Nouvelle Gonzalo

I’m excited to announce the first installment of podcasts for my blog. Although this is not the first interview I’ve conducted, it is the first one I have posted publicly.

As you know, my site is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and service providers with results driven strategies to grow their business and increase their consumer reach.

As a result of that I get a lot of inquiries from business owners who have new product ideas and need to know how to protect them.

Have you ever had an idea for an invention or product and were a little leery on how to get it out there without someone stealing it?

If so, this interview is right on time. I talk with Attorney Nouvelle Gonzalo about the following topics:

  • The significance of intellectual property in your business
  • What is a trademark and who needs one
  • When to protect your information
  • How to determine the process for obtaining the appropriate protection

All this and more in the podcast below.

[audio: ip_interview.mp3]

Podcast Download (50.1 MB)

About Nouvelle Gonzalo: Nouvelle L. Gonzalo, Esq. is admitted to the Ohio bar and is the member-owner of Gonzalo Law LLC where her practice focuses on U.S. and international business law.  Attorney Gonzalo established her practice to pursue a lifelong interest in service through leadership. She utilizes her U.S. and international experience to help businesses navigate their legal issues and grow their companies.

Find out more about Nouvelle and her available services at Gonzalo Law.

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