know how you transitioned or or where you are? Believe it or not, Chris, I started off as a school teacher

Tai Goodwin 4:12
So that’s where that marketing team comes in. And we will literally help you learn how to market like we say no better market better kind of a referral. Maya Angelou right. No better market better. And then a lot of our clients graduate to where we actually do it for them so that they can go be brilliant, and know that their marketing is taken care of. So that’s how I got to where I am right now.

Chris Davis 4:33
Yeah, I want to give our listeners a fun fact this is going to speak to one of the qualities of a good marketer and a good marketer can always come up with a good name for something and they can always see multiple angles, right? So I was actually introduced to you Tai before Lead pages through a mutual friend, Melinda Emerson. And we found out that we were in the same the same industry in terms of you were doing marketing I was

Chris Davis 4:59
Do a market she was like, Look to people in tech, you’re black connect it right. And I remember sitting we met in person to I remember sitting down. And when we left you, we you paused and was like, Chris, you you like, you’re like a technology pastor. Yeah. You understand technology, they’re like you’re your disciples, you turn you use technology and, and you make it do all of these things. And you were the first person that gave me like a moniker or a nickname. So I don’t know if you knew that. And I know our listeners didn’t know that. But it goes through. Of course, I followed you online, and I’ve worked with you. But I just see how you can come up with the names for the types of quizzes, the types of frameworks, it just comes natural to you. And it’s a mark it is it is an indicator of a strong marketer. So now, you’re CEO, you’ve got a team again, it didn’t start like this, you, you, you did, what I like to say is answered the call, right? The industry, the marketplace, the they said, Hey, we need this, I see you’re doing all of this stuff. Could you do this? And you said, Okay, let me try it out. And of course, two years, years of trial and error, kind of find your sweet spot. And you’re somebody that more recently than ever has been the most consistent voice in my circle of influence about lead generation and quizzes. So I want to give you the floor here and help walk our listeners through these five methods, these five strategies of generating leads, because I realized we take it for granted, we take it for granted, you and I worked at LeadPages and it was more so build this, the more we built, the more leads came in. And when you go to other startups and you run your own business, you realize you could do a whole lot of building and get a whole lot of nothing in terms of lead generation, and it’s often the the system that I see that people just struggle with the most whether they want to buy leads or they’ve got a lead magnet that’s not aligned with their product offer. There’s there’s a lot of reasons why. But I wanted to dive into it. What are the top five ways or let me just say the five the five strategies that generating leads consistently every single day?

Tai Goodwin 7:35
Well, I love love love this and you know you’re so right we had like So Instagram and Tiktok have got people kind of bamboozled by think that if I just put out a video, I’m gonna get a whole bunch of sales. Now, there’s some flukes that happen, right? And let’s call it is, you know, a fluke, a stroke of genius, stroke of virality, whatever you call it, but that’s not sustainable. And I see this all the time with people that Oh, last month, four people came into my DMs. And so next month, I’m gonna wait for four more people to come into my DMs, like, No, you need, what we say is you need a repeatable system to generate predictable income, or else you’re gonna go on that roller coaster, a lot of people are riding the referral roller coaster, I’m going to wait for somebody to refer me and then I’m going to have a sale. And then you can never repeat it. So you’re always at the whim of someone else or something else, instead of being in control. And that’s what good lead generation does, is it really puts you in control of your flow. Yeah. Now we’re techy, we talk about tools. But here’s what I want to start with. It’s not always about the tools. You know, Click Funnels is the number one tool that a lot of people are using for landing pages right now. I know people when we work at LeadPages, I’ve talked to several people that had LeadPages accounts and had not opened them in like a year. So it can’t start with the tools. The first strategy to really good and get really, really getting good leads is to have a really good offer. What is it that you sell? I will ask that question all day when we do intake with people. I will say you know, so what problem do you solve? Let’s say I’m a graphic designer, graphic designer is not a problem. But think about it, right? But that’s what we do because people don’t think like marketers, right? So you know, your problem. We call it a having a profitable problem. makes up what people will pay you for. Because otherwise you can’t generate leads. Yep. Right. Yeah. And I’m a health coach. I’m a health coach and I sell CMOS, CMOs, CMOs, CMOs, people I think about no CMOS. But if you phrase your offer in terms of I can help you and I don’t know if CMOS really doesn’t say that but I can help you grow your hair three inches in three months. That’s an copper, right? You’re gonna get leads from that see mossy moss emails? No.

