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Ep. 103 – In this episode, Chris is joined by special guest, Casey Zeman. Casey is the Founder of the popular platform, EasyWebinar. They discuss the features that EasyWebinar offers marketers, Casey’s journey to creating the software and some of the unique ways that he’s decided to integrate it with existing CRM’s in the marketplace to provide you with a more comprehensive marketing experience. If you want all the details on how to create a webinar that converts, you’re in for a treat.

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Chris Davis 0:32
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Chris Davis 3:04
Casey Welcome to the podcast glad to have you on how you doing

Casey Zeman 3:08
Chris I’m doing good thank you for having me on your podcast I love it I love it you know we’re going back and forth you are on mine I’m right here now. I love it.

Chris Davis 3:18
I have to say everybody if you are not part of if you’re not a listener to Casey’s podcast make sure that you go and listen to not just our episode together but the entire podcast because I think that every entrepreneur needs to hear about the wherewithal and stick to itiveness required to succeed beyond just knowing technical stuff in marketing right?

Casey Zeman 3:46
Yeah, yeah, I mean what’s funny is because you and I are are sort of technicians in a way right like but you know they’re I think there’s so many different sides to people and and and you know like for me i think you know, we have to know what’s in us that makes us resilient against you know, against moments where you know we’re struggling or trying to get you know, accomplish things that seem daunting and overwhelming so I’m interested in knowing what makes someone resilient and at the same time you know, you’re you’re kind of interested in how how do I create better technicians that are thoughtful around you know, marketing marketing acumen and so it’s like it’s interesting that that these things because they all take discipline, you know, you know and and so, so anyway, man, I’m just excited to be to be here.

Chris Davis 4:47
Yeah, real quick drop the name of the podcast for our listeners.

Casey Zeman 4:51
Yeah, it’s called impact warrior and if you just go to Casey Zeman.com, you know, you’ll be able to start watching it. It’s pretty new. We’re having We have some more episodes on their way out but it’s gonna be it’s it’s a fun journey for me because I get to dig deep with some people and with people and find out what makes them you know what makes them just you know fight against the tough stuff you know still you know God’s you know kind of beat that warrior that breaks through barriers you know, creates the impact regardless of the barrier you know, they keep

Chris Davis 5:28
pushing, although so listeners just know Casey dug deep I was going through my story he said, Hey, wait, wait a minute, let’s go back. I don’t want to gloss over that. He went deep. So you guys get to see a little bit more of the personal side of me with business as well as all the other guests so I hope that you guys take us up on that but not before you continue to listen to this episode. So for our listeners that may not know who you are, Casey, give us a brief intro view your business in your background.

