All Systems Go! Podcast (Premium) – Episode 2

My Tech Stack – Why I Use Jotform

Episode Description

Ep. 2 – In this episode, Chris is sharing another one of the top 5 tools in his tech stack. Last week he shared the tool he uses for his CRM and this week he is sharing all the details of his preferred form software, Jotform. This isn’t always the tool he has preferred for capturing information. In fact, he compares his 10 year relationship with Jotform to that of high school sweethearts who went their separate ways, but came back together stronger than ever. Tune in to hear the advanced use cases and ways Chris utilizes Jotform and why, once again, it is his preferred form software.

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On the show, Chris reveals all of his automated marketing strategies he has learned from working in fast growing marketing technology startups so you can put your business on autopilot quickly and without error.

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Chris L. Davis - Chief Automation Officer


Chris L. Davis

Chris is an Electrical Engineer turned entrepreneur who is the Founder of Automation Bridge, an international speaker and facilitator, and startup consultant