Chris Davis 10:09
You know, what it reminds me of ties is you can go to a department store and see a piece of clothing. And that thing could be on 90% discount, right. But if it doesn’t fit you, you’re not interested in it, it’s not your style, it doesn’t matter the pricing, none of it matters. And that’s what I see a lot of times with people online is they have this offered, nobody really cares about. So you could have the best pricing, you could even have a great marketing funnel for it. But if nobody wants it, no strategy is going to circumvent the fact that you’ve got a dead offer. Or you’re positioned incorrectly.

Tai Goodwin 10:48
You got it right, which leads me to the next strategy is you got to know who your audience is. And you know, and this may sound basic to some people. But listen, I will tell you, you know that I’ve worked with someone who is you know, huge business, but they can’t repeat it every single month because they got like 50 Different people they’re trying to talk to. So they don’t know, because they haven’t really gotten clear about who their audience is. And they’re not coming. They’re not in front of that person. They don’t know where to find them. They’re not able to generate leads, and you got to do your homework. It’s not good enough to say well, I could be asked a question. So who’s who’s your audience? Well, women over 40 who want to lose weight? That is everybody in their mom. You know, you know, we used to live in in the Twin Cities, right? Now, Twin Cities is crazy about their football. Okay, right? Yes, go Vikings. Oh my gosh, that was the first time I saw a theater, a movie theater rented out on Sunday, the people watching a football game. Never saw that crap in my life, right? Here’s the thing, if I go into the Minnesota stadium, and a whole bunch of people are there to watch football. And I start talking about I’m a business coach, they’re going to boo me and throw stuff at me to tell me to get out. Now, even if there’s some people that are there, guess what? They’re not there for that? Yes. Now you put me in a room of coaches and consultants who are trying to create courses and need to build their email list. And I say, I am a business strategist. And I have a system to help you generate more leads. In fact, I have a system to help you get 300 leads in 30 days. My offer was clear. And my audience was right. I had leads all day long.

Chris Davis 12:45
Yeah, I think that’s that’s paramount. And I want and I’m glad you’re taking this approach, because I didn’t want I now that you’ve taken this approach, I didn’t want to just throw stuff at people, hey, get an opt in, hey, build a landing page, right? These are things you want your lead generation to be as frictionless as possible, right? Because it’s got to work every month, every day, it should not. If it’s where if there’s a lot of friction, that just means is heating up every day. And soon enough, something’s gonna catch on fire. Something is going to be non existent because you didn’t burn it up because there’s too much friction. So when you when you have when you you have a good offer, and you know who it’s for. Now, let me say this, I think there’s not enough people that take the time on that part. Right? This is not a destination everybody, you don’t just create an offer and like this is a good offer. You’re testing this thing over time, language colors, Hey, I said this, maybe I need to change the promise. Right? Not the product, the promise because perhaps I’m not connecting, that this product can do that. And then I need to know who it’s most valuable for. I know, for me, one of my one of my assumptions out the gate was say, Look, I’m going to create an automation service provider program for VAs vas, they’re the ones that are doing work for companies, they need to know this stuff. Well, as I penetrated that VA market a little more. They don’t a lot of VA, no knock against VAs here, but a lot of them just want to be a great assistant. They don’t have the desire to go really deep and systems building every now and then you’ll have one that’s like hey, but they just want to be hired. A lot of them are not full time. So they’ve got a job and they’re kind of doing this on the side and there’s a big learning curve. So I found that out and said okay, let me go ahead and X you off of my of my audience. So this is a iterative process. You don’t just create an offer and say this is my audience and then lead start pouring it