Casey Zeman 6:00
Yeah, I am Casey Zeman, I’m I’m the founder of a webinar platform called easy webinar. And you know, my journey online I started as a course creator after I mean this shows my age but after the recession hit, I kind of pivoted a business from at the time I was I was an actor here in Los Angeles and then I went into real estate and then the market crashed and I you know, went from a job where I was making six figures a year to make making like 10 15,000 the next year and I almost lost my house twice and then I was looking at trying to build leads into my real estate company when I then pivoted to learn welds I started learning about online marketing you know, because I was like that’s the world it was like how do I build leads online well online marketing and then I became obsessed with online marketing and I I began I went into focusing on one one thing in marketing which I was told to do, you might a friend of mine said choose one thing and get really good at it. And so I said, All right, that’s gonna be YouTube. And so I jumped in and became a YouTube expert basically and and a video marketing expert. That was my thing back in the day, as when I you know, when I when I was trying to pivot into this online space, and so I started doing video marketing, consulting, video marketing, retainer, work agency work for people. And then all the while I wanted to, I knew I wanted to create a course on video and YouTube so I spent a year six months to a year building an online course called YouTube revealed I wrote a book 225 pages long all about YouTube. And and, you know, the moment I The moment I launched it, crickets, no one bought anything, nothing happened. It was just like, what what you’re supposed to buy my course now. So I went through all the phases of like, what do I price my course at? And, you know, how do I sell my course and without being spammy? Or, you know, sleazy or anything like that. And that that that kind of evolution led me to doing webinars online. And you know, I started doing Go To Webinar webinars A long time ago. And I started using webinars as a way to kind of like, connect with my audience so I was terrified of selling off a webinar. So once I learned about webinars, I just started doing them over and over and over and over again, never sold anything until people started reaching out to me saying is there something I can buy from you because, like, you know, you’re given a lot of value, but you know, so I started getting DMS and selling my courses through DMS and then I was like, I should probably put a price tag on this and sell it off a webinar and so I started doing that and that’s when my business and that’s when I i things changed I was able to pull myself out of debt pull myself out of foreclosure and then 2011 2012 You know, that’s when I made my tooth out 2012 was one of my my first dollar online as a course creator and in that year, I made you know, a six figure income off being a course creator only using webinars and so I I drink the kool aid of why webinars were so powerful. And you know, that’s when I also started looking at Well, how can I? How can I use webinars? Because I was getting kind of burnt out. I was doing webinars like literally all the time, I was like, how can I do this, where I have the experience of webinars, but I don’t have to be there and that’s when easy webinar was born. I talked to some developers and and it was called and That’s the first iteration of what was called the automated webinar plugin for WordPress so it was it was an automated webinar the first automated webinar software for WordPress and when I launched it on Warrior Forum and this goes way back so when I launched our own yeah I sold 100 of them at $97 and so I and that was my I was like okay people want this so that’s when I started doing doing more of it more of it and selling and selling it and then you know

Casey Zeman 10:34
throughout the years it migrated changed from this like you know, in non SaaS platform basically it was it was more of like you know, a lifetime offer for a software that was you know, license based so I had had I always had to sell every month I had to sell Yeah, and in went well for a while you know, 2015 we had a big launch 2016 we’re still doing well in 2017 this is this is what’s amazing so the software was launched probably in 2013 as automated webinar plugin, it changed to easy webinar plug in in 2014 and 2015 we just changed it to easy webinar. Still it was a WordPress plugin right that did webinars automated webinars only and then in 2000 2017 we rolled in live webinars into the platform and we changed our pricing structure close to 2017 to a yearly pricing at that point we finally got into more of a recurring model later on and then and then in 2018 was the first time we actually turned it into a monthly subscription so now we are full we so so in 2018 we became a full what’s considered SaaS platform subscription based platform and and easy webinar is basically a live and evergreen you know automated webinar platform and you know we’ve we’ve seen every what works and what doesn’t on every level of webinars and we take that that knowledge of what we’ve seen and what I’ve seen is of course greater and things like that and what what our customers have asked us and we’ve put it into the system so that people can use us on a holistic level to basically sell more of their stuff scale scale their businesses as well and and just you know market and and sell better with the power of webinars and so that’s anyway that’s that was it man that’s that’s kind of how I started as a course creator and I still am a course creator I love courses I you know, I still have courses I love coaching but but basically I love also having tools that I can give to the marketplace to make people’s lives better you know that’s really ultimately why I’m here I think to to help you know it’s really amazing to give people saying hey, you know your software accounts for 90% of my income The reason I’m able to even sell anything is because I use your tool I mean that so we know the responsibility we have and we don’t take it lightly and that’s why we we do what we do you know

Chris Davis 13:35
so i love it man it is so refreshing to hear the story too because you see the gradual steps towards this right like going from the automated webinar plugin on WordPress all the way up but it all started with not just scratching your own itch i think that’s that’s fair that’s fair. A lot of people say start with that. But also having success scratching right like it’s different if you’re scratching and you’re you’re scratching so much that it’s bleeding and it’s like why would anyone

Casey Zeman 14:07
well yeah you don’t want that Yeah exactly. Yeah you don’t want it to bleed but but yeah i mean that that’s what it was we were able to you know like I found success with webinars I would not have even gone down that route. You know I love I love video in general I think video is the is is the gateway for one on one connection you know and and the next evolution is his webinars Of course live video so Um, so yeah, that’s that’s why you know, that’s why I never gave up on wanting to have a live video platform as well. Like, we could have just stayed as a as a automated webinar software. But I’ve always had a desire because I love live video to keep a platform that has that ability to do that. So you know, so yeah, and I was thinking

