Issue 41

Creating Conditional Content with Your CRM

In this month’s Marketing Automation Report, Chris...
Issue 40

Live Video Streaming Solutions for Social Media

The need for software that allows you to stream live video online has really hit an uptick. I think the trend...
BusinessSocial Media
Issue 39

Making Data More Easily Viewable

The need for displaying data in a way that’s clear and easily actionable is a growing need as more people rely...
Email MarketingMarketing Automation
Issue 38

Going Deeper with Segmentation

Segmentation is the super power of marketing automation. Done correctly, you will not only be able to easily locate any lead...
ActiveCampaignEmail Marketing
Issue 36

Best Way to Integrate Lead Generation Software

Capturing information online is often referred to as the “front door of your system” by Chris as he teaches and instructs...
ActiveCampaignBeaver Builder
Issue 35

Software for Scaling Your Productivity

This edition of the Marketing Automation Report will cover some of the software Chris is currently using to increase his productivity,...
Business Automation
Issue 34

GetResponse Adds Funnels, Samcart’s Drag and Drop, Live Transcriptions with Otter, Asana Automation, and Ontraport’s Shortcomings

Competition is the continual aide for consumers to receive the best product. When there is no competition in the marketplace companies...