Tai Goodwin 14:59
right Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah. And we see so much of I can’t offer I got a really, really good offer. And I say all the time that I could talk myself in and out of something in five seconds in my head. Two minutes late, it was not so great. Yeah. Until you put it out there, you don’t know. Right? And what you’re talking about to kind of leads to our next thing is about how do you get them in? Right? Now we get a little bit of talking about the tools. We’re almost there, right? But what’s really, what’s your lead magnet, you’re gonna be? Now I’m biased. Okay. Okay, I have the quiz queen. So of course, I’m biased, right. But you know, there’s 52 Different kinds of lead magnets, we got to download that we give people I mean, you can use any checklist to a word search puzzle to our to infographic, our favorite is a quiz. Yeah. And I’ll tell you why I love quizzes, for a number of reasons. But I use it personally, and I’m not one of our mottos is that we are all help no hype. So when I’m sharing things, it’s because I’ve done it. Yeah. All right. I didn’t like watch somebody on YouTube. So when I left my last day job, I didn’t have a list because while I was at that company, I couldn’t have my own stuff going on, right. And I used a quiz that I had created like years before, and I sent it out to an old old list of like, 2500 people. And within two weeks, Chris, I had 500 people back on my list. Some people been trying to do it for three years, and he’s barely got 200 people, right? So I’m like, Okay, I’m a little bit later. I’m like, Okay, I ran through that. And I was building up my coaching business, I needed more leads. And I created a Facebook ad. So that same quiz, one Facebook ad, within four months, I add 9000 people more on my email list, I went from like having 1100 people on my list to having over 12,000 people on my list in four months. Yep. The power of a quiz is that it’s interactive. Right. And so people like engaging, so your audience wins with that your audience also wins because it delivers value, which is something else that your lead magnet, whether it’s a quiz or not has to do, it has to deliver value, we’re so past today’s will just take your favorite blog posts and turn it into a PDF. We are so past that. Anybody who tells you that run, please. Great. The other piece about a quiz and this is what I love as a marketer, I know you appreciate this, too, is that you get actual data. You don’t just get an email address. Right. Now I say would you marry somebody based on their email address? Now, my caveat, and if you’ve taken a webinar with me, you know, if this Jason Momoa, or Morris chestnut@aol.com, the answer is yes. Right? I wouldn’t marry based on that. But it is the same thing for your clients like how are you going to know anything about them? If all you have is a name and an email address? Yeah. But if you have a quiz and you ask the right questions, you will know what their struggle is, you will know what their preferences you will know. Like, you know, one of our clients is an E commerce brand. And the quiz that we created was, you know, what’s, what’s the fastest way to vote your natural hair? Right. And one of the questions we talked about, you know, what are the like, you know, what do you do with your hair at night? Nothing. I have a routine. I have a satin pillowcase like all those questions. So now if people answer that all the people that have a satin pillowcase, guess what she can now sell them her own satin pillowcase? Yeah, the people who don’t do anything, yes, but she can now talk to them about it. Here is a series on how to protect your hair at night. And by my satin pillow. Right? It allows me to do some really smart things with your marketing. And that lead generation is just like the like it gets you the names and emails. But that other piece is you got to follow up. Which leads me to actually number four, is you got to have something that we’ve that people out. Because all leads are not created equal. And a quiz is a great way to do that with segmentation, right? Because when they answer those questions, they’re segmenting out, I’m doing some work now with an agency who wants to use a quiz. And they don’t want people who are in their agency, that they help other people to help other agencies grow, right? You don’t want people who don’t have business. So one of the demographic questions is How much money did you make last month? Under this amount of money, guess what? You’re going to join our free Facebook group. Yeah, let’s see I’m segmenting all that out. Before anything else even happens.

Tai Goodwin 19:55
So a lot of people don’t do that with their lead generation. I just everybody, everybody comes in my face.

Tai Goodwin 20:00
But you got people in your Facebook group that don’t want nothing to do with you and never gonna buy from you. And you haven’t segmented them out. So you’ve got to be able to segment the people and qualify them if you’re going to do a great job with lead generation.

Chris Davis 20:12
Yeah, and I want to I want to piece together a few things here I’m I’m taking notes while you’re talking. I was on a YouTube video webinars something with Pat Flynn and he was talking about this was years ago, how he used to have ebooks, the right writing ebooks the right way or something like that 37 page ebook, and he since then scraped it, because to your point earlier is like nobody is downloading a 37 page ebook and reading it back. Back then it was like whoa, ebook for free, that that ship has sailed the train has left the station. We are now in a day and age, a short attention span give me quick value. Listen, I could be on Tik Tok watching these quick videos or Instagram or YouTube. What do you got for me? So quizzes do provide that engaging environment. And then to your point of of segmentation, being able to collect more information upfront so you can have these intelligent conversations sooner? What I what I’ve been training people is, we talked about your offer. And you also need to understand what information do I need to sell this offer effectively? A lot of people don’t ask themselves that question. They just have an offer and want to collect an email address, send emails in the hope somebody buys, you know, and there’s a lot of hope marketers out there. Hope is great. Depending on the industry, you’re in it, not so much.