Chris Davis 14:59
like, You You yours is flipped right most platforms start live and then later on they add you know the automated component and you started with that automated into you to to your point it’s like look but I love video let’s just make sure that every aspect of video is in here in I think so Casey I think this is what what I’m hearing more so than anything and you and I have talked about this many times but as I’m just being an active listener right and a host of the podcast yeah what it is is you being in tune not just with your desires yes you liked you liked video that’s that’s your first love we’ll say your first digital love that was video yeah it was cheap exactly so knew the value that it could deliver to the marketplace so instead of just saying hey look this is what it is this is what people want if you don’t if you don’t like this Hey go somewhere else it was an opportunity for you to really grow right grow in value that you delivered to the marketplace and I see it throughout easy webinar mainly with even how you are integrate with other CRMs so I’m on the record for this anybody in my facebook group knows this I had a post maybe maybe a month ago and it was just highlighting how you got the meticulous effort in integrating with Active Campaign that you took I mean if you go to easy webinars website it I think it’s under the help documentation. You guys have like an infographic that details like every point of the journey when tags are added what this is doing, tell our listeners a little bit about what goes as the founder what goes into having that level of detail for the end user to be able to equip them with the most marketing power as possible.

Casey Zeman 16:54
Well we want them to we you know it really is we had people had questions you know once we once we create a tagging you know we have you know we created a series of tagging that goes across up to any you know cross platform tagging right like those who showed no showed you know left early you know, so on and so forth right maybe they asked a question and things like that so we created universal tags that could be applied but then we also create the opportunity create new tags that you could just you know add in various other tags such as like saw the offer and clicked saw the offer and didn’t click right so we just from all the feedback I mean, it’s important to get a feedback loop from your audience right but the feedback from our audience was we need to understand how not just what the tags are but then what can we do with the tags to basically get better sales right? Have segmented follow up emails and things like that and so what we wanted to do is we wanted to create the clarity of how to use the tags because that was the most important thing clarity of how to use the tags and then because here’s the deal the the emails are you know it’s a lot of work it’s a lot of work to build out you know, for segmented campaigns based on you know what people do so as an example you know, those who know shows you have an email campaign going out segmented email campaign going out and then you have an email campaign going out to the showed but left early showed that maybe they didn’t see the offer right so yeah, so you already have to do some of those things. And we’ve applied it to our own funnels as well so we we’ve we’ve what we did is we just duplicated what we saw in our own funnels and the results that we were getting and so when we put an infographic out there that’s really detailed on this is when tagging happens, it’s basically because people have asked us for that, and we don’t want to not give it we want to our my my big thing was I want to have I want to have the clearest customer service and, and it shout out to my to our customer support team because we we we it helps all of my team to know about those things too. If they know when the tagging structure happens you know when it fires and how it fires that just helps to create that that overall clarity for not not only when we onboard new customer support members, right that’s why we have good Doc’s right we have to have real clear and well defined docs but it also helps our customers to just you know get through the clarity point and boom now they’re now they’re good. Heck I want to do more i mean you know, at one point I was like man, we should have someone come in to do it. You know, build out for everybody so they can just have it pre done built out in their Active Campaign. I mean, we we do have stuff like that. We have we We have our own Active Campaign where we’ve built out campaigns and obviously with Active Campaign or keep or, you know, other platforms, we can push off campaigns and other people’s accounts. So we have those, and occasionally, we do it for people. So, you know, I think it’s just like we’ve, we’ve been around long enough to know those that that tagging those tech, those tagging structures, what works and what doesn’t, where other companies, if they’ve, you know, they’re coming into the market they’re trying to is, hey, we’re gonna build out some tags. They haven’t experienced, what are the what are the leverage? What are the high leveraging actions that need to be in attack? You know, like, what are the actions that really matter? It’s, you know, and so we’ve, we’ve, we’ve been able to, you know, we’ve taken our time and gone through that, and, you know, we’ve, we’ve explored it, and we’ve, we’ve gone through those conversations, the nuances of what it takes, what kind of actions are, are really leveraged years to get more sales for people and and so that’s what our tags are based upon, you know,

