Who Had the Bigger Update? ONTRAport or LeadPages?

ONTRAport and LeadPages lead with the updates this week. At their annual conference ONTRApalooza, ONTRAPORT debuted perhaps the biggest update to their platform since starting out as Office Autopilot. That’s not to take anything away from LeadPages who also had their first annual conference Converted 15 a week ago with some pretty big reveals.

ONTRAPORT Introduces ONTRAPages and Cheaper Pricing

ONTRAport made quite some noise last week with their big unveiling of ONTRApages. If you’ve been an ONTRAport user you are already familiar with ONTRApages since they were first launched internally to existing customers before launching as a standalone product.

In short, ONTRApages is the ability to design mobile responsive landing pages using ONTRAport’s drag ’n drop web interface. I gave it a test and it’s pretty good. Comes with a few landing page templates to get you started or you can start from scratch. Check out some of the landing page builder options below:

OntraPages Landing Pages

That’s not it…ONTRAport also released ONTRAforms, ONTRAPORT Marketplace, ONTRAPORT Projects, and ONTRAPORT Answers. You can find out more about each feature here.

Lastly, they dropped the entry price to their platform to $79/mo. That’s a $200 decrease in price to help you to get started with ONTRAPORT easier. Be careful though, they do not explicitly tell you that they have removed payment processing, membership site ability, access to their API, and it does not have full automation with tags and sequences in this lower tiered offering.

Nonetheless I still think it’s a big and well needed move for ONTRAport to get more customers to experience their platform.

What LeadPages Is Up To

CONVERTED ’15 has a big hit. Not just from me, internally, but from our speakers and attendees as well. It was a huge success with hundreds of attendees ranging from advanced marketers to beginners. Each speaker brought their own dynamic delivery style and approach to conversions to the stage and which really made for a unique experience. Make sure you go here for updates for next year’s conference.

Clay had quite the unveiling as well. Live from the stage Clay both announced and gave a demo of what was next for the LeadPages landing page builder. It is called Builder 3 and is fully mobile responsive and (drum roll please)…..Drag N Drop! Yes, you read that correctly. On top of the highest converting landing page designs, you will be able to take them all a step further with customizations via Drag N Drop.

Other release updates included a new split tester tool, a new online conversion certification course, and the Marketing Command Center (which I’m reeaaaally excited about).

Marketing Command Center otherwise known as “Project R” is aimed at providing entrepreneurs with full business automation. Think of it as Zapier on crack. It will be able to integrate with all the marketing tools you are currently using and provide marketing automation across them all. For example, you can create a task for someone in customer support to personally reach out to a contact that has done the following:

  • Attended a couple webinars in GoTo Webinar but didn’t buy
  • Visited your pricing page 3 times
  • Created 2 support tickets in Zendesk.

And that’s just the beginning. Needless to say I can’t express how excited I am about the end of this year as a LeadPages user and employee.

If you missed this year you can check out this blog post for a review of the main takeaways from all the speakers and the conference in general.

What Were They Thinking?

Just when I was ready to give ConvertKit high praise they did something this week that just stumped me. They announced an integration with WebinarNinja. Yup…WebinarNinja.

I’m familiar with this webinar platform but don’t know a single person who uses it. Out of all the webinar platforms to integrate with (GoTo Webinar, WebinarJam, Easy Webinar, etc) I am just speechless that their first was WebinarNinja. Has to make you wonder what the strategy is over there at ConvertKit.

That’s it for this week. Would love to hear your feedback, questions, or comments below. Oh yeah…if anybody knows what the “ONTRA” in ONTRAPORT means please let me know.


Chris Davis

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Chris is the founder of Automation Bridge and Host of the All Systems Go! podcast. He has helped marketing tech startups raise a collective amount of funding over $237 million is passionate about helping you do the same.

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