Tai Goodwin 21:42
We have a quiz. What type of marketer Are you in one of his prayer warrior? And it says post post pray is not a marketing strategy.

Chris Davis 21:51
Right? Well, post post pray, somehow they’re coming.

Chris Davis 21:55
Keep posting and prayers. So when you when you have when you have these questions that you’re asking, Okay, I have a product, what information do I need? Oh, let me let me go through your framework, I have an offer. And I know who it’s for, what information do I need from this audience to sell this offer? And okay, how can I collect that information? Quiz, let me put something in front. To get me more information sooner. I’m always collecting information through email, I’m strategically sending emails XYZ. But you need to, I think this is a piece in and that’s why I’m glad we’re on the basic level here, Tai, because if you miss this, it all breaks, you have to know what information you need. And that’s going to instruct if somebody works with you, and they’re like, hey, I need help with marketing. And you ask them, hey, what information do you need to sell and they know it, you’re gonna be able to create the quiz that much quicker, they’re gonna see leads pouring in that much faster. And the last point I wanted to say is when you talk about follow up, I think a lot of people have to understand that lead generation, there’s, there’s multiple parts of it. The first part is just capture. Yeah, we’ve got to convert. And the reason why you have to convert is because you need to know out of everybody that I captured, who’s converting, so I can then go and find more of them, and improve on my Legion.

Chris Davis 23:27
It’s not isolated, and I hope people are seeing Oh, this is why I need to segment early, then follow up. So I can convert that conversion is proof. I’ve just proven my offer. And my audience. Now let me go find more of them. Right.

Tai Goodwin 23:47
Absolutely. Absolutely. And, you know, you said a few things that are just so so so important, like quiz questions. People get this wrong all the time. They start with I know all the questions, I’m asked, how does that translate into a result for somebody? You know, and you’re asking, Well, you know, what’s your favorite color? Or they’re, they’re creating surveys and not real assessments? Yes. And we need to be really clear about that. A survey is me telling you information that I already know about myself. And how many kids I have, I know how much money I make. I know, like, what’s the real value in me telling you what I already know, is none for most people. So when we help people with their questions, it really is behavior based. So that we’re able to see, okay, like, you know, for example, we’re building a quiz for somebody. We’re building a quiz for a woman who’s an OBGYN, and it was called Where did my Olga, I let you figure out what the O is, right. So we have fun with it, right? But people were asking them about like behaviors that you know, you know, did you know when it comes to your exercise, right? What do you do? It Oh, so now this person does this or they don’t do this and now we’re able to filter it because but it’s not real survey survey surveys, it’s really behavior based questions that we’re using to help them segment into the buckets, right to race. You know, one of the guys out there that does quiz stuff really well. But it’s really about a segment of your audience. And once you segment them, you’re able to go. And this ties into the next thing, the fifth thing, right? And and if you were, if people were looking for tools and other kinds of templates, there’s plenty of people out there that can talk about the tool stuff, because you can use so many tools to do this. But we’re talking about a system because you have to be able to create something that’s repeatable. What will happen with lead generation and this is what we call spaghetti marketing. Is I did this last month, I did a tic tac, and I got 10 people that watch my tic tac. Okay? Did they book a call with you? No, but then watch my tic tac. What what real? What are the real numbers that you’re looking at here? Right? If you really want sales, and this is what we talk about a lot for lead generation to really work you need to know what your numbers are so that you’re realistic. And this is where a lot of people go wrong. They think, well, if I have 100 people in my Facebook group, I should make 50 sales.

Tai Goodwin 26:14
Okay, I watched Neil Patel and Neil Patel. And for all you marketers out there like you know who Neil Patel is. He’s got several different companies and he does a lot of amazing stuff. I watch him talk about their numbers from their webinar. And if people are out there doing webinars, which I love webinars, but this is gonna blow your mind. He said that their webinar conversion rate. Now you know who Neil Patel is right, Chris? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Their conversion rate is 3%.