Chris Davis 21:05
yeah, yeah. And it, you know, for those of you who are new to webinars, I am also a heavy, heavy advocate for webinars. I was terrified of them. When I was at Lead pages, it was just like this idea of getting on camera in front of the world at the time in my head is just like everybody on earth can see me. And seeing how effective it was, like I was intimidated for just a moment. And I’ve always understood and I’ve always utilized the power of webinars. And when I just want everybody know, when we talk about automated webinars, or evergreen webinars, these are webinars that you can set up. And what easy webinar allows you to do is you can either set it up to say, hey, let’s run every Wednesday, run every Wednesday at one o’clock. And regardless of when someone lands on your registration page, it’s always accurate to whatever the next upcoming session is. So you don’t have to go on the back end and say, Okay, I just finished up with one. Now it’s time to run another one, right. And you can also do it to where when they land on the page, it’s one coming up within the next 15 minutes or so. So when we say automated our evergreen webinars, these are webinars that you can put in place in the system allows you to continually run now, of course, if you want to jump live in front of your audience, engage with them, ask questions, those are our live webinars and, and remind me Casey Do you guys have hybrid where you can start off as automated and then jump in live or vice versa.

Casey Zeman 22:42
So we do have so one one of the things that we have and sorry if you can hear my like, slack just going Oh, sorry, I gotta turn off like those auto reminders, man, they’re so annoying. And I also have some some guys working in in the bathroom here doing some remodeling stuff. So so it’s kind of a crazy, but I so so when, when it comes to when it when it comes to like some of the features we have, we have a new we have a feature that we consider simulated life where you can do everything you can do live so you can set up one time. Automated events. Same thing as simulated live basically right? One time automated events mean that you schedule it in one at one date, right? And you stream it out as a webinar in a specific time zone, right? And you’re driving all your traffic to it and you’re running it and you and you and you do it as a one time event, but it’s automated. Now, some people use that. Like I was just looking at Dan Martell, who just launched another webinar and he’s using easy webinar. His he’s running a webinar next Wednesday. On Wednesday, that’s September 15, right. And he’s got three schedule he’s running it three times 9am 12 and three, but he’s scheduled them in the attendees timezone. So with easy webinar, you can not only do select one timezone, but you you’re not you’re like let’s say your timezone, right you’re going to send so the webinar is going to run you know, at 12 Eastern, right you can have that across the board no matter when someone shows up or who is watching, they’re watching at 12. Eastern, right, but with our system as well you can you can choose to stream those out in your attendees local timezone. So if you have a worldwide audience and this goes for evergreen, whether you’re doing simulated live which is kind of like a one time automated webinar or evergreen, which is you know, you know, future sessions that you can do, like you know, you can select how many you can select sessions, you know, on a daily basis on a weekly basis and they can be in your attendees local timezone. And the cool thing about the local timezone thing is that like you stream it when it’s convenient for them and if you have a worldwide audience it’s just like that’s how you get to their inbox you know, it’s hard to run a webinar and everybody show up. But with an automated webinar that’s streamed in their in their local timezone, it’s easier in the end and in just think about this, if you have a, if you have an audience, and they’re they’re busy, you know, they’re let’s say they’re busy Ma, they’re, well, let’s say they they’re, they’re working moms, right. And you know, when when are you going to do your webinar, right, you can’t do your webinar, you know, when they’re either working or picking up the kids or dropping off the kids, you know, around noon is when you can do it. But if you if you have a large audience, noon is different for everybody, right, Central and Eastern, you know, so So anyway, running those webinars in when it’s convenient for the audience helps to get people to see the webinar. And this statistic, that’s the most important that you should know is people buy off of the webinar, they see the webinars, you want eyeballs on your webinar period, if they get if they see your webinar, that’s how you get buyers, right, the people that don’t see your webinar that don’t see your training, whatever they the indoctrination piece, the content piece, whatever you’re using, to let them know, hey, I’ve got your back, I know what your problem is, I’m here to solve it, if you don’t get them to see that they’re not you’re not going to close the deal. So you got to get them to that. So we know that like what what our mission is, is to is to get people to that presentation that high impact sales presentation no matter what. So that’s why we have those features. Another But to your point, you asked, hey, do you have a hybrid option. So what we’ve done, what we can do for people is they can start a live webinar with us and then play a video play a video in that live webinar and it will play in real time and they can still use the live chat feature and everything else so that’s our hybrid but you know, we kind of we kind of go against the grain on on on what the the name the name, you know, what the the naming sort of thing is, right? We’re kind of going a little outside what what is common there but

