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Multiple Lists vs Using Tags For Managing Contacts in ActiveCampaign

By Chris Davis | 42 Comments
List vs Tags in ActiveCampaign

“Should I use multiple lists or tags to manage my contacts?” It’s a question I see asked often in many digital marketing communities. Among the most commonly asked are new ActiveCampaign users that have migrated from a list based platform like Mailchimp. Let me start out by saying…I understand your confusion. And it’s warranted. I…

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[Automated Follow-Up Breakdown] The Instant Automated Webinar Funnel

By Chris Davis | 8 Comments
Automated Webinar Follow Up

Automated Webinar marketing can be pretty tricky to pull off. There are a lot of details involved with setting up an automated webinar that feels authentic. In this post I will breakdown a recent funnel I came across that gave instant access to a webinar via Facebook.

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3 Power Moves That Are Easier To Do In Ontraport Than Infusionsoft

By Chris Davis | 0 Comments

One thing you will continue to hear me rave about is Ontraport’s workflow. They have done a great job with giving you access to all your options from within the same window you’re working in. Once Infusionsoft supports more legacy functions in their campaign builder I think their workflow will improve greatly, but it’s no…

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Leaving Ontraport for Infusionsoft – A Story of Automation Heartbreak

By Chris Davis | 73 Comments
Infusionsoft vs. Ontraport

Let me start by saying this post is NOT one on bashing Ontraport (Office Autopilot) to praise Infusionsoft. They are both solid platforms that will do what you need them to do if you know how to unlock them to get more for your money and marketing. There are some core differences in the feature…

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How to Create An Online Payment Form in Office Autopilot

By Chris Davis | 0 Comments

Creating a online payment form can be quite the task depending on your level of technical expertise. In the same breathe, they can save you so much time by having them in place and setup correctly. An online payment form serves as an open door from your customer’s wallet to your bank account. It allows…

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The Truth About Email Open Rates and What They Really Tell You About Your Subscribers

By Chris Davis | 2 Comments
EMail Open Rates Can't be Trusted

The most popular email marketing metric most online marketers talk about is email open rates. Email open rates are often the first metric you see when you log into your email marketing platform and a lot of marketers measure the effectiveness of their marketing using it. In this post I’ll tell you why this is…

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How To Upload A Digital Download to Mailchimp’s Email Autoresponder

By Chris Davis | 4 Comments

This tutorial will show you how to upload your digital download to be delivered via your email autoresponder using Mailchimp.

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7 Steps and 6 Tools You Can Use To Get Paid Online By Doing Less

By Chris Davis | 0 Comments

One of the things I absolutely love about my business is helping entrepreneurs get paid online. The feeling they get when they make their first sale is just about as exhilarating for me as it is for them. It’s not that I know some magic formula, it’s more about understanding my skills and who they…

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