Tai Goodwin 26:49
Other percentages of those conversions are coming in because they have a systematic way of calling people and sending them emails. Yeah. People get mad when they have a Facebook group of 100 people 10 People show for their live. Did you send out any emails? No. Did you send out any text messages? No. Did you be in DMS? No, but I was on Facebook Live.

Tai Goodwin 27:52
And if you don’t have something that you can repeat every single month, you’re always starting over from scratch. And you want that repeatable system because then you can look at it and say, hey, if I change this, oh, I got more. I did this and I didn’t get so much. Let me not do that. But if it’s not repeatable, it’s like spaghetti. I’m gonna throw this at the wall and hope it sticks. And maybe we’ll see. Yeah. And you can never really do you got you won’t do lead generation properly, your expectations will be off, and you will make money in your business consistently.

Chris Davis 28:28
Yeah, this is really good time, because you’re just, you’re kinda like, poking at me on things that have become muscle memory, right? Like you ever see a master in their craft a shift. They’re just moving. And you’re like, Whoa, pause. How did you just cut that lettuce? And you’re like, Oh, I’m just

Chris Davis 28:49
muscle memory, right? And you’re saying these things. And I’m just like, I never even pause to have to think, to look at my numbers. Because I’m always looking at my numbers. There’s, I’m always there’s two things that I’m always looking at in terms of my marketing. There’s no there’s information that I’m looking at. That’s more anecdotal. So I’m like, Okay, I’m getting certain emails that are coming in. It’s it’s telling a story. It’s informing an existing narrative or shaping a new one. This is not hard data. I’m not looking at a spreadsheet or anything like that. This is just kind of during the day, I’ll get a notification on my phone. I have it set up where I only get certain notifications at certain times. Then it’s times where I look more of the quant quantitatively in say, Okay, what’s what I’m looking at dashboards, I’m looking at performance month over month. I’m always doing that tie. Always I have got my conversion numbers in my mind. I know when I run an event, I can tell just by off of the emails that I get emails to support Strategy Session schedule, I can tell within 10 to 15 minutes how well it was some times I’m surprised because people are a little delayed. I’m like, Oh, wow, I usually see people come in two days this one took three. Right, but I’m always collecting information. I think people really need to lean into that and commit to it. Because if anything, what you’re showing everybody today and teaching them is that lead generation is a holistic effort. It’s in my teaching. It’s one system, yes. But it is interconnected, and always fed with by the efficiency of the other systems is always improved. And for those of you who are listening, you’re like, Wow, man, if Neil Patel only has 3%, I’ll never be able to convert. Right? We have to understand 3% may be a great number. If one sale is like $150,000, to 3%. But you can’t take Neil’s 3% and apply it to your business and say it’s good or bad. These numbers are relative to you, your audience, your marketing. And the last thing. Last thing I’ll say about these numbers, people stop. Stop being underwhelmed by small numbers. Yeah. Looking for these big 1000s of people, you can make hundreds of 1000s of dollars with a few 100. It does not have to be one to one.

Tai Goodwin 31:23
Agreed. And you’re so right. And that’s part of why I share those numbers. Because people will come to me and say, Well, my open rate is only this, compared to what you know what the average is for open rates. Do you know what the average is for click through rates. But because people don’t understand what those numbers mean, oh, this is bad. And it’s not working. No, give it time and let it work. And you need any lead generation system that you put in place, you need to let that run for 90 days. Because it’s going to fluctuate and be different how people buy in December is way different than how people buy in June. But if you quit, and you’re not consistent, which is ties all this together, you’ve got to be consistent. Find a system, test it, don’t try it. Try cars try try try you’re not checking any numbers, you test it, get score, it doesn’t work, keep going right, so test it, and then optimize it and replicate. And that’s how you start generating consistent leads every like every month is why we say we can we know how to get 300 leads every single month. We know our offer we know our audience, we got a lead magnet we send traffic to it. Right? We have follow up emails that go out. That’s a no brainer.

Chris Davis 32:37
So absolutely. So give us a bonus here. I’m feeling I can sense it in the in the in the stratosphere in the future. somebody’s listening to this their soul. They’re like, Oh, my gosh, this is it. This was the missing piece. I’m ready to go get leads. I’m gonna follow this this these five steps, these five strategies. All right, where does the traffic come from?