Casey Zeman 27:26
but yeah, so So things that we have are we consider them live webinars, simulated live webinars, which are pre recorded sessions, where you can still have the experience of kind of live where there’s, you know, set to a specific date, and in timezone or, you know, or, or attendees local timezone. And then we have evergreen webinars, which are where you can basically sell your stuff all the time, right, so you can schedule you can choose every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you have webinars running, or you can have literally every single day three times a day, right and no matter what when when anyone comes to the page, if someone shows up at noon, on that page in their local timezone, they’ll maybe see a three o’clock, right and maybe a 9am and 12 for the next day. But if they showed up earlier in the day, like at 8am, they would probably see a 9am 12pm and 3pm for that day. So it’s a dynamic schedule change. That’s the idea of it is that you know where evergreen means that you have a presentation available all the time. And so we also have things called this this right on time where if you show up, you can have a web webinar starting basically in the next, you know, 15 minutes or 30 minutes or hour increments so if someone shows up now at 11:52am there would be a webinar going up at noon, right and they came at 1201 the next webinar would be showing at 1215 if you scheduled it to be streamed every 15 minutes basically yeah so that those are kind of the dynamic scheduling options we have and again I’ve done the research or gone deep on it you know you know I have this training I do called conversion masterclass which is all about like cold traffic driven to a webinar what are what should the what should the experience be off the registration page to get to get more people registered and showing up to the webinar right versus warm traffic what you know what what how do you how do you pull them in so I don’t know if you want to hear this is this too geeky? Or

Chris Davis 29:43
keep going because what the the beautiful part about this is I didn’t want to go in here and just talk about the base hey, here’s a webinar you get online, you talk. These are specific things not only to the platform, but to the founder. So So continue, Casey.

Casey Zeman 29:57
Okay. Okay, I’ll just talk about these two. Yes. Yeah, so So what my favorite thing is like looking at like, Okay, if you’ve people that are cold traffic, right, like you’re trying to get people in from Facebook and coming to your webinar, the challenges you’re going to have are that when they don’t know you, and you have a, you have a webinar that they can watch in the next 15 minutes, yeah, they’re gonna register. But unless your webinar is amazing, you’re gonna have more drop off of that webinar, right, they’re not gonna stick around, they don’t know you, they don’t have a reason to stick around, unless you’ve really conveyed why you need to be here, why you need to be here. And so you get, sometimes you get, you get better, you get more people registered, but your show up rate is not great, right? When it’s cold traffic driven that way, but when you take cold traffic and drive them to a webinar that’s going to be starting in the next day or so, like you, you, you, what you do is you block the ability to watch it by one day, so they can register, but then they, they they’re going to be getting email notifications prior to the webinar starting. So maybe by one or two days, you block, you block the ability to watch it. And then you you see your authority over those next two days through email marketing, right? You do a nurture campaign through email marketing, you get them to watch other micro pieces of content, maybe a podcast interview or something that that’s that not that does two things, it solidifies you as the expert. And then it also positions, it positions you as the expert, but it also but it also answers the problem that they’re having. Right. And you’re doing it before they even show up to the webinar. So by the time they come to the webinar, yes, you won’t get as many registrants but your show up rate is better, right? And so that’s what we what I always, you know, kind of convey to people when they’re wanting to drive traffic via cold traffic. And then warm traffic, if people know you already, maybe you’re in the, you know, middle of the funnel is your webinar, right? If they already know you, because you’ve sent them you’ve gotten connected with them sending micro content, they’re watching videos on Facebook, then using a right on time option, right, a webinar streams every 15 minutes. That’s okay, though, they’ll come to that, you know what I mean? So those are kind of like the pieces that that I sort of think about when I’m you know, with with the whole the webinar stuff and and and how the experience changes for the audience, whichever audience you’re you’re kind of looking at so

