Automation Bridge - Grow Your Business with Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation can be defined as "the means of employing technology to automatically execute your marketing strategy."

The singular goal of marketing automation is to scale personalization. In more simple terms, you have successfully automated your marketing when each lead in your database feels like they have a personal connection with your brand and business.

This is done by properly using a variety of features available in any marketing automation platforms worth considering such as:

  • Tagging
  • Custom Fields
  • Website Tracking
  • Contact Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Automation split testing
  • Auto updating segmentation
  • If/else conditional branching

When this type of connection is established you will experience higher performance from all of your marketing efforts. People will engage more with your emails, website, social media presence, and products.

How do you know you're ready for marketing automation?

Simply put, you're ready for marketing automation when your marketing efforts require more than sending emails to close deals.

The truth is each business is different and the benefits of marketing automation are too great to attempt to quantify in one article. If you want a more detailed answer for your specific business you can use my marketing automation readiness assessment here.