Chris Davis 33:01
Right. And I know this is an entirely different we can record a whole episode on traffic. But for somebody, let’s let’s give them the overarching approach to finding people finding your audience. Where do you generate? Where do you sit down and you talk to somebody and say, we know that we can do paid advertising. And there’s a whole methodology behind that. But there’s other ways to how do I how can I with this new offer this new audience? How can I start to generate some buzz for this?

Tai Goodwin 33:37
Oh, so now you asked two different questions. They are Chris Yes. Right. Because the generating a buzz is a little bit different than the lead sometimes. And while it’s really sexy to say and you know, we build quiz funnels, right. So it makes perfect sense when you say what, you just need a quiz funnel. But to be honest, I don’t tell a lot of people that

Tai Goodwin 35:16
Who’s on your dream list of partners to work with, put that list of 25 down, and then every day talk to five people reach out to five votes.

Chris Davis 35:25
This is so good to tie up, I am so glad you started with the warm list. Because I’ll add a bit of granularity to it, you’ve got hot, warm, cold, right. And a lot of times people jump over the hot, the warm and go straight to the cold people they’ve never met people they know nothing about. And it’s like you, you do understand the messaging the angles, the offer is going to be fine tune with your warm leads first. That’s, that’s where you get it together, then you go cold. Now, I don’t want to be dismissive of these master marketers that listen to my podcast. And they’re like, Chris, look, just give me an offer. I’m that good. I can run some ads. I’ll do this. I get it. You. You are the talented 10th.

Chris Davis 36:09
Only 10% of you in the world. Okay. But for the rest of the 95 or so that are like, how do I do this? I think that you have to commit to taking inventory. That’s what I heard when you’re talking. Who am I already connected with? Right, that fits this, this avatar? Who can I talk to? Who can I get in front of? There’s so much just what they will call it in traditional marketers like guerilla marketing, just pounding the pavement that we can do digitally. Sometimes it requires you to reach out and say, Hey, can I be a guest on your podcast, this is what I want to talk about. You will be surprised as a podcast host for the last three to four years. I I do not turn down people based on Oh, I’ve never seen you before. Because some of the some of the people who we’ve never seen make for some of the greatest episodes. So as long as you can communicate clearly your value. That’s everything you can get. I remember, for me when I was starting out, generating leads not not least traffic that leads yet time because I didn’t even have a lead magnet ever leave. I had no means of capturing. And we’re on a podcast. This is the first podcast that I’ve ever been on. And I was just in a flow. I’m on the podcast. And I say I have a lead magnet I really don’t have I didn’t know that people were actually be looking for it. So lo and behold, people start hitting me up on my website. Chris, we listen to you on this podcast. Where is it? I’m like, I gotta go create that thing. So I created build a landing page. And guess what? Lead Generation and ever since then I’ve not had an issue. But it showed me that wow, hold on, if you connect with people who have, oh, who are already in front of the audience that you’re trying to reach, guest posting there, there. Yeah, this was back in the day, Ty when if you are on somebody’s blog, you just got perfect. It doesn’t necessarily work that way. Now, there’s but there’s other means. There’s private communities that you can go in and do a training, right? There’s so many ways that you can give value, I find that how do I generate traffic is real, the real question that people are asking is, I’m not sure of my value yet and how to communicate it. And where and that goes back to your it goes back and says it goes back to your offer.

Tai Goodwin 38:40
It is it is so hard to be confident when you don’t know what you’re offering. And when you’re not clear on how you solve a problem for people.

Tai Goodwin 38:53

Tai Goodwin 39:23
Because they’ve been doing it that long. And now that they showed up to the party, you think you can do the same thing. You can’t cut through all this noise. Easy. But then you have people like myself and Chris. And our job is to make it simple for you to apply effort to getting results. Yes. And that’s what it is. It’s that effort. It’s that effort of finding the people who listened to that part was the finding the person that has that podcast is the effort of you mentioned you’re hot, warm and cold. I’ll give you one more list that we have. We have my most wanted client list. These are people that I talked to when it wasn’t the right time, and I’m going to nurture you

Chris Davis 39:59

Tai Goodwin 40:01
it might be and I had this one client, she didn’t like me or first phone call because I told her the truth is she didn’t like that. I would send her emails, she was on my most wanted client list. Six months later, she hired me that much later, she referred me to somebody else.