Chris Davis 32:39
yeah, it what was nice about it is I like how you break down the different use cases, because I think that a lot of people use kind of like this unilateral approach to webinars, hey, this is the webinar that I run, and this is what, and they try to make, like the marketing fit the webinar, instead of adjusting the webinar platform to marketing strategy. So whether it’s cold, whether it’s warm, listen, same platform, right, same software, but just adjust the strategy to get the most out of it. Because Casey the truth, truth be told, a lot of times, the reason why marketing doesn’t work is because the market tr is not making the appropriate adjustments, ramps, there is no marketing strategy that you come up with, and say, Hey, this is what we’re gonna do. And then you do that, and then that thing works.

Casey Zeman 33:30
Never works. You have to always you have to test and adapt, you have to test. Yeah, and tweak and refine. I mean, that’s what it that’s what it is. I mean, that’s why what I love about our system, and also what we’re planning on rolling out with our new system is that we are we are we we give people the flexibility of tweaking and changing their webinar on a dime, I mean, you can, right now in the system in this in this existing system, you can go from live to automated, so you can take one what was once live, turn it into an automated webinar, and go back and forth. You could change the scheduling option without it affecting anybody who’s already previously registered. So we you know, we know that you need to be able to change these things on a whim without it affecting everybody. The speed of adoption, the speed of change it. If we were if we were, if we were a dinosaur, and slow and cumbersome, you wouldn’t be able to adapt those changes quickly and with agility, and we want you to be able to do that. So as I said, the whole thing is like, you know, maybe you have people registered for a webinar happening at 2pm. Right? Let’s say you run a live webinar at 2pm. You can’t suddenly you get sick. One o’clock, you’re like, oh man, I’m so sick, but you have 150 200 300 500 people registered for the webinar. Here’s what you could do with our system that no other system has you can go in change it to automated streaming event at 2pm add the event in and add add them you know you know by now buttons in there and everything else click save and all those people who have already registered will use the same links and they’ll come into that webinar without skipping a beat and you’ve now had the agility in place so that you could change a you know change on a dime and that’s our that’s the thing that that I think is one of the best features of EZ webinar is the ability for giving people the ability to change on a dime like being gambling, you know, like being able to like you know, things are moving fast so we need to be able to keep up with the pace of of what happens in your life so that’s that’s why you know, that’s that’s some of the cool stuff we can do with easy webinar. Yeah,

Chris Davis 35:57
and it’s that that internal change right as a marketer inside of the operations is the internal change that does not have an external impact. Right right. Like it’s not externally notify hey this did this and help newlink Hey everybody, because every time you ask somebody to do something, there’s dropping off everything every single time no, yes goes all the way through to the end I think that’s true for all relationships right? Just because you got to yes in the beginning doesn’t mean it’s a yes in the end. And if your system is making it easy to make those agile, right adjustments on the back end, and not disturbing the front end, you keep your front end performance at its at its peak, so your conversions man don’t don’t suffer. So yeah, I love it. I love it.

Casey Zeman 36:47
Absolutely, that’s what it that’s what it is, I mean, this is what I wanted, I had my team be a spec platform for me, I wanted to be able to toggle from live to evergreen. Now our new system, you can still change a webinar this is we’re gonna have a brand new UI UX and simplify the flow for people but we they’ll still have the agility to take a live webinar and turn it turn it into an let’s say a simulated live right okay. And so now we’re really thinking about what are those moments where people will use this tool right live simulated live they’ll use that rather than use it turn it straight to evergreen, they can clone it and move it to evergreen but they don’t need to use the same webinar and that’s going to help us because we are also adding massive analytics massive analytics of it the platform and you’ll know you’ll be able to filter and know what scheduling options have been working better what what days are better for your attendees versus others you know, does your just just in your rewrite on time or just in time work better than your future dates or vice versa? All of that will be in there so we are because we want to make you better marketers we want to make you you know knowledge is is really what it’s about knowing your people knowing what they’re doing that makes you a better marketer more you know the more you understand what they’re doing the better so um so yeah that’s