Tai Goodwin 40:16
My Most Wanted client list. That’s it. All right. And then you also have your partners and your JV. Let’s say you got five different lists. And if you don’t have names on that list, your job is to build that list with names.

Chris Davis 40:29
Yes, go yes, put in the effort.

Tai Goodwin 41:45

Chris Davis 42:13
honor, wisdom, everybody, what does honoring wisdom look like? That means when you are before someone who has done what you’re trying to do, who has insight on where you’re trying to go? Listen to them, and implement what they say, the worst thing you can do when you’re before wisdom is question it. You take somebody who’s who’s wise and give you a gym, and then you go into the marketplace. And you start asking in Facebook groups, you start asking friends who don’t have that level of wisdom, right, and now you’re confused. Now you’re following something that took less effort, because wisdom mate may have caused may have required more effort. But this was left less effort and they’re making money. Let me bypass this wisdom. And just do this for right now. Don’t do it. So when we’re honoring wisdom, never let money be the reason you do or don’t do something. And you’ve got to be committed to that outcome. Sometimes it’s going to take that uncomfortable investment. It just is what it is, you may not have it, go figure out how to get it. We’ve all had to do this tie. But when somebody is speaking and they have wisdom that I make a point to shut up, write down what they’re saying. And implement because wisdom is very hard to come by. So when it’s before you. And by the way, everybody wisdom is before you. This podcast, if you haven’t put it together, when it’s before you, you can trust it, you can take it and go act on it, it will produce everything that we’ve outlined today will produce if I put my stamp of approval on it, Tai I know you’ve put your stamp of approval on it. If somebody does this consistently, and comes back and says it didn’t work.

Chris Davis 43:57
I will, I will personally for at no cost come into your business and do it all for you. Because I can make that statement because it’ll never happen. It’s like somebody saying, if I stopped breathing in as long as you breathe, you live and you say, well, I stopped breathing. Well, of course, that’s why you’re not living. As long as you breathe you live, as long as you do these things. It will produce what we’re promising. So I actually want to keep going but I have to restrain my this is what you do to me. This is what

Tai Goodwin 44:32
we’ll come back. I’m always welcome, you know, always open up with an opportunity to come back, Chris, because you’re just you’re you’re good people, you help people and I just have so much respect for who you are out in the marketplace. And it’s who you are as a person.

Chris Davis 44:44
Yes, thank you Tai. So we are going to do round two, but until then people have heard your voice. They’ve heard your expertise. They’ve heard your strategy. How can they get in contact with you and find out more?

Tai Goodwin 44:58
They can visit our website that

Tai Goodwin 45:00
thatmarketingteam.com because we are that marketing team.

Tai Goodwin 45:06
And that’s what we do. And then I can also if I can share with them where they can like this whole quiz thing that we talked about, absolutely. No, some people are interested in that. And we do a quiz masterclass. And that’s the URL quizmasterclass.com, where we talk about what the perfect quiz funnel is, so you can see it, so you can sample it. Figure out if it’s a good fit for you.

Chris Davis 45:28
Great. Well, listen, they have a resource to help you do not have to figure out this whole quiz thing by yourself, everyone. Okay? In fact, I don’t recommend it. I’ve built quizzes for myself, I know what goes into them, I would gladly hand that off. So it’s good to have a trusted resource in yourself. Tai, you’ve made my day. Can’t wait for this one to air listeners. I hope you really enjoyed this one. And thank you so much again, Tai, for coming on. Thank you, Chris. All right, I’ll see you online. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The all systems go podcast. If you enjoyed it, make sure that you’re subscribed at the time of recording the all systems go podcast is free to subscribe to, and it can be found in Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts new episodes are released every Thursday. So make sure you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss out and while you’re at it, please leave us a five star rating and review to show some love but also to help future listeners more easily find the podcast so they can experience the value of goodness as well. We’ve compiled all resources mentioned on the podcast, as well as other resources that are extremely valuable and effective at helping you grow your marketing automation skills quickly. And you can access them all at all systems go podcast.com Thanks again for listening. And until next time, I see you online. Automate responsibly, my friends

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  • [34:43] How Tai keeps track of warm prospects with a VIP list
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