Chris Davis 38:18
it’s almost like a like a production effect right like when you say live to automate it you can go to introduce your own self right or introduce the webinar that’s going to take place and that’d be live engage with people get them excited and then say Okay, now let’s jump into the training and then the training is all hands off and when I think about this, Casey I think about that lean solopreneur or small team where as you may not have a 14 to man the chat while you’re presenting so now you can go in make your connection Hey, everybody, welcome to the webinar, you know, XYZ and then when you transition over into video, that same as the host, you can at least man the chat and engage with them and it just creates a more engaging and cohesive environment man, so absolutely. I love it. I love the idea. I love the thoughtfulness to it. And the reason why I was looking forward to having you on the podcast was for that very reason. You do not fight Listen, listen, everybody, listen, everybody. I talked to a lot of founders. And you all know I love software. I love digging in deep and trying to break stuff and figure it out and whatnot. But when you when you meet somebody where you can tell there was a deep level of fog that went into the platform, not based on like aspirational stuff, but like things that you can actually use you cannot just easily disregard that software. So that was one of the main driving forces where I said wait a minute, I’ve got to get Casey on this podcast because there was some thought beyond the basics right beyond the basics. And to see that you’re you weren’t satisfied in the beginning where it was just the automated webinar plugin, that hunger, you’ve never allowed yourself to get full, you’ve never allowed yourself to get full, and now you’re pushing the platform to even greater heights in more capabilities, man.

Casey Zeman 40:17
Well, we want to make, you know, I think the whole idea is like, if we can, if we can create a holistic, you know, marketing and sales platform for people that is just going to make their life easier webinars for webinars for indoctrination, and lead generation and, you know, and moving people into a sales experience, where the sales experience is easy, it’s managed, it’s, it’s, you know, there’s, you know, we were talking before about the other tool we have that’s coming, coming out easy, sweet, which, you know, like, if we can, if the, if we can take people from the webinar experience, which is the indoctrination or to the sales experience, where they’re talking to a team, and you’re the team is able to, you know, in this agile way, call everybody past, you know, tasks off, you know, real clear pipeline management, team management, you know, scheduler, where, you know, the system will call you, instead of you calling it, where it has an auto dialer, so you can upload, you know, hundreds of of leads in and auto dial them up at the you know, without thinking about it, or use the system to basically find local leads, because it has a whole Local Lead finder in there too, that then you can turn into leads that you call automatically. So we want it to be a tool that, that, you know, that kind of is encompassing both of those experiences, like, of what is required to be able to even get a lead, which is, you know, which is you build that know, like and trust indoctrination and present in a, you know, a sales presentation that comes more so off as a, let me help you understand your problem, then and fix your problem, and then get on with a salesperson who’s going to now, you know, help you with the problem by giving you the tool you need, or the the service you need, or what have you. So we’re pretty excited about how our evolution is. And the new platform of EZ webinar actually has, you know, has like a page builder in it. And so we have other stuff that we’re going to roll them and roll out love and maybe a standalone Page Builder tool built into the whole EZ suite system. So it’s an architecture plan that we see over the next, you know, year, two years, but but we’ve already built a lot of the tools. So it’s like just a question of now having a mess, as part of a bigger system that people can take advantage of. Yep, so

Chris Davis 42:54
love it, man. Well, Casey, this has been great. I didn’t listen, everybody didn’t know Casey was going to take us to conversion school. So that’s a bonus. It’s there’s a bonus for everybody, on behalf of all systems go podcast. But Casey, thank you, man so much for jumping on. If they haven’t figured it out by now, where can they go to get their hands on the software and take it for a run?

Casey Zeman 43:18
Yeah, I mean, you can go to easywebinar.com, just spelled easywebinar.com. And we have a 14 day trial, go ahead and jump in. And when you do just, you know expect a lot of help with onboarding, we have people that will probably call you we have awesome onboarding training that will help you get set up and have those quick wins. And do all sorts of cool stuff, whether you want to do live webinars or when you whether you want to do something like stream a live webinar into Facebook, or YouTube or both at the same time, we can help you and do that. And that’s the power of easy webinars, it has a lot of features that that we as as, as you know, entrepreneurs, business owners, you know, scaling business owners, the it has all the things we need, you know, connecting with your audience, but then when you figured out how to connect with your audience, and you know, start to build that audience now it’s like, how do you scale? Well, we have that too. Because that’s what the the Evergreen webinars at scale for. So

Chris Davis 44:27
you absolutely will again, Casey, I appreciate it. Everybody, the show notes, or the links I should say will be in the show notes. I can’t thank you enough for coming on. Teaching and being transparent, sharing your journey, sharing the business sharing the brain behind the business, which is the biggest thing, man, greatly appreciated. Casey.

Casey Zeman 44:47
Chris, thank you so much. It was awesome. This is always a pleasure talking to you.

Chris Davis 44:51
Yes, absolutely, man. I’ll see you online. All right. Thank you for listening to this episode. I hope that Casey Care shined bright. If you can’t tell he’s not just a savvy marketer, but he truly cares about providing software. That gives you the best opportunity as a marketer to use webinars to convert. So it was great to hear his story. It was great to hear his his migration into the startup space, it was great to hear some of those decisions behind some features. And many of you may be searching for a webinar platform. And he may have mentioned some features or maybe I mentioned some features on this podcast that were that that was it. Hey, that’s what I’m looking for. I didn’t know that. Oh, how do I get to that tool? That’s what I want. Um, hopefully, hopefully, that was the case. So do me a favor. Um, share this episode with any and everybody that you know, running webinars are looking to run webinars, because my goal is to inform you as much as possible, so that when you choose the technology, it’s the best technology for your strategy. All right, so share this episode with them. And if you found value in today’s episode, share it on social media, put it everywhere, tell your friends, tell, do some pillow talk about Chris Chris Davis and all systems go podcast talk about it to dinner table. I’ve heard it makes great conversation. Just get the word out. All right, and if you’re new to the podcast, and you’ve listened to this, now is the time to subscribe, subscribe and leave that five star rating and review is greatly appreciated. Because here at automation bridge, we’re dedicated to training digital marketing professionals to become automation service providers by teaching them how to build automated marketing and sales systems, how to take what they do as a digital marketer be profitable, take those profitable efforts and scale them by way of automation. This is what small businesses and enterprises need. They need the digital marketers who are willing to grow and go beyond just conversions and learn how to take strategy, marry it with technology the right way and build automated marketing and sales systems. for your business. If you want to become an automation service provider, go to automationbridge.com/asp. Now we’ve also made it easy for you to get access to whatever you need. Visiting All systems go podcast comm it will give you access to the latest episodes. You’ll also get access to our amplify my automation package which is geared to put in automated marketing and sales systems in your business over the next six months. You get access to our free Facebook group you can request a refer someone to be a guest for the podcast. If you want me to poke inside of their head and pull out more or you just want to know more about a founder referring referring them I interviewed him on the podcast for your benefit and our collective good and any resource or training mentioned on the podcast. When URL gets you access to it all in this allsystemsgopodcast.com Thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode. And until next time, I see you online automate responsibly

You'll Learn

  • [6:00] Casey’s business journey and what led him to create EasyWebinar
  • [13:35] Why he made the decision not to be only an automated webinar software
  • [16:33] What goes into having the level of detail necessary to equip the user with the most marketing power possible
  • [21:05] Chris explains how effective webinars can be for your business
  • [22:41] About EasyWebinar’s hybrid webinar model called Simulated Live
  • [28:36] Differences in driving cold traffic to a webinar vs. warm traffic
  • [32:39] The importance of adjusting your strategy based on the traffic for the most effective webinar
  • [36:47] New features that are coming to EasyWebinar
  • [43:18] How you can try out EasyWebinar for your business and what you can expect from them
  • [46:29] How to become an Automation Service Provider™

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